The Queen of SOP Episode 6

Ji Qing sees Zi Qi before the Valentine’s Day event and asks after him. He is curt with her, making jibes about her choosing to wear her pretty dress for the ferris wheel event. Then he glares at her and leaves.

Ji Qing doesn’t get a break from him, so she cries alone on the stairs. Tang Jun passes by, but his damsel-in-distress radar sets off, so he pops into the stairwell to find her crying. He hands her a hanky, and she’s a bit taken aback that he doesn’t recognise her.

He assumes that she’s been stood up by her boyfriend, and comforts her by telling her she’s pretty, so her boyfriend should be the one to have regrets. Ji Qing sobs and says that it was her who left him; she is the one who regrets her choice now. Tang Jun encourages her to win him back if that’s the case. They can always reconcile. If not she may lose him forever to someone else. The words strike a chord with Ji Qing, and she leaves with a newfound determination in her.

Tang Jun then goes off to help Xiao Jie with her supermarket launch. Awww. She looks over at him handing out leaflets and can barely manage to hide her smile. If only she realises how happy he makes her. They prepare for the arrival of a celebrity chef Ah Ji Shi (who in real life worked with Qiao En on a cooking show she co-hosted) to carry out a cooking demonstration. Only problem is that, Ah Ji Shi is running late due to a shooting delay. When Ji Qing is leaving from the ferris wheel event, she overhears Zi Qi’s assistant on the phone with the celebrity chef’s people. She decides to make an appearance at the supermarket launch, pretty dress and all.

And Tang Jun realises, belatedly, that she is a celebrity. I wonder if he’ll put two and two together.

Ji Qing’s appearance brings a breath of fresh air to the launch, which was previously attracting housewives due to Ah Ji Shi’s popularity with them. This doesn’t really go in line with Zi Qi and Xiao Jie’s product, which targets a younger group of women like office ladies and young professionals. With Ji Qing in the picture, loads of younger people turn up. Her lack of cooking experience also fits in well with the product, which is basically a meal in a box. And boy does she sell it well.

Xiao Jie is thrilled to bits that Ji Qing showed up unannounced, and she quickly improvises the situation to fit her in.

Zi Qi looks a bit outraged that she’d turn up after her refusal which subsequently led to their breakup. Ji Qing then invites him over to taste her cooking, and spouts a whole load of metaphorical mumbo-jumbo that reflects their situation. All while looking him straight in the eye. Really, Xiao Jie, how dense are you to not notice all that tension? Ji Qing basically says that she’s willing to change to win him back, and drops boatloads of hints and meaningful glances. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Tang Jun. Seriously, what gets past him anyway?

After she leaves the launch, Zi Qi runs after her to the car park. He questions her reasons for helping him with the launch. She then says that what she does is none of his business. He presses on, so she tells him that she knew how important the launch was to him. But when she came and saw his interactions with Xiao Jie, she realised that he was happy with her.

This feels a bit unreal and disjointed to me, because all the interactions were more or less one-sided from Xiao Jie’s end, at least at the launch anyway. Ji Qing would have no way of knowing what happened at the display window and at the lodge, which were the occasions where Zi Qi and Xiao Jie actually connected. So, no, not really buying this bit here.

Ji Qing goes on about how she feels betrayed that he didn’t understand how much she loves him, and that he’d choose to be with another woman to keep her away. When she saw them being happy together, she felt like she had to let him go. Riiight. So she either is using reverse psychology perfectly to her benefit or she’s just a dramatic diva.

It works on Zi Qi though, as he proclaims that he never meant to let her out of his world. They kiss, and again Tang Jun is snooping around to witness it.

It’s all a bit too convenient, but at least Tang Jun has it all figured out. He goes to dinner with Xiao Jie and Jia Yi and Tian Tian (Zi Qi’s assistant) and tries to cheer her up, since Zi Qi isn’t returning her calls. He manages to make her laugh like he always does, and sneaks her away on another unknowing date when Tian Tian is drunk and Jia Yi stays back to bring him home.

See how he’s hanging on to the ride? Poor boy is afraid of heights but he takes Xiao Jie on the ferris wheel. Awwww. I knew it when I saw his pained expression. She was a bit apprehensive at first but she eventually opens up a bit to him and tells him about how she was abandoned by her parents. This is why she doesn’t like amusement parks, but she feels happy now, and says that Tang Jun is like family to her.

He’s not too happy about it – he doesn’t want to be family to her, he’s already got a sister. He asks if she’s ever thought that he could be something more to her, but she turns away and changes the subject. So they have their Valentine’s Day date, and Xiao Jie comes home a happy puppy. Her mood dampens again though, when she tries to call Zi Qi again but no answer.

When she wakes up the following morning, she tries again. This time, both Zi Qi and Ji Qing see the call. Ji Qing asks him to answer it, which he does. And he lies about his whereabouts of course. After hanging up, he and Ji Qing decide to be snooping lovers (again). But Zi Qi tries to buy time to end his relationship with Xiao Jie, saying that if he can’t really love her, the least he could do is to protect her and not make her feel abandoned again. He hopes that she will choose to leave him to preserve her dignity, as opposed to him having to do the dirty job of breaking up with her. Pah. Selfish bastard.

Ji Qing gets a bit whiny-whiny about feeling like the third wheel now, because Xiao Jie can openly declare Zi Qi as her boyfriend and hold his hand in public, things that Ji Qing will not do. But she also affirms that she won’t let him go so easily now and will persevere.

On the boring company front, Daddy Boss commends both sons on a job well done, as both events they organised were successful. Zi Qi presents the figures from the events in his attempt to one-up his brother, because his event showed a greater percentage of satisfaction (or something unimportant like that). Zi Hao counters by reminding Daddy Boss of Xiao Jie’s media slip-up.

Daddy Boss decides that Xiao Jie should no longer be the face of media communications, but promotes her to a project manager for her role in two important projects. Awwww. Tang Jun tries to reach Xiao Jie, but she doesn’t answer because she is in that meeting with the bosses. Tang Jun gets stuck with organising a VIP event for Mum’s company, despite trying to stick it to his Big Sis. Oh no, does that mean that he’s going to leave Taipei? Can he just organise the VIP party in Taipei?

In the meantime, Xiao Jie gets an emergency phone call at work. She rushes to the hospital to see Jia Yi in the hospital bed, announcing that she’s pregnant.

They are both excited, which is really sweet. Jia Yi’s boyfriend, Xiao Ma joins them in the hospital. Xiao Ma proposes to Jia Yi, asking her to leave her job and be the lady boss at his little restaurant. She accepts and everyone is happy.

What a nice note to end the episode. I really like Jia Yi as a character, but I think with her leaving her job and getting married there will be less scenes with her. I certainly hope that Tang Jun steps up his game now that he knows Zi Qi is playing both ends too. If before he thought Zi Qi could make Xiao Jie happy, it’s time for him to realise that Zi Qi could hurt her really bad too, and he needs to step in for some damage control. Stat.


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