The Queen of SOP Episode 5

The episode starts with Zi Qi explaining Xiao Jie’s slip-up to a crowd of reporters. He basically takes the fall for it and apologises in public for affecting Xiao Jie, his girlfriend. Right. As if the world cares. At least Xiao Jie does, anyway. She’s surprised that Tang Jun correctly predicted that someone will come to the rescue (when in fact he meant himself, not Zi Qi). She’s also melted into a puddle of goo, although they didn’t show that.

So Tang Jun gets beaten to the punch by Zi Qi (again!). We didn’t even get to see his strategy for saving her! He’s not too happy about it, but I think what happens next does give him a bit of a pick-me-up. Trying to give Xiao Jie some time-out from the media, Xiao Jie’s boss sends her on an assignment out of town with Tang Jun, who is representing his mother’s company.

All I can say is, hallelujah. He steps into the room and gives her a little wink, and she’s positively thrilled. Me too, girlfriend. Her boss gives her the company car to use for their road trip to the jade factory. Except, Xiao Jie hasn’t driven for ages.

That gives us some lovely OTP shenanigans as Tang Jun tries to re-educate her in driving. And I love how she’s instantly comfortable with him, because he’s not condescending or out to make her look stupid.

Yep, I’d be a happy puppy too

The next day, he decides to take the wheel, so the ride to the hotel the previous day must have been a nightmare. Such a nightmare that it ended up on the cutting room floor.

They reach their destination, and at the factory they are shown some popular exhibits. They also get a chance to experience first-hand glass-making. Which is really an excuse for some skinship for the two.

This…leads to this.


On a more boring note, we also see Daddy Boss bring CEO Mum around to the jade exhibition in the department store, which is Zi Qi’s little project. They both heap praise on Zi Qi and his efforts. But after they leave, we see Zi Hao throw a few petty jibes at how he’s still the boss of Zi Qi and it’s still his departmental store the exhibition is in. Just to remind us that he hates Zi Qi, yunno?

Back at the lodge where they are staying the night, dinner atmosphere is still a bit awkward. With neither of them actually addressing the issue. Not till Xiao Jie accidentally scalds her lips on hot soup, that Tang Jun gives an out, which aptly relieves the awkwardness. Oddly it does involve him trying to kiss her.

With the awkwardness out of the way, we don’t get any further before Zi Qi shows up to spoil the moment. For me anyway. He immediately turns up his nose at the simplistic dinner that was served by the lodge. Poor Tang Jun can only watch as Xiao Jie fusses over Zi Qi, who only seems like he’s there because his assistant reminded him that he had a girlfriend now, two days before Valentine’s Day. Although he does brighten up slightly when Xiao Jie also serves him a bowl of soup.

Tang Jun butts in to Xiao Jie and Zi Qi’s quiet moment after dinner. The situation only gets more awkward when they both put their coats on Xiao Jie.


And the awkwardness continue when we discover why both men aren’t able to fall asleep.

Tang Jun pretends to snore loudly, and Zi Qi automatically bolts. Tsk tsk, these rich boys just can’t share anything. Coincidentally, Xiao Jie is loitering outside of her room and Zi Qi sees her outside. He finally remembers that he brought her some Valentine’s Day gifts (which I’m sure his assistant bought) and hands them to her.

She’s obviously flattered by his attention (if only she knew), and she kisses him on the cheek.

This is witnessed by Tang Jun, who overhears most of the conversation and subsequently, their kiss. Zi Qi suggests that Xiao Jie spend as much time as possible with himself right now, with both of them being so busy with work. Yawwn. I’m sleepy just listening to him speak. So they end up lying in his car, waiting for the sunrise. there is an odd silence between them, until Xiao Jie asks if he can turn on some music. Then she thinks of her accidental kiss with Tang Jun earlier. Yes, please listen to your heart.


Zi Qi then initiates a somewhat heartfelt conversation with her, thanking her for being there for him throughout this project and being his inspiration. The dialogue is a bit flat coming from Zi Qi until Xiao Jie does her bit and somehow injects some feeling into the conversation. Zi Qi then falls asleep and Xiao Jie sneaks a kiss and strokes his eyebrows.

Under the possibly worst disguise ever, Tang Jun sneaks up to Zi Qi’s car, a bit worried with what the two are up to. In a car. He obviously has thought of the worst case scenario there, haha. He finally sneaks up next to Xiao Jie’s side of the car and frightens her. And she does get frightened easy, this one.


He pulls her out of the car and she gives him an earful for being sneaky. I love how she has no reservations when talking to him, because she’s obviously annoyed at being disturbed. He distracts her with an apple though, and they end up watching the sunrise together. Yaaaay!


Their moment lasts only till Zi Qi wakes up and they return to Taipei. We then go to Valentine’s Day and the opening of Bai Yue supermarket. We see that the Valentine’s Day ferris wheel event is bringing in throngs of people so far, and all is quiet on the Bai Yue front. Zi Hao is smug; Zi Qi is annoyed that he’s losing to his brother.

We end with Tang Jun and his mother at a meeting with Zi Qi’s Daddy Boss. Daddy Boss invites them to visit the Valentine’s Day event, but Tang Jun excuses himself, saying he has a date.

And that’s Episode 5 for now. I’m so happy with the progress between Tang Jun and Xiao Jie so far. I think it’s obvious that she has a more comfortable relationship with him, and she can be herself and still make both of them happy. With Zi Qi she’s a bit more uptight and she seems to have to go the extra mile just to please him. Even then Zi Qi is not that appreciative. I hate that he’s using her as a rebound girl and even publicising their relationship when he only finds her mildly amusing but obviously not up to his high, high standards. It doesn’t help that Godfrey Gao is quite flat in his line delivery and his expressions. He’s not too bad in scenes with Xiao Jie, because Joe Chen has a natural acting style that is easy to follow and very likable. When he’s on his own or with other supporting characters, he does become a pain to watch.

All I can say is: more Xiao Jie and Tang Jun please! These two have a great easygoing chemistry between them that I just can’t help but root for them to be together.






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