The Queen of SOP Episode 16

This episode mainly focuses around Tang Jun and his office dynamics. Tang Min assigned him to be the project supervisor of the Huang Hai anniversary event, but the staff are not really cooperating with him.

He tries getting them to look at some of his ideas for the event, but all of them either try to ignore him or fob him off with the excuse that they are busy with other things. He is disheartened.

The team leader explains to the rest of the team in their office gossip session that Tang Min and Tang Jun are on different teams because they are from different mothers. Tang Min is the illegitimate daughter of the big boss with his then 38-year-old secretary. Later on, CEO Mummy married the big boss and had Tang Jun. So in terms of loyalty, they have decided to ignore Tang Jun, as not to get on Tang Min’s bad side.

Tang Min goes back to her office to find another bouquet of flowers awaiting her. Chu Chu appears to hand over some accounts as per Tang Min’s request. She tries to prod for the reason behind the board’s intentions of letting staff go, but Tang Min doesn’t let on the reason until Chu Chu leaves, probably because Chu Chu’s father is a board member.

She does tell her secretary though, that she thinks that letting staff go will look bad on her, and will affect the staff’s morale. Which will allow the board of directors to find fault with her and oust her as acting CEO. Oh, office politics. Tang Min decides that her sneaky way out of this is to get someone else to do the dirty job.

She gets a brainstorm to hire Xiao Jie as she still owes Huang Hai money from the VVIP event. Tang Min tells Xiao Jie that Zi Qi has paid off the 1 million RMB for her, and that probably is their break-up fee, which is close to nothing to him. Any money that Xiao Jie sent to Huang Hai she will return. Knowing that this will hurt Xiao Jie’s pride, she then offers Xiao Jie a job in Huang Hai. She just needs Xiao Jie to bite.

Xiao Jie doesn’t say yes immediately, but she is seriously considering it, since she won’t have much of a job prospect once she returns to Taiwan. Adam reminds her that after her very public fiasco with Zi Qi, no supermarket or departmental store will hire her. He encourages her to go to Shanghai, at least Tang Jun is there.

We also have another pointless filler scene of Adam trying to persuade Xiao Jie to stay in London with him, in Tang Jun’s flat. How shameless! Right after he tells Xiao Jie that Shanghai is better than Taipei, he now adds that London is even better than Shanghai. Of course. Xiao Jie says no flatly – how do you put up with him in the first place? He does manage to convince her not to tell Tang Jun of her impending arrival in Shanghai, but to give him a surprise, because the look on his face when he sees her will be priceless. I don’t really think so; what do they say about the road to hell again?

We get more broody Tang Jun scenes when he visits his mother at the hospital. It’s sweet, but also quite heart-wrenching to watch. That boy has so much growing up to do. He goes home but Uncle Zhou takes good care of him, under Tang Min’s direct orders. Awww.

Also more pointless (yawn) filler is a scene with the board of directors in their cigar club, complaining about how Tang Min has no respect for them. I really hate all these boardroom brouhaha, because it’s boring and no one will get less of the story without it anyway. My takeaway point from their discussion was mainly that the directors are pro-Tang Jun.

Meanwhile, we have more meeting and company stuff going on when Tang Jun meets his staff to discuss about ideas for the anniversary event. They are a risk-averse bunch, preferring to opt for recycled idea from previous years to keep things safe.

Tang Jun doesn’t think that their ideas are original enough. He directs them to a shopping fair organised by a similarly-structured American departmental store. They drag their feet a little at his suggestions, but he challenges them to improve. The team leader understands that Tang Jun needs to prove himself, but thinks that the safer option is the best bet. Tang Jun stands his ground, and the staff starts to see the possibility in the shopping fair. Things seem to have a bit of a turnaround, and they start discussing further details of that idea.

They actually think that Tang Min may approve of this idea, but Zheng Fan tells Tang Jun about rumours that another project manager will be sent to overlook the anniversary event, and they may not see this idea as favourably. The staff assure Tang Jun that they’d stand on his side though, as opposed to whoever is sent here. Right. They have all suddenly decided that he’s the lesser of two evils.

Tang Jun feels a bit better now that everyone is more or less on his side, but he broods some more on the rooftop, thinking about how Xiao Jie used to brainstorm with him. Well, she’s basically fed him with all the ideas for the VVIP event anyway, and he wishes she was here now. Awww, wish a little harder?

Because Xiao Jie descends upon Huang Hai soon enough. Tang Min assigns Xiao Jie to the anniversary event to work with Tang Jun and his department. But she also gives her a supplementary assignment – to assess the performance of the team members during the task and those not up to the task will be let go. She hands a list to Xiao Jie, who is shocked to see Tang Jun on the list too. Tang Min says that his  name is included, because his family connections shouldn’t matter and he should be treated like the other staff. Just as ruthlessly, you mean.

Xiao Jie then gets introduced to the team, including Tang Jun. He is strangely unmoved, and greets her as if meeting a stranger for the first time. Really? We’re going with this? You could at least find out if she’s still with Zi Qi (or like, read some papers) before you completely give her the cold shoulder.

Oh well, if that builds up more tension, I just hope I don’t hit a wall soon.







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