The Queen of SOP Episode 7

We pick up the episode again with Jia Yi’s boyfriend Xiao Ma’s proposal. To be honest it feels a bit rushed and I feel Jia Yi deserves more. At the end of the day, she is a side character and her pregnancy and marriage will mean that she will move in with Xiao Ma, leaving a void in Xiao Jie’s life.

Not only that, Jia Yi is also leaving her job, so there’s another void left in Xiao Jie’s life. She’s still excited and happy for her friend, but she also respects that Jia Yi’s priorities in life has never really been the same as hers. Xiao Jie’s focus is more on her career, and when she tells Jia Yi about her promotion, Jia Yi is chuffed to bits for her too. It’s so sweet that their relationship seems so genuine and believable. As Xiao Jie leaves the hospital, Zi Qi rings her and asks her out to dinner.

She presumes that Zi Qi wants to celebrate her promotion with her, but from his umm-ahh expression it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying to break up with her. Under Ji Qing’s encouragement, I’m sure. They get interrupted by a call from Tang Jun before Zi Qi makes any real progress in his break-up speech.

Why else? To settle his hefty dinner bill of course. With his funds kept from him by Mummy, our dear boy has no choice but to ask for help. Not that he minds – I suspect he has every intention to make this another unknowing date with Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie tries to swat him away, but he manages to bait her over.

She tells him she’s on a date with Zi Qi so she has to go back. But he’s ordered loads and since she’s paying, she decides she should eat some too. I don’t blame the girl. But she’s a bit silly to not realise that it’s all just his excuse to spend time with her.

He asks how she is, and tries to probe about Zi Qi. She doesn’t let on that anything is wrong, but her mood lightens when she tells him that she’s got promoted and Zi Qi was celebrating it with her. Tang Jun probes on when he brings up Ji Qing’s appearance at their launch event. He’s obviously trying to hint at Zi Qi’s secret relationship with her, but Xiao Jie completely misunderstands and teases Tang Jun for having a big crush on Ji Qing. Ji Qing, who we then see is desperately waiting for Zi Qi to break up with Xiao Jie.

Tang Jun gives up on convincing her, and just advises her not to think of Zi Qi as the perfect man, because one day she may be disappointed. He then says that he’s about to go back to Shanghai soon for the VIP party that his mum assigned him to. Xiao Jie then gives him the idea to start young – to target the younger generation of rich people, even before they inherit their money. Then build up their sense of loyalty by holding some sort of debutante ball. Awww she’s inspiring him too.

When the bills comes, she balks at it. He tries to appease her by saying he can’t do much about it and offers up his body in response. Hahaha. She could actually use a young fit body though…to help Jia Yi pack for her move to Xiao Ma’s. Girl, so totally not his point.

When Xiao Jie returns to her dinner date with Zi Qi, she is tipsy from all the drinks she had with Tang Jun. He brings her out for some air, but he realises that she’s too happy now to burst her bubble. Also, she’s probably not sober enough to hold in her emotions. Or that he’s just a chicken. Either way he saves her from getting run over by a car, and she drunkenly feels that she’s falling for him.


When Zi Qi returns home he finds Ji Qing waiting there for him with a bottle of wine. Miss Devious put him up to the break-up, but he manages to skirt the topic completely. They both are grateful for having each other, although Ji Qing might not remain all that happy if she finds out that he’s not broken up with Xiao Jie yet.


What I hate even more about Zi Qi is that he thinks he’s trying not to hurt Xiao Jie by delaying the inevitable, but he’s really just a coward. He doesn’t see that he’s the bad guy here and that he barely deserves one, let alone two ladies pining for him. He’s all about not hurting Xiao Jie because she’s a good girl, so then stop caring about keeping up your image and stop leading her on.

We have more sweet bff moments between Xiao Jie and Jia Yi when she moves out. That is when I think it truly sinks in for Xiao Jie that she’s losing her best friend.

Tang Jun sneaks his way into Xiao Jie’s meeting to take her away to the registry office – Jia Yi’s marriage registration is happening and Xiao Jie has obviously forgotten. Jia Yi then delivers some parting advice to Xiao Jie to take care of herself to further break Xiao Jie’s heart, and also to remind her that she will still be there to support Xiao Jie when she needs her. Awwww.

Tang Jun stays with her because he knows she’s upset over letting Jia Yi go. Jia Yi is like family to Xiao Jie; after living and working together with Jia Yi she no longer felt lonely. Now her house just feels empty.

Awww. I know where Xiao Jie is coming from, and I’m glad that she has someone who genuinely cares about her to listen to her. I hope that Zi Qi will end things sooner without Ji Qing interfering and causing more angst, because more of his wishy-washyness and I might just need to throw an anvil on him


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