The Queen of SOP Episode 11

We continue where we left off, with Tang Jun by his sister’s side after her surgery. After she comes to, Tang Jun tries to find out why his sister wants to hide the surgery. Turns out Tang Min is possibly Tang Jun’s half-sister, as she says ‘that woman’ is not her mother and won’t ever like her. Awww that’s a lot of mummy issues there.

Tang Jun reasons that Mummy let her help out at the company with so many things, but Tang Min calls him naive. Mummy is probably just holding out to hand over the company to him. Tang Jun tells his sister he has to go to Taiwan to attend to something urgent. Awww so he’s going to Xiao Jie after all. He leaves Big Sis but warns her not to go back to work till she’s recovered.

Meanwhile, Xiao Jie arrives in Shanghai airport. Oh no, does that mean she and Tang Jun will miss each other? She feels lost already, plus she’s emotionally vulnerable. She notes (with a bit of bitterness I think) that the only familiar face in this unfamiliar place is Bai Ji Qing, whose face is on posters and advertisements everywhere in the airport. She rings someone from Huang Hai to come and arrange a pick up at the airport while Tang Jun makes his way to the airport. And as luck has it, he sees her waiting by the entrance and stops the taxi.

Tang Jun shouts out Xiao Jie’s name, and what follows is probably one of the more heartwarming, well-acted moments of the series. He’s happy to see her, and her expression goes from surprised to relieved to happy, and then it’s as if the barrier holding back her emotions could no longer hold, and her tears just spill out as he asks how she is. She shakes her head and hugs him while she just cries.


When she breaks away, he just holds her face and wipes away her tears. It’s just beautiful. Until that pesky Zeng Chu Chu shows up (that’s the second female lead who appeared in the previous episode). She’s the rep from Huang Hai who was sent to pick Xiao Jie up.

She introduces herself to Xiao Jie, then asks Tang Jun why he isn’t off to Taiwan yet. Busted! He quickly covers up by saying he was about to go, except Tang Min has just got surgery so he has to stay. Awww he’s given up his sister’s secret to save his own hide. These pesky little brothers. He does warn Chu Chu to keep it from CEO Mummy though. Chu Chu tells Xiao Jie that they’ve specially arranged for a honeymoon suite for Zi Qi and Xiao Jie, but where is Zi Qi? Tang Jun sets everyone off to avoid having Xiao Jie answer that question.

They meet up with CEO Mummy, who I think immediately understands the situation. She gives Tang Jun the opportunity to work with Xiao Jie and asks him to take good care of her and show her about. She’s even put some money into his bank account to supplement all these entertaining. As they leave, Chu Chu throws Xiao Jie a dirty look. Hmm I don’t like the feel of this girl.

Back in Taiwan, Zi Qi wakes up, oblivious to any happenings the previous night. He sees the medicines that Xiao Jie left behind and tries to ring her, but no answer. Well, to be fair he only let it ring twice before hanging up, so it’s more likely his own damn fault he is so impatient. Anyway, he rings Tian Tian to ask about his flight to Shanghai.

Tang Jun shows Xiao Jie to the room they’ve arranged for her, and stealthily hides the card that congratulates Xiao Jie and Zi Qi on their engagement. It’s these sweet little gestures that make him so likable. He’s happy to see that she brought the Peter Rabbit toy with her. He then asks about her and Zi Qi, but she just says that he’s having a fever and will be here later.

She thanks him for being by her side and says that he and Jia Yi are her best friends. So not what he wants to hear, girl. He says that no matter what happens he will always be by her side. And…he starts to tell her about his other identity, but her phone rings. Dammit. He was this closing to outing himself as Tom. It’s Zi Qi, but Xiao Jie lies that she’s in a meeting and hangs up quickly. But that moment is missed.


They sit by the river and watch the lights on the Oriental Pearl Tower. Xiao Jie asks if Tang Jun likes anyone, and he says yes. But they’ve never been together before, so they’ve never been apart. Why hasn’t he confessed to her then? He says that everyone else knows but her. Xiao Jie thinks she must be really stupid.

Yep hun, you’re quite an idiot. Xiao Jie just wonders why it’s so painful to like someone; is it a good or bad thing? She used to be so independent, now she’s just helpless. She blabs on a bit more about how she’s not even good enough to be a Cinderella as she finishes her can of beer. She also urges him to confess his feelings to the person he likes. So he does. And kisses her.

Once they break apart though, she falls asleep on his shoulder. This girl just doesn’t hold her alcohol well, does she? And his timing is well, poor.

He shows up at her hotel room the next morning wearing the ugliest possible shirt-tie combination, acting as if nothing has happened. Xiao Jie doesn’t seem to remember a thing, so he tests the waters by saying that she kissed him forcefully last night and said she liked him and wanted to marry him.

She has a bad hangover, but is really amused when she hears this. Then she tries to dismiss her drunken promises, which I suppose leaves him a bit disappointed. Me too. He gives her a little head massage before they set off to their business meeting with the Huang Hai executives. The boy’s had a bit of experience dealing with hangovers, having been trained by his mum and sister.

Xiao Jie delivers her presentation without a major hitch, sounding confident and professional despite nursing a hangover. When one of the execs comments if the idea of a debutante ball is a bit too Westernised for them, Tang Jun stands and rebukes his statement, saying that it won’t be unfamiliar to the younger generation who would have overseas education or some sort of Western education anyway.


Tang Jun and Xiao Jie exchange happy glances at everything going smoothly, and Chu Chu notices this. And doesn’t seem too happy. Things go a bit awkward when CEO Mummy introduces Bai Ji Qing as the spokesperson for the event.

And Ji Qing walks in with her nose in the air, looking smug. Leaving me hoping that her heel breaks and she trips. Xiao Jie is stunned, but exchanges pleasantries with Ji Qing anyway. She even reaches her hand out to shake Ji Qing’s, but Ji Qing just turns away. Tang Jun grabs Xiao Jie’s hand and holds it in his, which again is noticed by Chu Chu. Ji Qing tosses another smug look at Xiao Jie before making her exit.

I don’t know why they had to invite her over so quickly, it’s not as if the event is the following day. Xiao Jie is forced to attend a welcome dinner with Ji Qing and the CEO.

That guest list just grew, because Zi Qi has just arrived at Shanghai. He appears in the hotel room while Xiao Jie is getting dressed for dinner and helps her with her zip. She looks shocked (and traumatised) to see him. She tells him she’s fine, but when he reaches out to touch her face she takes a step back. Oh yeah, body language speaks louder than words. And your words at that, bloody player.


Tang Jun interrupts the moment just in time. Why is it that his timing is almost impeccable when it comes to disrupting these two but never when he needs to take action for himself? The two men engage in a bit of a silent staredown and thinly veiled verbal sparring before they leave for dinner.

The thinly veiled jabs continue throughout dinner, especially when Xiao Jie and Ji Qing both reach for the same piece of food. Ji Qing retreats, saying that she’ll let Xiao Jie have a chance at tasting it, because she has had it so many times before. Tang Jun takes that piece they were both reaching for, only to have Chu Chu mention that he usually doesn’t like desserts, why the sudden urge?

Poor Xiao Jie excuses herself, and Ji Qing takes the opportunity to find the need to powder her nose as well. I sense a bitchfight in the next episode.














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