The Queen of SOP Episode 9

Everything that could go wrong has basically gone wrong in this episode, which leaves me wanting to throttle someone. Preferably Zi Qi. You’ll see why.

Xiao Jie reaches their meeting spot but Tang Jun is nowhere to be seen. Her phone is dead, which explains why he wasn’t able to reach her after he left. Tang Jun is at dinner with Daddy Boss and Zi Hao, where CEO Mummy takes the opportunity to ask if she could loan Xiao Jie for the VIP event, and also if she could hire Ji Qing for promotional activities. Daddy Boss agrees to the latter immediately, but asks for some time to consider sending Xiao Jie away.

The look on Tian Tian’s face when he hears Xiao Jie behind him is priceless. I’m thinking, how does she know to come to this restaurant anyway? I didn’t think the card said so. Tian Tian does some damage control and spills some wine down Xiao Jie’s dress, then sends her away to change. She leaves just as Ji Qing arrives, so they narrowly miss each other.

He starts off his proposal speech, all prepared with a violinist in the background. He talks about their future together, and then suggests taking their relationship public. You mean, you want to have TWO public relationships now? Gosh. He promises to support her career nonetheless, or if she’s sick of it, they can just lead ordinary lives together.

There is some commotion outside of the room as reporters turn up (probably from the tip-off by Ji Qing’s staff in the previous episode) wanting get some scoop. Ji Qing panics, but Zi Qi holds her back, asking if she’s sick of hiding like this. He takes the ring out and gets down on one knee. She smiles, but doesn’t actually say yes. He puts the ring on her finger, but there is some apprehension in her as her celebrity life flashes before her eyes.

I’m pretty sure that’s not an ‘I do’ face. When Zi Qi reaches for the door to show the reporters in, Ji Qing stops him. And behold, that look of betrayal on his face. He lets the reporters in anyway, but there’s no one else in the room.

Ji Qing has hidden herself under the table. Tsk tsk. One of the reporters tries to look beneath it, but is told off by Zi Qi for being rude. Before more arguments break out, Xiao Jie appears at the door. Oh no no no no no.

The reporters sent away, I thought Zi Qi would have the smarts to say, ‘oh, let’s go to another restaurant, this one’s cursed’. But no, he has absolutely no game. He sits Xiao Jie down to have dinner there, knowing fully well that Ji Qing is under the table. Really? That’s how you get back at her? By being a two-timing jerk right in front of her?

Xiao Jie senses something not right, but Zi Qi dismisses it and clarifies that it’s not because of her. As Xiao Jie sits down, the ring box falls to the ground and she bends down to pick it up. Ji Qing squirms when Xiao Jie is at eye level but Xiao Jie doesn’t notice her. Xiao Jie sees the ring and assumes that Zi Qi was planning to propose to her.

Zi Qi, who doesn’t have the balls to admit the truth, tells her that he was planning to propose to the woman sitting opposite him tonight. No kidding. And he puts the ring on her finger. That’s twice he’s proposed and NOT bothered to hear a response from the woman first before putting the ring on.

The ring is a bit too big for Xiao Jie, and Zi Qi says it’s his fault for not knowing what the other person was thinking before proposing. Which just makes things awkward. You have no idea how awkward this is going to be. Xiao Jie wonders aloud that every day spent with him is like a dream, because he is every girl’s dream guy. Meanwhile, poor Ji Qing can only sob quietly under the table.

The awkwardness piles on, as Daddy Boss and CEO Mummy are revealed to be dining in the same restaurant. When they find out that Zi Qi and Xiao Jie are in the next room, they pop over to say hello. Only to walk in when the first dish, bearing ‘will you marry me’ is served. Really? Is the timing going to be that bad?

Zi Qi is asked by his dad to get on one knee to properly propose. Zi Qi announces that if no one disagrees, he’s going to officially propose now…and Tang Jun steps in. Thank god. 

He asks if Zi Qi knows how lucky he is. And if he’s going to propose to Xiao Jie, will he guarantee that he can protect her and not make her cry for him? Zi Qi, who cannot lose his ego in front of practically the whole world, says he can. Idiot. Tang Jun has nothing more to say, so he meekly steps aside. Seriously, my heart is breaking now.


As Xiao Jie basks in her happiness and announces on weibo that she’s getting married, Tang Jun can only drink his sorrows away. Ji Qing, lest we forget, had to endure witnessing the whole situation from under the table, is also heartbroken. I still feel a bit sorry for her, because at the end of the day the bad guy is Zi Qi. He’s basically asked her to give up her career for him, but if their roles were reversed I’m quite sure he won’t give up his inheritance or his status for her.

She goes to look for Zi Qi, who doesn’t really want to see her. When she asks if he’s really going to marry Xiao Jie, he says it’s a viable option because at least she appreciated his proposal event. How petty! You mean, you didn’t just propose to Xiao Jie to spite Ji Qing? They argue about their views on love, but it just becomes painfully obvious that they both want different things from their relationship, despite loving each other.

They both realise that they cannot put aside their egos and admit their relationship to the world and risk losing something. Just as Zi Qi won’t admit to Xiao Jie and his father that the proposal was a sham, Ji Qing cannot let go of her celebrity status by announcing their relationship. Despite the passionate kiss, Zi Qi ends their relationship. Boy, he really just cannot do the right thing.

Watching the news announcing Zi Qi and Xiao Jie’s engagement, Ji Qing binge eats to cope with the breakup, while reminiscing happier times with Zi Qi. I don’t know which is funnier: a model eating pizza or a model eating a fried chicken. While sobbing.


Meanwhile, Tang Jun and CEO Mummy returns to Shanghai and heads straight for work. A whole load of staff is awaiting her arrival, including our second lead actress (whose name we have yet to know). It’s clear that Tang Jun knows her too, because he flashes her a wink when they meet and she smiles at his cheekiness.

They have a meeting to discuss a VIP event, where CEO Mummy asks after their creative director, only to be told that she is running late because she’s gone to the doctor. Aww. She does eventually show up, and we see that she’s the big sister Tang Jun had mentioned before, Tang Min. CEO Mummy dismisses her idea for the VIP event as too ordinary, but Tang Min shoots right back, saying that Mummy’s approved that idea before. CEO Mummy won’t take excuses, and hands the project over to Tang Jun anyway, as she decided earlier.

The episode ends with Ji Qing going over to Zi Qi’s, bringing him air tickets to Paris and begging him to take her back. There has to be a limit to how many times she’s going to try and win him back, because I’m sick of watching it. Zi Qi tells her it’s over, but then admits he still loves her.

How annoying can they be? They are repeating this whole cycle of you-won’t-compromise-please-come-back-it’s-over-but-I-still-love-you for about the fourth time now, and they’re not even our main couple.








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