The Queen of SOP Episode 18

Right, so our fake-out last episode was confirmed. Tang Jun runs back to where he left Xiao Jie and finds her squatting somewhere else, still as drunk.

He’s relieved at first, then concerned, and then he’s annoyed at himself for still caring about her despite knowing that she doesn’t like him at all. (You’re so wrong, silly boy, and you’re sober) And why does he only have the courage to be honest with her when she’s drunk anyway?

He then takes her home and tucks her in. He moves closer to her, leading to think that he might kiss her, but he doesn’t. He instead sees her Peter Rabbit and says hi to it, flashing back to the time that Xiao Jie told him that her best friends are Jia Yi, him and the Peter Rabbit. When he leaves, she grabs his hands, asking him not to leave. It’s still drunken Xiao Jie at this point, so I’m not really sure if she’s fully aware that it’s Tang Jun she’s grabbing on to. His expression softens a little, but he just tucks her hand under the covers again before leaving. Aww. I can feel my heart breaking again.

Annoyingly, Chu Chu tries to reach Tang Jun multiple times since she returns home. Tang Jun’s all confused now because of Drunken Xiao Jie’s hand-grabbing, but another phone call from Chu Chu interrupts his thoughts. She catches him at his most vulnerable once again, and she asks if he still likes Xiao Jie. Oh, give it up, you. Tang Jun honestly says that he’s trying to stop liking Xiao Jie, because he knows that she only likes Zi Qi. Chu Chu breaks into a gleeful smile at that.

She brightens up after their phone call. Then her daddy (one of the Directors in Huang Hai) comes over and teases her a bit about Tang Jun. She makes Daddy promise not to give Tang Min too much trouble, despite his best intentions to kick Tang Min out to help Tang Jun. Chu Chu doesn’t want to be stuck between the two, plus Tang Jun values his family too much to properly fight his sister anyway.

Her father warns her about Xiao Jie’s presence, since Tang Jun likes her. Chu Chu isn’t worried at all after tonight, she is certain that Xiao Jie is still in love with Zi Qi. He then warns her not to be too naive. (And not to believe what people say when they are drunk, too.)


Next, we see Sober Xiao Jie walks into the office, and mumbles something about getting them to change the proposal again. They’ve pulled an all-nighter to improve on their proposal for the anniversary event. They are due to present it to Tang Min today, but obviously Xiao Jie still doesn’t think it’s good enough. Xiao Jie doesn’t tell them about her opinion of their proposal at all, perhaps seeing all the effort they’ve put into it, she is reluctant to put a damper on it.
Tang Min is again wearing ridiculous ornaments on her ears at the meeting. She does her opener, then passes it on to Tang Jun to present the idea for the anniversary event. Just as Tang Jun starts his presentation, Xiao Jie interrupts him and cancels the presentation. She apologises, and tells Tang Min that she doesn’t feel that it is not good enough because it’s not much different to previous years’ events. (Really? And you are only saying that now?! You’ve had a million chances to say it before!)

Tang Jun disagrees, stressing that this is a team effort. Xiao Jie explains that the shopping fair idea may not work with Huang Hai and there is a definite risk in going for this idea. Tang Min trusts Xiao Jie’s input, and cancels their presentation. They are now even more pressed for time. Tang Min appoints Tang Jun and Xiao Jie to lead a team of colleagues each to produce a new proposal, and the best one wins. The losing team will all get fired. So it’s The Apprentice now, isn’t it.

So it’s Team Xiao Jie vs Team Tang Jun. Team Xiao Jie includes Xue Shao and Su Li and some others, and Team Tang Jun comprises Su Su, Zheng Fan etc. Xiao Jie loses out in the popularity stakes, as even her own team won’t sit down to have lunch with her. Chu Chu comes over and barks at Xiao Jie for what she did at the meeting, accusing Xiao Jie of having no consideration of Tang Jun’s efforts and feelings at all. Chu Chu warns Xiao Jie to stay away from Tang Jun if she only treats him like an employee, because he treats her as if she were a friend. All she’s done is hurt his feelings.

Xiao Jie doesn’t take nonsense from Chu Chu, telling her that she’s voiced out her concerns for the sake of the project, not because of any single person. She then pulls rank with Chu Chu, asking her what right she has to tell her off. This happens in front of everyone on the team, including Tang Jun. Oh yeah, I love Bitchy Xiao Jie too.

Team Tang Jun and Team Xiao Jie go forth with their battle. We see each team discussing their own chances of winning, and they each decide (using their own quirky ways) that the other team has a better chance. If they spent all of that time plus the time they use to moan about their fate into actual brainstorming, they might improve their own chances of survival. Just saying.

Tang Jun runs into Xiao Jie just outside the office, but he’s not in a chatty mood. He snarks at her, saying that if she’d discussed her concerns about the initial proposal before the meeting, then it would be less awkward.

So, let the battle commence.

Xiao Jie has a bit of a challenge to motivate her team members, given that they are still annoyed at her dismissal of their earlier efforts in the meeting. She pulls them together and manages to convince them to work for it. She should have reminded them that their own asses are on the line as well, so no one should go down without a fight.


Xiao Jie works till late at night, after her team has left, and so does Tang Jun. They work in their own space, neither of them aware of the other still there. When Tang Jun finally leaves the office, he sees Xiao Jie in her room, asleep on the desk.


He pops into the room and sits next to her. So it seems that he just can’t hold a civil conversation with a conscious Xiao Jie. Cos he seems to be doing fine talking to her when she’s drunk or asleep. He tells her that he’s tired too, and that she should have  spoken to him first if she thought there was a problem with the proposal. His tone is a lot softer than it was earlier though, so it sounds as if he’s forgiven her. I suppose he’s tired of trying so hard not to like her, when his heart still does.

He hoped that they could work with each other instead of against one another, but now that they are on opposing ends he wants her to give it everything, just as he would. I think if he stops being so confused about his own feelings and be open about it, Xiao Jie would actually have the chance to respond. When she’s conscious and sober, of course.

He then takes a photo of him with Sleeping Xiao Jie on her phone. This cracks me up. At least he didn’t post it on Facebook. Or Weibo. He puts his jacket on her before he leaves.

Xiao Jie wakes up, and she smiles when she sees the photo on her phone. She cheers him on too, and it’s nice to know they’re not in it to destroy the other person.

The next day, Xiao Jie gets an idea from Xue Shao when she sees him giving a dress and some accessories to Su Li. How do you get a girl to like you when you act like the perfect gay friend?! Xiao Jie catches on to his styling skills, and this may be her trump card in the proposal.

Meanwhile, there is some commotion back in the office as the colleagues discover Tang Jun having a nosebleed. (Nosebleeds are commonly used in dramas to show that someone’s overworked and burnt out, although how common they are in real life, I have no idea.)

My thoughts on this episode is all over the place, mainly because that’s how it feels like. Tang Jun gets annoyed with Xiao Jie, then his annoyance dissipates without any major confrontation between the two. I would have liked for him to actual confront her when she’s sober, and maybe then he has an actual chance of knowing what she thinks. Because I have a good idea of what she is feeling, except she’s stuck in a hard place too, with the dilemma of having to sack a whole lot of people.









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