The Queen of SOP Episode 19


So this episode basically just carries on with last episode’s Team Tang Jun vs Team Xiao Jie line, with no major event or outcome.

Chu Chu fawns over Tang Jun’s nosebleed, even suggesting to take him to the hospital. Really? It’s just a nosebleed, get over it. She walks out of the office with him, her arm in his. Xiao Jie looks on sadly, then overhears Team Tang Jun discussing about his health.

She is concerned, but cannot bring herself to ring him. Why not? She ends up leaving him a can of coffee on his desk. Why does he allow Chu Chu to hold on to his arm anyway? Little things like that can really annoy me.

Anyway, Team Tang Jun settles on a proposal idea, something to do with a personalised shopping service, dubbed SSP week. Which just sounds like a personal shopper coupled with delivery, nothing really novel. Can’t believe they made such a big deal out of this. Tang Jun worries about the other team’s fate if his team wins, but Chu Chu promises to make recommendations for the team. She realises that Xiao Jie is Tang Jun’s main concern. (Duh.) So she reminds him that if Xiao Jie wins, she probably wouldn’t have a care for Tang Jun. Well, that’s what you think.

Xiao Jie’s team settle on a similar service-focused proposal, and they seem to veer towards wanting to bring in a new luxury Italian brand to Huang Hai, which is what Tang Jun’s team is planning to do. Oh, I see troubled times ahead. Xiao Jie plans to target black cardholders (I assume it’s a posh credit card for big spenders) and gets Su Li to research their spending habits.

Xiao Jie calls Jia Yi to chat, but really she’s in a bit of an emotional turmoil and just needs to talk to her bff. Jia Yi senses something wrong, so she prods a it and Xiao Jie tells her about her problems with Tang Jun.

Jia Yi muses that they are a bit like Romeo and Juliet, but she totally gets Xiao Jie’s dilemma. She urges Xiao Jie not to care about keeping her feelings boxed up. If she wants to say hi to Tang Jun and ask after him, she should. She doesn’t have to treat him like a stranger, even if they are on opposing ends. If her proposal is better than his and she does well, he will be happy for her, just as she would be happy for him if he wins.

I love Qiao En’s acting here. Watching her cry just breaks my heart, and her dilemma is something that people who work in a corporate environment can relate to easily. Jia Yi cheers Xiao Jie up by suggesting a shopping trip to Seoul after she gives birth. There is a special shopping service for foreigners in Korea, and this gives Xiao Jie a major idea. Didn’t they settle on a service-oriented proposal already?

In other developments, Tang Jun and Chu Chu go on a little reunion gathering. In their networking session Tang Jun manages to get some progress in bringing the Italian brand to Huang Hai, as one of his friends has a contact. Chu Chu gets another possible lead with her friend for some other branded goods.

Tang Jun sends Chu Chu home after, and drops in to say hi to her father. Her father makes a comment about Tang Jun being her boyfriend, but Tang Jun doesn’t correct him. I hate how he doesn’t speak his mind when he blatantly knows something isn’t right.

Xiao Jie goes back to the office and finds Xue Shao there. They exchange ideas and come to an agreement that they need to deliver a specialised service for the customers. Right, here we go again. Xue Shao suggests to name it SSP as well, probably from overhearing Su Su and Zheng Fan’s conversation about it over lunch. I don’t know if he’s just blatantly copying them or if he genuinely thinks reproducing the other teams idea in their own style will win it for them.

Xiao Jie buys it, because she’s obviously clueless as to Tang Jun’s plans. She sees Tang Jun in the office and acknowledges him (awww) and sends him a message to cheer him on. She waits for his response, but he doesn’t reply her immediately and she decides to go home instead of disturbing him.

He’s happy to see the message, but when he goes out to offer her a hot drink he sees that she’s gone. When you get a hint, you jump on it, boy. Have you not learnt that timing is everything?! Xiao Jie stops outside of a shop window with Peter Rabbit toys. Tang Jun passes by that shop soon after and stops too, but doesn’t see her because a couple was in the way. Just then, Xiao Jie leaves and they don’t see each other at all. How annoying. I’m more annoyed that they keep telling Peter Rabbit things that they should be saying to each other.

This really felt like a filler episode, because I would have thought that the whole Apprentice-like task should be sorted by now and they would have had some sort of confrontation. All this separate pining just doesn’t really do it for me. Get a move on, you two!




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