The Queen of SOP Episode 13

Xiao Jie is driven away by Tang Jun, but the reporters soon catch up to them and block their car. They press on to get a response to Xiao Jie, then moves on to ask Tang Jun his relations to her and what his mother, CEO Tang thinks about this relationship. Really?

The look on Xiao Jie’s face says it all. The lie itself isn’t inherently the breaking point for her, because our girl must feel betrayed that her best friend and confidante has held his identity back from her. She utters, ‘even you cannot be trusted’. Then gets out of the car and walks away. Strangely, the reporters continue to hound Tang Jun instead of going after Xiao Jie. Tang Jun drives along the highway but barely misses her.

Zi Qi runs back to the hotel room to look for Xiao Jie, and he is joined by Tang Jun who’s also lost her. They have a little face-off in the room, which ends up with Tang Jun socking Zi Qi in the jaw. (That’s about as high as he can reach anyway, with the height difference, teehee.) Tang Jun tells Zi Qi that he doesn’t deserve to love her, then vows to protect Xiao Jie from now on.


Xiao Jie broods by the Bund, suddenly realising how lonely she is. She toasts to her newfound single status. She checks her weibo to read scathing comments from netizens about her. Then we see Tang Jun receiving a message addressed to Tom, asking if his house is still up for rent.

So Tang Jun leaves Shanghai for London, and has a brush-by usually reserved for OTPs at the airport with Zi Qi, who is going back to Taiwan. Tang Jun calls Adam for a favour, probably to pretend to be Tom while Xiao Jie is there, and to decorate the windows with beige curtains and fresh flowers, as per Xiao Jie’s original request. Awww.

I don’t know why Tang Jun would entrust his secret identity to Adam, who would be the one possible person to mess it all up, with his playboy tendencies. Xiao Jie thanks him for all his effort when she arrives. Adam tells Xiao Jie that she doesn’t need to smile if she doesn’t feel like smiling, and she can be as emotional or as impulsive as she wants to, and she can bitch about Zi Qi all she wants. Sleazebag or not, that’s quite sweet.

Tang Jun checks in on Adam to make sure their cover is intact. He’s sorry to have lie to her again, but he knows this is one of the last places she can turn to, so he didn’t want to spoil that for her too. Misguided, but probably right. He gets an earful from his mother and sister for leaving Shanghai and disappointing them again. Tang Min lectures him as well, telling him that Mum is not too well lately. Apparently they’ve pulled this card before, but after hanging up, we see that CEO Mummy has been having more headaches than usual recently. I can see where we could be heading from here.

Meanwhile, Xiao Jie is having a great time with Adam, and he promises to take her sightseeing. She asks him to take her to all the places he went to in the polaroids that he sent her with the Peter Rabbit toy. Uh-oh, Adam is puzzled, but he smoothly distracts her by saying they’ll do that the day after, he already has plans for tomorrow. Smart. That gives him some time to check in with Tang Jun.

Back to the boring Hai Yue front, Zi Qi apologises to the board of directors and does some damage control. Zi Hao rubs salt into his wound by reminding him that the sponsors have replaced him and Xiao Jie with Ji Qing as the spokesperson for the jewellery line. Zi Hao then suggests dismissing Xiao Jie, which is approved by Daddy Boss. Oof. I suppose that opens her up to joining Huang Hai later (yay!).

Zi Qi then broods a bit over Xiao Jie, but mostly flashing back to the bits where Tang Jun stepped in to protect Xiao Jie. So it seems like he’s more annoyed that he’s lost to Tang Jun than he is at losing Xiao Jie. This is why no one roots for you, idiot. If it’s all about winning, go join the Olympics. He looks for Jia Yi to try and find out where Xiao Jie is. Jia Yi gives him a lead, and he realises that Xiao Jie may be in London.


Xiao Jie and Adam go on their London tour, and he brings her to an old church. During times of war, wives of soldiers would come to pray here. He hopes Xiao Jie can find the answers she is looking for, and directs her to one of the windows in the church. He says that if she opens it, she may well find some answers. Xiao Jie opens the window but doesn’t see anything special.

She looks back at Adam, and for a moment there I thought she may be falling for Adam (as Tom). She sees a board behind him, bearing the words “tomorrow will be better”. That gives her some hope, but that look that she’s giving Adam worries me a little.

At night, Tang Jun sneaks into the house after Xiao Jie has gone to bed. He’s been following the two around all day; he warns Adam not to even think of making any move on Xiao Jie. Adam denies it but Tang Jun says he’s seen Adam flashing his lecherous smile at her all day. Awww. Adam says that she’s been avoiding him ever since they went to the church.

Adam asks Tang Jun to tell Xiao Jie that he’s really Tom, because if he keeps lying in wait for the perfect moment, another Gao Zi Qi might appear and steal her away, again. Tang Jun says that Zi Qi is out of the equation now; Adam says maybe someone Adam Bell? Tang Jun immediately glares at him. Adam already has his own harem, so he won’t allow Adam to tarnish Xiao Jie. Way to go.

Turns out Xiao Jie is all aflutter about Adam/Tom, and she is unable to fall asleep as she wonders if Adam/Tom and her are meant to be. She thinks that moment in the church may be God’s message to her. She then goes to get a glass of water, except Tang Jun is still in the house. He runs to her door and holds it so she’s not able to get out, then gestures wildly for Adam to get off the phone.

They panic for a while, but Adam covers up and she doesn’t discover Tang Jun. Awkward! She does, however, see two glasses of water on the dining table. Our girl ain’t stupid, ya know.

They go on the polaroid tour as per Tang Jun’s instructions, including his firm warning not to hit on her. I think Adam will have a hard time following that through. Tang Jun tails them like he did before, intervening by text when required (‘take your dirty hands off her’), which gets squarely ignored by Adam.

He takes her to try the best ice cream in London, which was the same place she came with Tang Jun before. She has a brief flashback to her times with Tang Jun.

Tang Jun grits his teeth while watching Adam take a bite off Xiao Jie’s ice cream. Xiao Jie has a feeling that he’s done this many times before, and he starts to hit on her, in his truly sleazy way. Adam says that if they both have feelings for each other, they need to seize that moment and act on those feelings, regardless of whether there are other people in the picture. Xiao Jie reasons that if people rush into things it tends to end quickly too.

Adam reaches forward to kiss her, but she ends up getting ice cream on her Peter Rabbit toy. Annoyed at getting cock-blocked by a toy, Adam grabs it and tosses the dirty Peter Rabbit into the bin, much to Xiao Jie’s despair. She fishes it out of the bin and goes after him. Adam says he can buy her a new one, but she’s sentimental, because that’s his first gift to her. How could he not care? Adam says there are new things happening every single day, why harp on the past?

Xiao Jie says he must not know the feeling of being cheated on. Adam says that people lie for two reasons: to protect other people, or to protect themselves. Instead of pitying yourself for being lied to, why not think about what that person has done for you before, and then think of whether they deserve to be forgiven. I hope she ends up forgiving Tang Jun and not Zi Qi with this analogy.

She thinks about her time with Tang Jun and how he was always there for her. It dawns on her, and she tells Adam that she may just forgive him. Adam thinks she’s saying yes to dating him, but she says that if she didn’t meet that other person, she might actually want to date him. Awwww. She realises that Adam/Tom turned out to be different from what she’s expected. If she dates Adam/Tom, he might not measure up to her expectations, and she will realise one day that her imagination made him out to be better than in reality. Like how Zi Qi disappointed her.

She thanks Adam/Tom still though, for being so supportive and helpful. Adam asks why she doesn’t think he’s the Tom she expected. When he brought her around sightseeing, Xiao Jie says that she’s been thinking about someone else, and that someone else is the reason why she said no to dating Adam/Tom. Awww.

Xiao Jie says sorry, but Adam tells her not to be, because he’s not Tom. Yes! He’s finally outing Tang Jun. Xiao Jie is rightfully shocked. Adam claims that he can make the real Tom appear in less than 3 seconds. He moves over to kiss her, and Tang Jun dashes out of hiding.

Adam leaves them alone. Tang Jun looks so embarrassed at being caught out, but Xiao Jie just walks away as he starts to speak. He shouts after her, “I just wanted you to be happy, will you forgive me?” She stops and calls him an idiot. Awww, that’s I-love-you in Robin code! She’s forgiven him, then.











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