The Queen of SOP Episode 8

I’m loving this episode, even though there isn’t much progress plot-wise. We gets lots of Xiao Jie-Tang Jun moments, and they slowly inch our leads closer together. And hopefully away from the destructive influence that is Ji Qing and Zi Qi’s secret relationship.

We continue with Xiao Jie and Tang Jun in the car, where Xiao Jie is emotional about Jia Yi’s marriage. Tang Jun offers her words of comfort, saying that she’s not really alone. When she opens her window, she can see loads of people; when she turns on the radio, she can hear so many voices. Yes, but I’m sure she needs someone with a bit of an emotional connection here, not just some stranger. So then he goes a bit further and offers to go shopping with her, watch DVDs with her. He even offers himself as her new tenant. Awww what could have been if she went to London.

I’ll take that offer if you’re not gonna, Xiao Jie. That’s enough to put a smile on her face as she teases him for wanting to freeload off her again. So he offers to buy her dinner, to her delight. (Although I’m not sure who will actually end up footing the bill.)

On the secret couple front, Ji Qing has bagloads of shopping, ready to make dinner for Zi Qi. It’s strange to Zi Qi because she’s never cooked for him before. She’s probably never cooked before in her life apart from at the launch event too, from the looks of it. She wants to do something special for him for a change, even though he’s perfectly fine with having a steak out in a restaurant. The safer option too, apparently.

She rejects all form of help from him, but ends up having a breakdown. Does he only love the beautiful and elegant Bai Ji Qing, the only that only exists on posters and onscreen? She wonders why he loves her at all, because she can’t even put him before her career, unlike Xiao Jie. Oh no, we’re going back to the ‘she can tell the world she’s your girlfriend but I can’t’ argument again are we? Ji Qing is scared to death that Xiao Jie will one day steal his heart away. All she wants now is to just be Gao Zi Qi’s woman. It’s hard to tell what Zi Qi is thinking at the moment, because he doesn’t really say anything. He tries to embrace her, but she pushes him away, saying she needs some space.

After she leaves, he takes out his frustration on his assistant. His frustration stems from the fact that both ladies are innocent, so yes, why do you need to put them through all this pain again? Because you are a two-timing jerk? Tian Tian rightfully points out that he needs to quickly solve this issue, and to quickly break up with Xiao Jie and then propose to Ji Qing.

I hope beers are not their idea of a dinner, because that’s what Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are having. He shows her his plan for the VVIP event that he’s organising, but she has very little memory of it. She does, however, give him more ideas on how to carry it out, making it a charity gala ball that allows suitors to bid for a dance with the ladies. This is a win-win situation, as the rich people get to fling their money around to boost their egos and the money goes to charity. They both do a cute high-five for figuring that out.

Xiao Jie then wonders why Mr. Tom (Tang Jun’s online persona when he tried to rent his room in London out to her) hasn’t been online for a while. Xiao Jie explains to Tang Jun who Tom is, not knowing that he’s sitting right in front of her. Awwww. She says that he sent her a gift too, and runs off to show him the Peter Rabbit toy. He’s thrilled that she was so happy to receive it, and does a cute fist-pump when she’s gone. Tang Jun suggests that Tom might actually like Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie laughs it off, saying that she likes Tom quite a bit too.

Tang Jun’s expression changes completely, and he’s practically on cloud nine now. The wheels in his head turn quickly and he digs further, asking why she likes Tom even though they never met before, and who she’d choose, Zi Qi or Tom. Xiao Jie says that Tom was the first person to encourage her to follow her dreams. Even though they’ve never met, he feels familiar to her and he always seems to be there when she needs someone. And as for Zi Qi and Tom…she takes a while to ponder. Tang Jun’s anticipation is so cute, and she finally answers that Zi Qi loses out to Tom slightly. Can you imagine all the fist pumps happening in his head now? Cos I can.

And we cut to this scene the next morning. Xiao Jie is horrified that something naughty happened, and Tang Jun offers to show her again what happened last night…and it’s a dream.

Xiao Jie wakes up for real, but again sees Tang Jun lying next to her. Fakeout of a fakeout? She assumes the same as she did in her dreams, but turns out she’s vomited all over his shirt last night. And that’s all. Really? So why did he end up on the same bed then?

Tang Jun meets with Mum, who commends him for his VIP event idea. He doesn’t take credit for it though, and introduces Xiao Jie to his mum. Xiao Jie is a bundle of nerves, but Tang Jun puts her at ease with some banter. CEO Mummy compliments her for her input into the event, and offers her a job in her company. With the same salary she is earning now at Hai Yue, but in RMB. (Which is, whoa.)

Xiao Jie is awed by the offer, but turns it down for now because she has no plans to leave Taipei. I suspect it’s probably due to Zi Qi, but CEO Mummy holds the offer open for her. After Mummy leaves, Tang Jun almost slips up when he asks her why she said no to his mum, but he covers it up just in time. So not time for the big reveal yet, I guess. Xiao Jie returns his shirt to him, finally recalling that nothing really happened last night.

We see Zi Qi buying a ring, and he later goes to pick up some flowers. The lady hands him some roses, but he actually wants lillies. When she sets down the roses, we see a card in there addressed to Xiao Jie. Uh-oh. He’s going ahead with the breakup/proposal so quickly?

When Xiao Jie receives the roses, she is puzzled by the message on the card, which is an invitation to dinner and also says that April 10th is a special day. The message is clearly intended for Ji Qing, but somehow the same message was put on the card for Xiao Jie. Poor PA, I suspect he has a lot of explaining to do.

Xiao Jie goes online and Tang Jun as Tom appears. She chats with him happily and tells him the dilemma about the flowers and the cryptic message. Tang Jun guesses that it might be their 100-day together, hence the gesture. Xiao Jie is touched (if only she knew), but Tang Jun is horrified, thinking Zi Qi might actually propose to her tonight (if only he knew). He decides that he has to stop this from happening, so he rings Xiao Jie (as Tang Jun) and asks to see her, only for 10 minutes before her date with Zi Qi.

Xiao Jie refuses at first, but Tang Jun (as Tom) persuades her to believe in her friend and to go and see him. It’s hilarious how he uses his alter ego to get her to agree to it. And a bit wrong. I wonder what he has in store to stop her though.

Another thing goes wrong when the flowers are sent to Ji Qing. An assistant receives the flowers and reads the note on it. The note must be the same one as was sent to Xiao Jie, but I’m not sure if Zi Qi left his name on it. The assistant sends the word out to some reporter for an ‘exclusive’. Ji Qing sees the flowers eventually, and apparently April 10th is her birthday. So we finally know that the message was really intended for her birthday. Dammit, he’s going ahead with the proposal first? And not the breakup? Are you kidding me?

Xiao Jie gets delayed when her taxi breaks down on her way to meeting Tang Jun. She tries ringing him but she can’t get through because CEO Mummy rings him at the same time, telling him she’ll pick him up for dinner with Daddy Boss in a few minutes. Oh no. I can see where this is going.


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