The Queen of SOP Episode 10

This episode was really difficult to watch, only because the progress mostly involved our deviously secret couple.

Ji Qing goes to Zi Qi and asks for forgiveness for the millionth time, but Zi Qi refuses. He has never been able to be her side, always only behind her, and she goes to him only when she needs him. It’s too painful for him to carry on. For Ji Qing, even if it pains them both to carry on with the relationship, she will persevere, because this is a sign of their love. I don’t follow, but they kiss again, for the millionth time. And he then tells her it’s over, for the millionth time. Hmm, I think I sense a pattern.

In Shanghai, the Tang family converge for dinner. Tang Jun gives each one of them a gift, including one for their family butler, who he sees as family. There seems to be some underlying tension between Mummy and Tang Min. Mummy is perfectly clear about having Tang Jun take over the company (probably because he’s the son), and Tang Min accepts that bitterly. Can’t blame her, because Tang Jun doesn’t act like he wants the company that much at all. In fact, it seems quite obvious that he wants to stay as far from company matters as possible to avoid the adding fuel to the fire between mother and daughter. It’s probably hard to be peacemaker all the time, poor boy. His mood sours when his mother brings up Xiao Jie, and smart Uncle Zhou steps in to distract them.

Zi Qi takes Xiao Jie to try on some wedding dresses before she goes off to Shanghai. He’s awed by how gorgeous she looks in a wedding dress; even Tian Tian is blown away and calls her a goddess. Which is true, Qiao En is smoking hot. Zi Qi ignores multiple calls from Ji Qing in the meantime.


Xiao Jie realises that Zi Qi is running a fever, so he won’t be able to go to Shanghai till he gets better. She gets Tian Tian to send him home, and carries on with some pre-travel shopping.

When he reaches home, Ji Qing is again skulking about, waiting for his return. He plainly ignores her, then demands for his house keys back, not wanting to have a stranger in his house in future. She showed up because she didn’t want to be a stranger to him, but he threatens to ring the police. She grabs him in a backhug in her desperate attempt to plead for forgiveness. Might work, if only she hadn’t tried all these before.


It’s equally painful for the both of them, but Zi Qi tells her to accept it and move on. I don’t know who’s the bigger ass at this point, but they obviously belong together. They are clearly on the same level of whining and self-pity.

Xiao Jie drops by a pharmacy to pick up some flu medicine for Zi Qi, then texts him to tell him she’s coming by. Zi Qi doesn’t see the text, but Ji Qing does. She deletes the text and hatches a devious plan.

She lures him down again with the pretense of having one final toast with their favourite wine, and she drugs his with some sleeping meds. He downs his glass in one gulp, evidently wanting her to get out of his house as soon as possible (how about actually physically throwing her out?). He then storms back up to his room. And sleeps, obviously.


When Xiao Jie reaches Zi Qi’s home, Ji Qing greets her wearing just his shirt. She speaks to Xiao Jie in the most condescending way ever, letting her believe that they’d just slept together. In her shock, Xiao Jie’s engagement ring slips off her finger. Ji Qing picks it up and puts it on, wondering why it fits her just perfectly.

Xiao Jie starts to piece the puzzles together while standing there in stunned silence. Ji Qing thanks Xiao Jie for putting up a show in front of the media with Zi Qi, and says that Xiao Jie should still go on with her wedding, since she’s no competition for Ji Qing anyway. Ji Qing advises Xiao Jie to keep quiet about seeing her today and just happily get married, because if Zi Qi knows that she knows, it would be awkward.

Xiao Jie leaves without taking the ring back. She flashes back to all her happy moments with Zi Qi, and she rings Jia Yi. When Jia Yi answers, Xiao Jie is unable to tell her the truth.

She then messages Tom. She manages to tell him that her fiancee cheated on her, but her phone battery dies before she gets into any details. Arrrghh, these bloody iPhones and their horrible battery life. Tang Jun is properly worried for her and grabs his passport, but gets a call from the hospital saying that his sister is admitted.

Xiao Jie wanders home and starts packing for Shanghai, telling herself she’s fine. Tang Jun is stuck at the hospital, as his sister needs emergency surgery. He stays with her throughout the night while she has surgery and till she wakes up, and promises to keep it from their mother.

We should get more next episode, but am I glad this one is over. I hope that Tang Jun properly comforts Xiao Jie when she reaches Shanghai and give us some much needed break from Zi Qi and Ji Qing’s craziness.




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