The Queen of SOP Episode 12

So the catfight I was expecting to happen? Just kind of fizzled out. 

Ji Qing taunts Xiao Jie in the bathroom, and rubs salt into Xiao Jie’s wound. I’m quite mad that Xiao Jie hasn’t stood up for herself or confronted Zi Qi about this, leaving her vulnerable to Ji Qing’s multiple attempts to stake her claim on something she’s lost. Xiao Jie tells herself to bear with it and not sink to Ji Qing’s level. Well, that’s one way of coping with it.

Zi Qi also excuses himself from the table. He confronts Ji Qing and asks what she’s doing in Shanghai. For work, duh. She vows to make him fall in love with her again, no matter what. I’m just glad that this scene didn’t end with them kissing again.

Xiao Jie and Chu Chu are busy preparing the venue for the VVIP event. Tang Jun turns up and takes Xiao Jie out to pick an outfit for the ball. It’s lead actress makeover time!

I love how he takes her hand and twirls her around the shop while she wears this bemused expression on her face. They finally settle on a pink dress. Xiao Jie is thrilled that the dress will be paid for by the company account.

They both muck around a bit with silly smiles on their faces. Until Zi Qi turns up. He is a bit annoyed that Xiao Jie didn’t ask him to go dress-hunting with him, her fiance. Aww, poor little rich boy.

Zi Qi is not the only one who is annoyed

When Zi Qi asks the assistant to get a dress from a certain designer, Ji Qing appears, exclaiming that it’s such a coincidence that her dress is by that exact same designer. And she would so let Xiao Jie wear it, except that it’s been altered to fit her, and she and Xiao Jie….aren’t exactly the same size. I’d be annoyed, but I strangely don’t.

At the ball, Xiao Jie puts on a forced smile as other rich and privileged acquaintances congratulate her and Zi Qi on their engagement. To make things worse, Ji Qing walks in (wearing a dress that so would not have suited Xiao Jie) and fixes Zi Qi’s suit, right in front of Xiao Jie.

Xiao Jie imagines herself in a completely unnecessary standoff with Ji Qing, which does partly come to reality at the dance auction. Ji Qing immediately bids for a dance with Zi Qi.

Xiao Jie raises her by 100k, trying to play it off as a gesture for charity. Only to have Ji Qing increase the bid to a million RMB. Tang Jun then steps in to save the day, not by bidding for Xiao Jie, but by bidding for a dance with Ji Qing.

I love how his actions speak for his intentions so clearly, that even his mother is amazed that he’d go to such lengths to protect a girl. He’s obviously never done something like this before. More than what Zi Qi has done for Xiao Jie anyway.

Ji Qing isn’t stupid; she knows an out from an awkward situation when she sees one, so she takes it. Ji Qing is a little puzzled, but she eventually recognises Tang Jun from when they first met, at the stairwell on Valentine’s Day. She sees that he likes Xiao Jie, and offers an alliance to each get what they want. Tang Jun turns her down immediately, saying that he doesn’t want to work with her. But if her aim is to hurt Xiao Jie then he won’t let that happen. She’s amazed at his noble intentions, y’know, as opposed just wanting to land the chick.

Zi Qi asks Xiao Jie why she’s been a little weird since coming to Shanghai, and rambles about planning their wedding once they get back to Taiwan. She excuses herself (thank god), while Zi Qi is roped to discuss business with CEO Mummy and some businessman.

Tang Jun follows Xiao Jie out. She realises that she doesn’t really understand Zi Qi, will she have a chance to know him better after they are married? If you are wondering that at all, you’ve got the wrong guy. He doesn’t let on that he knows about cheating Zi Qi, but asks if she’s prepared to live a lie for the rest of her life. It’s not easy to create an illusion of a happy marriage, so it’s better for her to face her feelings and be honest about it. No matter how spiteful Ji Qing is, at least she is forthcoming and acts on her love. (And a selfish bitch, she is)


When all else fails you, you turn to your girlfriend for advice, of course. Xiao Jie asks Jia Yi what she’d do if she discovered that Xiao Ma had an affair. Jia Yi would divorce him immediately and move back to Xiao Jie’s with her baby.

Huang Hai holds a press conference to announce the takings for the VVIP event, which would be donated to charity. CEO Mummy also introduces a new partnership with a jewellery brand, and Zi Qi announces that they would be providing the wedding bands for his and Xiao Jie’s wedding. I hate how he says: my fiancee, who has accepted my proposal, and I are getting married. How redundant. Someone doesn’t become your fiancee until they accept your proposal, okay? Which in Xiao Jie’s case, is true. (She never said yes, or no.) Reporters swarm Xiao Jie to get her response.

Xiao Jie says that every girl dreams of meeting a perfect lover, and Zi Qi is her ideal man. Everything was so perfect – he even proposed on their 100th day together. But she apologises for not thinking it through properly, so she cannot accept his proposal. She will not be Mrs Gao, and she will leave Hai Yue. She walks out, and the reporters run after her.

Chu Chu sneaks a nervous glance at Tang Jun’s reaction

Tang Jun and Zi Qi both leave the room as well. Tang Jun manages to pull her aside and takes her away using the stairs, while Zi Qi scours the parking lot for her.

He finally catches up to Tang Jun and Xiao Jie, where Xiao Jie finally tells him that she knows about Ji Qing. He explains that it was in the past. She bites right back, saying that she saw Ji Qing the night before she came to Shanghai. And that ring he proposed to her with? Wasn’t it meant for Ji Qing too? Zi Qi has no answer.

Xiao Jie says that she felt so surreal every time she was with him, like she didn’t feel like herself at all. The pain and guilt that he’s feeling now? It will pass with time. They might even look back and laugh at it, because they were silly enough to try and fool themselves into loving each other. When she leaves, Zi Qi tries to go after her, but Tang Jun just blocks his way. He tells Zi Qi off for hurting Xiao Jie, despite promising not to do so at the proposal.

Elsewhere, we see Ji Qing who has watched the events unfold on tv, putting on the engagement ring with great joy.

I’m just glad that Xiao Jie finally faced up to the truth and confronted Zi Qi with it. Doing it in front of the media was perfect, because it is a great smackdown to his ego. And there’s no covering it up or denying it ever happened. Just as how he had to make everything about them as public as possible, it’s only right that she breaks up with him as publicly as well. Tang Jun took a bit of a backseat in this episode but I hope there will be more moments with him and Xiao Jie in the next. Girl could do with some hand-holding and tear-wiping and bear-hugging.







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