The Queen of SOP Episode 22

The episode opens with the Board of Directors in a meeting with Tang Min and Xiao Jie, demanding an explanation for the stock shortage. Tang Min steps up to take responsibility for the situation, and refuses help from Director Zeng, because she’s already come up with a solution to the problem. Xiao Jie looks over in disbelief, so this is obviously something they have yet to discuss. 

Another Director gives Tang Min 3 days to come up with a solution to the stock shortage, or he will have the whole of Xiao Jie’s planning department fired. Director Zeng defends Tang Min, giving her a vote of confidence. Tang Min has no choice but to agree to find a solution within 3 days, or she will step down as acting CEO.

The directors then gloat about how they played good cop, bad cop in the meeting. They gleefully look forward to their failure, because it’s impossible for them to acquire stock within 3 days.

Tang Min admits to Xiao Jie that she’s miscalculated, giving the directors the chance to go one-up on her. She gets Xiao Jie to acquire stock from other departmental stores at full retail price to sell in Huang Hai at their promotional price, and she will personally absorb all the loss as a result. She’d rather lose money than ruin Huang Hai’s reputation, which cannot be bought with money. She cannot let all her mother’s effort in building Huang Hai go to the directors’ hands. She asks Xiao Jie not to tell anyone, especially Chu Chu.

Chu Chu has lunch with her father, and she takes the opportunity to ask if Daddy is behind the stock shortage at Huang Hai. Daddy gleefully admits to it. Daddy promises that once Tang Min steps down in 3 days’ time, he will do two things: restore the stock levels within 24 hours and get Tang Jun to return to Huang Hai. The latter is sufficient to convince Chu Chu that all is right in the world again. Why am I not surprised? Director Zeng gets Chu Chu to ask Tang Jun over for dinner, and she dashes off to ring him.

At dinner, Director Zeng tries to encourage Tang Jun to marry Chu Chu. It’s clear that Chu Chu has wanted to be Tang Jun’s wife since she was a kid, and Tang Jun is amazed at that. I’d be freaked out and run away immediately, but to each his own. Director Zeng reminds Tang Jun how much he likes him and how he hopes they’ll be family soon. Pardon all the vomit, please.

Xiao Jie is facing mountainloads of problems at work, and she has no one to talk to. She thinks of Tang Jun, then makes her way into a grill place, similar to the one Tang Jun went to in Taipei and made her pay for the bill. She remembers telling him she’d make him pay back, so she sits down and orders. Then she rings him. He’s still at Chu Chu’s place, so he tells her he’s busy.

I’m thrilled to bits that she’s actually ringing him in the first place, let alone asking him to come to pay her bill for her. Xiao Jie waits for him to come nonetheless, but her next call is ignored by him as he drives home. No! Don’t go home! He’s really taken Director Zeng’s words to heart isn’t he?

Xiao Jie waits till the shop is closed, and by then she’s obviously had quite a bit to drink. The waiter tells her they are closed, so she rummages around her bag for money. Then Tang Jun comes out and asks why she lied to him about having no money to pay. Awww, he came!

Xiao Jie is as happy as I am. Or is it Drunken Xiao Jie?

The waiter asks Tang Jun to take his friend home, but Tang Jun tells him she’s not his friend. Then he asks him to take his ex-girlfriend home. Waiter with a sense of humour! Drunken Xiao Jie invites him to eat all the meat she’s grilled for him, and to drink with her.

Tang Jun offers to send her home, but she doesn’t want to go home. She lets her bratty side out a bit, because she doesn’t want to go home or go to work. Work is boring. It’s boring because he isn’t there. Oh, and his expression changes straight away, even though he doesn’t say a thing.

Drunken Xiao Jie goes on to say that personal feelings be damned, the company needs him, she needs him. I’m loving Drunken Xiao Jie today. She prods him a bit, because his sister needs him, so does she. And Tang Min fainted the other day, which elicits some proper concern from Tang Jun, finally. Does he care at all? Xiao Jie admits that her team was wrong to plagiarise his team’s idea, but at the end of the day, they’ve manage to put it into action.

Drunken Xiao Jie asks him to promise to come back to Huang Hai and overcome the odds together with everyone. It would make CEO Mummy really happy to know that he has not given up on Huang Hai. Tang Jun says he’ll consider it, but Xiao Jie swoops in and plants a kiss near his lips. Yay for action!

She thanks him and takes his answer as a yes. So she’ll see him at 9 tomorrow. I hope she remembers this. She then does the Drunken Xiao Jie giggle and falls asleep. Leaving a really pleased Tang Jun to grin foolishly to himself.

The next morning, he wonders if she even remembers what happened the night before, given her previous record. He decides that she wouldn’t remember anyway, but she rings him and reminds him to turn up at 9. Does this mean she remembers the kiss? She doesn’t give him a chance to say no. He protests at his phone after he hangs up, but we all know he wants to go back anyway. Flashbacks pretty much confirm his determination to go back to Huang Hai to fight for what his mum spent her whole life to build, in addition to wanting to work with Xiao Jie and the rest of the team to turn things around.

He turns up at Huang Hai, and is pleasantly surprised to see Su Su and Zheng Fan at the lobby. They both have been rehired to the planning department. I would have liked it more if he had hired them back after he’s proven his worth, because it means that the consequences from the task before were just made void.

Everyone is thrilled to see them return, and Tang Jun quickly gets updates on the stock situation. He then sets them off on tasks before the meeting with Xiao Jie, showing that there are no hard feelings despite what had happened. He finds a cup of herbal tea on his desk, with a welcome note from Xiao Jie. He cutely holds the note to his chest, then practically gulps the tea down.

Meanwhile, Tang Min demands to know who allowed Xiao Jie to rehire the three of them. Xiao Jie needs more manpower to handle the crisis now. She disagrees with Tang Min’s plan to acquire stock from other retailers at full retail price. Tang Min’s priority may be to protect Huang Hai’s reputation, but to Xiao Jie the most important thing is Huang Hai’s profits. That’s why she brought back Tang Jun and the other two – she is confident that they can help the team overcome this crisis.

It’s a risky move, but Xiao Jie is prepared to take full accountability for it. She knows that Tang Min doesn’t want to see the board of directors take over the running of the company. Tang Min finally relents, just asking Xiao Jie to keep her posted with any progress. She is impressed at Xiao Jie’s perseverance.


There isn’t much major plot movement in terms of the stock shortage conflict, but we have yet another major confrontation between our OTP. And I love it. I love how assertive Xiao Jie is, and how Tang Jun tried to resist her but just melted into a puddle of goo. Looking forward to some angst-free episodes ahead as they try to beat sneaky Director Zeng at his own game.


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