The Queen of SOP Episode 23

One thing that’s really annoying me so far is how SSP week is pronounced ass-ass-pee week. I stifle a laugh every time they mention it.

The team come up with a strategy to counter their stock shortage, by changing their promotion to a pre-order format, to buy some time before they get physical stock. It’s basically getting customers to pay upfront for a whole year’s worth of cosmetics and skincare, boosting sales figures and delaying the time the stock takes to reach the customer. (Yeah, but what about the rest of the year…?) To add a cherry on the top, they plan to offer a styling service to their SSP (VVIP? SSP? I’m confused) clients. A fashionista gets sent to your house, picks out stuff that doesn’t work for you and leaves what does, then recommends you to spend more money buying clothes that suit you. It’s like paying to spend more money, isn’t it?

Everyone else shuffles off after the meeting, leaving Tang Jun and Xiao Jie in the meeting room. Before Xiao Jie can speak to him, Chu Chu bursts into the room and grabs Tang Jun’s arm to go for lunch. Xiao Jie looks peeved, and so am I. A scene with so much potential. Ruined.

Anyway, their plan seems to be a success so far and everyone is happy. For now. Late at the office, Xiao Jie and Tang Jun seem to be waiting up for each other, probably just so that they can smile stupidly at each other again. When Tang Jun finally speaks, Chu Chu interrupts their moment (and his opportunity to ask Xiao Jie out).

Xiao Jie excuses herself, and after she leaves, Chu Chu shows Tang Jun a magazine with Zi Qi and Ji Qing on the cover. Their now-public relationship must have put a strain on Xiao Jie’s mood. Chu Chu reminds him that Xiao Jie said before that Zi Qi was her reason for coming to Huang Hai. She doesn’t want to see Tang Jun being used by Xiao Jie again. Well played.

The stock crisis is averted, and SSP week is proving to be a huge success, with sales figures reaching an all-new high for the company. The team morale is high as well, with the staff starting to like and even respect Xiao Jie as their manager. Aww. Tang Min is impressed with Xiao Jie too, and Chu Chu can only force a smile and agree. Good news for Huang Hai means bad news for scheming Director Zeng, of course, and I can only expect him to cook up some other form of trouble.

Xiao Jie and Tang Jun pay a home visit to one of their SSP clients, who is Tang Jun’s family friend and wife of a competing departmental store. They bring along their stylist for their personal home makeover service. While he is working his magic on the lady’s wardrobe, Xiao Jie and Tang Jun get some much-needed alone time. Yay!

There is a stony silence because Tang Jun is all cold and distant. It’s awkward for Xiao Jie, since she has no clue why he’s so moody. She sees a magazine on the coffee table and grabs it in horror. It’s the same magazine Chu Chu showed Tang Jun before, the one with Zi Qi and Ji Qing on the cover. She curses at the audacity of it, which he assumes to mean Zi Qi and Ji Qing.

He’s disappointed that she still cares for Zi Qi, but she tells Tang Jun that it’s all over between them now. she doesn’t care about him. Tang Jun is all, but you told me you came to Huang Hai because of him! Xiao Jie immediately clears up the misunderstanding, saying that she returned to Huang Hai because Zi Qi paid off her debt for her, so she has to work in Huang Hai to pay it back herself in instalments. And the magazine? She was horrified at the animal abuse photo on the cover! How dare they!

But, is Xiao Jie only here to pay off her debts? She tells him that she also wanted to see if she could help him out while she was here. Awwwwww. That’s what I have been waiting to see. Sober conversations! I think he’s just washed over with a great sense of relief, like what he feels may actually be…reciprocated. Double aww.

And the first thing he does is to ask her to visit his mother with him. Xiao Jie readily agrees. It’s his way of saying ‘you’re important to me’, I guess. He reports the good news about Huang Hai to Mummy, then he gets a bit emotional when he flashes back to another little Tang Jun scene with Mummy and he promises to stand by his sister and Huang Hai. Xiao Jie puts her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. A hug would be so much better.

Xiao Jie suggests to go to the Bund after work to take his mind off things. Back at the office, the team signs for a delivery for Xiao Jie, which consists of a gift from their sponsors, and also some unwanted clothing and items from the customer they paid a house visit to earlier. Xiao Jie asks the staff to sort out the items to put some aside for the charity auction, and she allows the staff to take some of the slighted damaged branded goods.

Chu Chu comes to the office to hand Xiao Jie some sales figures, and while she is there she grabs Tang Jun again to ask him out for dinner to celebrate their success. Tang Jun tells Chu Chu quite happily that he has plans for tonight. Chu Chu pouts, while Xiao Jie tries (but fails) to suppress her smile.

Director Zeng then receives a call informing him that something has been sent out. Chu Chu runs in crying to Daddy, complaining about how Xiao Jie has solved the crisis and is now practically inseparable from Tang Jun. Daddy comforts her, saying that he’s found a way to kick her out of Huang Hai. Uh oh…I think that should be to do with the thing he sent out. He confidently tells Chu Chu that either Xiao Jie will leave on her own accord or Tang Jun will come back to Chu Chu. Umm, was he ever with Chu Chu in the first place? That at least placates silly Chu Chu for the time being anyway.

 Xiao Jie and Tang Jun go to the Bund, and may possibly have another sober conversation. Xiao Jie muses that every time she has troubles she will come here, like when she was struggling with her Zi Qi issues. She’s gained a lot of experience from that relationship, but she feels she’s also paid a hefty price. He tells her she doesn’t need to take it all alone. She knows he wants to help her, but she asks him not to be too nice to her. If you become dependent on another person too easily, when they leave you might not have the strength to pick yourself up again.

Xiao Jie likes how things are now; her work, her life and Tang Jun. Tang Jun tells her that he used to be so carefree and happy, but since meeting her, he’s become so unhappy. She looks at him in shock.

Because of her, he’s become more responsible, he’s changed his goals in life, and he feels like he can do anything. He realised that, he’s started to rely on her. Awww, and she’s still sober. And conscious.

He moves in to kiss her, but they are interrupted by a phone call. That moment lost, Xiao Jie asks him to answer it. Tang Min asks them to meet her at the office urgently. She shows them the parcel Xiao Jie received from the sponsors this afternoon, which is filled with cash. Whoa. There’s also a letter accusing Xiao Jie of blackmail accompanied with the evidence. Xiao Jie wants to stand up for herself against her accusers, but the letter was sent anonymously. Tang Min believes Xiao Jie is innocent, but with the evidence against her now, she cannot just sweep it aside.

Xiao Jie wants to resign to prove her innocence, to Tang Jun’s disapproval. She’s made up her mind, but she wishes to investigate this matter before leaving. Tang Min advises Xiao Jie to take sick leave to investigate it while she tries to keep it under wraps till Xiao Jie finds evidence to prove her innocence.

Tang Jun vouches for Xiao Jie, then runs after her. Tang Min then receives a call from Director Zeng, who is pressuring her to act on Xiao Jie’s case. The directors have also received a copy of the letter each. Tang Min smiles slightly, and I wonder if she suspects that he is behind all this. The next day, Tang Jun arrives in the office and looks sadly Xiao Jie’s empty desk. The team thinks she’s just feeling unwell, while Su Li wonders why Xue Shao has been transferred so quickly without any notice. I wonder if that’s to do with Xiao Jie.


I like the new conflict, mainly because it puts our leads back on the same page. And to finally have them both be a bit more open with each other is so refreshing. Because silly misunderstandings can only cause angst for so long till they start to grate on you.


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