The Queen of SOP Episode 14

This episode picks up where the last one left off, where Xiao Jie discovers that Adam is not Tom the Landlord. Tang Jun outs himself when Adam moves in to kiss Xiao Jie. And…awkward!

The awkwardness extends to when they are both home. Tang Jun paces up and down till Xiao Jie comes out of her room, then awkwardly asks if she wants to watch some tv. I’m all, would you properly confess now that you’re both sobre?!

They both sneak glances at the other, and Xiao Jie breaks the silence by voicing out how confusing it is for her, his two identities. He lays it out plainly for her, he’s Tang Jun, and his English name is Tom. He’s the owner of the flat, so while she’s here she can make herself at home.

It’s not that simple for Xiao Jie – she came to London to run away, but meeting him again reminded her that she needs to face reality and ponder her future. Tang Jun reminds her of her initial goal of coming to London to study. She brushes it off, because she now owes 1 million RMB, thanks to her splurging at the VIP (VVIP?) event. She has no money to pay it back, and turns down his offer to pay it off for her.

Their moment is interrupted by Adam, who walks in on them, thinking that Tang Jun just proposed to Xiao Jie. Really? This show poking fun at its own proposal scenes?

Xiao Jie rings Jia Yi and asks for Jia Yi to transfer some money from her account back home to her account here. Jia Yi is properly worried for Xiao Jie, but offers to send some warm clothings over to her as well. She also promises not to tell Zi Qi that Xiao Jie is in London. I can see this going wrong, in so many ways.

And it does. Because Zi Qi steps into Jia Yi’s shop, forcing Jia Yi to cut short her call with Xiao Jie. She lies to Zi Qi, saying Xiao Jie hasn’t been in touch. But suddenly she is keeling over in pain, and with Xiao Ma nowhere in sight, Jia Yi tells Zi Qi to ring him, quick. Zi Qi grabs Jia Yi’s phone, only to see a text from Xiao Jie with her London address and bank account number. Great.

Xiao Jie and Tang Jun happily do some food shopping, so that Xiao Jie can make a meal to thank Tang Jun. He’s properly impressed with her cooking, saying that it’s tastes like a mother’s cooking. She’s pleased, but she thinks back to Zi Qi making that exact comment when he first tasted her cooking. Tang Jun realises that she’s baking a cake for a birthday, then quickly runs out of the house to get her flowers. Awww. He has this really weird conversation with the elderly English flower shop lady that had me cringing.

As he leaves, Zi Qi arrives. Oh my. He buzzes, and Xiao Jie comes out to see him. Gah, isn’t there some sort of CCTV to see who the visitor is before you let them in?

She’s not thrilled to see him. She turns to leave, but he holds her back, asking for a chance to say sorry. She asks him to let go of her hand, but he won’t, because if he lets go, she will leave him. Yeah, that’s the idea, isn’t it? I hate that he makes it all about him, even after going all the way to London, it’s about him needing forgiveness. How selfish. Xiao Jie explains that she really doesn’t understand him at all, and she’s never really had the chance to reflect upon their relationship, since everything happened so quickly.

He even has the cheek to admit to his own selfishness and asks to start anew with Xiao Jie. He will wait for Xiao Jie to come back to him in Taiwan. Xiao Jie tells him that he doesn’t need to feel sorry for her; she is happy on her own now. She then says that she’s forgiven him.


Zi Qi hugs Xiao Jie, and of course this is the scene that Tang Jun returns to witness. He tears up, realising that Xiao Jie has never loved him before. Awwwww, no.

As Zi Qi pulls out of the embrace, he asks her to go back to Taiwan with him. Xiao Jie flatly declines, because she no longer wants to be in a relationship scrutinised by the public. She likes it on her own, thank you very much. Surprisingly, he respects her decision.

Poor Tang Jun. My heart aches while he cries. And the bad news piles on. Tang Min rings him to tell him that their mum has collapsed. He shouts at her (probably out of his rage against Zi Qi than anything else), but she coldly says that since he’s decided not to care, then she’s just letting him know out of courtesy. Awww, our Tang Jun is now properly broken.

Meanwhile, Xiao Jie waits for Tang Jun to return. We also get a broody shot of Zi Qi in his presidential suite no less. Wonder what he has to brood about. Tang Jun leaves the bouquet of flowers by the road and goes back. Oh no, I sense angst. Lots of it.

Xiao Jie greets him brightly when he returns, but he tells her that his mum is sick and he needs to go back. She asks if there’s anything she can do for him. She knows that his mum is the greater priority now, and to put his mind at ease about her she tells him she doesn’t need him here anyway. Except he takes that the wrong way, thinking that her sudden cheeriness and what she just said was because she’s just reunited with Zi Qi and is just happy to be rid of him. Oh boy, if only you knew. So that’s our Big Misunderstanding, isn’t it? Damn well played.

Tang Jun goes back to Shanghai and the first thing he does is throw a rage fit at his mother’s doctor for not having all the answers. The guilt piles on as he discovers his mum’s diary, with one entry about a dream she had of little Tang Jun wanting to go to work with mummy. To his credit, he doesn’t read everything, but thinks back to his childhood with busy mum.

That seems to stiffen his resolve, and he decides to help his sister run Huang Hai while Mum is sick. Tang Min isn’t too happy about it, given his past record of flakiness. She doesn’t think he’s fit to inherit the company, but Tang Jun makes it clear that he doesn’t want to inherit the company, he just wants to do something for the family.

This episode felt really short, with just one major event setting up the scene for future conflicts. I am a bit disappointed that our OTP didn’t get more time together before the Big Misunderstanding, but I’m glad that Xiao Jie now realises where her heart truly lies and hopefully she’ll do her darndest to win him back.










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