The Queen of SOP Episode 15

The episode starts with Tang Jun carrying on his spat with Tang Min. Tang Min obviously has her reservations about taking Tang Jun back into Huang Hai given his poor track record. This just deals another huge blow to Tang Jun to hear that he’s not needed back in Huang Hai either; just like how Xiao Jie didn’t need him to stay around in London (although she would have liked it very much, I’m sure).

I get where Sis is coming from, but to me it seems like her attempts to keep him away from Huang Hai is a bit futile. That is Mummy’s intentions all along, so even though she’s unconscious at the moment it doesn’t mean Tang Min can run all riot and stage a takeover. Unless Tang Min means to drive some real determination into Tang Jun to step up and challenge her.

Tang Jun is all broody because no one wants him, and everything he wants, he’s denied. Boohoohoo. He drinks alone at a bar, where he is joined by Chu Chu. She’s obviously used to finding him drinking alone, and he points out that she’s always around when he’s in a bad mood. Uh-oh. That’s usually what you say before you have drunk sex.

Okay, so that’s not exactly drunk sex. But Chu Chu does hint that everyone has a guardian angel by their side, so maybe if you look back you’ll see an angel looking after you. And by that she obviously means herself. He doesn’t really react to it (and what I intended to see was him reeling and running away) and didn’t seem all that surprised. Chu Chu reminds him of the board of directors meeting, and reminds him that he has a right to attend.

The meeting is headed by Tang Min, who is wearing some huge ridiculous earrings. She informs them that she will be the acting CEO in Mummy’s sickness. The older members are not too happy about that. One of them disapproves of their massive expenditure in terms of personnel due to the VVIP events, and hints that if Tang Min doesn’t run the upcoming anniversary celebrations well, then her head might well be on the chopping block.

Tang Jun makes a fashionably late appearance, and is greeted favourably by the same ‘uncle’ who disapproved of Tang Min. Tang Jun makes clear his intentions to work in Huang Hai, which is immediately shot down by Tang Min. However, Annoying Uncle steps in and vouches for him, and it seems all the other members at the meeting favour Tang Jun as well. Despite me rooting for Tang Jun, in this case it’s blatantly clear that there’s some favouritism going on, just because he’s the only son of CEO Mummy. Sigh, the Chinese and their male superiority. I really feel for Tang Min, who has toiled all these years and yet has no authority.

Tang Min reluctantly appoints Tang Jun to be a project manager, and assigns him to organise the company’s anniversary celebrations. It’s do-or-die for Tang Jun, who has volunteered to resign if it’s a flop. Guess it’s a win-win for Tang Min then. Tang Jun and Chu Chu do a victorious high-five.

Meanwhile, Xiao Jie frets over not hearing from Tang Jun at all. Awww. It’s the worst thing to have someone angry at you and you not knowing it. She lunges for the phone as soon as it rings, only to hear Jia Yi on the other end. Jia Yi and Xiao Jie update each other like the BFFs they are. Jia Yi is in the hospital because of some baby scare but she and the baby are both fine now. Xiao Jie tells Jia Yi about her 1 million RMB debt and how she won’t have any money left to study in London.

Tang Min has another little face-off with Tang Jun, but the mood is a bit better now. Tang Jun tells his sister that he’s really ready to step into Huang Hai this time – he’s doing it because he wants to, as opposed to being coerced or forced into it by Mum or Sis. Tang Min takes a wait-and-see approach, but when Tang Jun leaves she breaks into a smile. So she’s doing a whole reverse psychology trick to make him step up! Awww, she’s brilliant. She also gets a bouquet of roses from a mystery person.

When she goes home, she shares some of her worries with Uncle Zhou. She wants to make Tang Jun work hard to stay in Huang Hai, so that when he does take over the company, he will be prepared for any challenge that he may face. Awww.

Back in Taiwan, our favourite ex-secret couple are having dinner together again, which has been prepared by Ji Qing. Really? How many times does he have to break up with her for her to get it? If you’ve broken up with someone, you don’t let them in to cook you a meal and then sit and eat it. You throw them out once you see them on your property. That’s rule #1 in dealing with an ex, no?

Ji Qing obviously thinks that with Xiao Jie forfeiting the engagement, she’s back in the game with Zi Qi. Zi Qi doesn’t think so, and tells her that he’s not ready to get back into a relationship with her. Ok, whatever. I’ve checked out of this conversation ages ago.

The only real progression happens when Ji Qing leaves his house, when they are photographed by a paparazzi. The next day, they are plastered all over the headlines, ironically some of them accusing Ji Qing as the third party breaking up Zi Qi’s engagement to Xiao Jie. Oh, karma, aren’t thou a bitch.


Zi Qi denies any allegations, and so does Ji Qing. Her manager doesn’t seem too displeased with the rumours, pointing out that Zi Qi is quite the catch. If only she knew.

In other unrelated filler scenes, Tang Jun gets introduced to his new colleagues by Chu Chu, who has suddenly been assigned to be his PA. I bet they did this just to annoy me. The colleagues seem unmoved, and frankly, a bit rude, because none of them said hello at all. Tang Jun adorably places a photo of Mummy and little Tang Jun and little Tang Min on his desk, telling her that he won’t let her down. I’m glad that Mummy is his driving force behind his motivation to go back to Huang Hai, but I’m hoping that Xiao Jie will be his pillar of support.

Chu Chu is already testing my patience by turning up at Tang Jun’s place bringing supper. And offering to go over company performance data with him. He goes along with this gladly (which further annoys me) while we see Xiao Jie sending him a photo message to encourage him.

This episode was a bit of a letdown for me – lots of broody Tang Jun, too little Xiao Jie and way way way too much company drama going on. I’m hoping Xiao Jie returns with a bang next episode and get some real tension going.


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