The Queen of SOP Episode 24

Xiao Jie is on sick leave from work while she goes into crisis mode, going around to each sponsor to find out who sent the parcel to her. No luck.

We get a pretty good clue which sponsor it is, as Su Li passes on a list of sponsors to Tang Min, and highlights the one sponsor that Director Zeng recommended. Tang Jun sits down with his sister and they both agree that they need Xiao Jie in the company. Tang Min is curious to know what the true intentions behind ousting Xiao Jie are.

When Tang Jun goes home, Chu Chu is again at his house to welcome him. She puts on her best “I-want-Xiao-Jie-to-be-okay” act. While Chu Chu answers a phone call, Uncle Zhou brings a care package for Tang Min. Tang Jun sees cans of coffee, like the ones secretly left for him on his table (which I thought were left by Xiao Jie). He realises that his sister cares for him a lot. Well, duh.

Uncle Zhou confirms it so, and also reminds Tang Jun to beware of Director Zeng. The sneaky Director Zeng has tried to steal the company away from his family before, and he will try to do it again. I can’t believe Tang Jun has never realised it, because he seemed quite taken aback.

The Directors are all gathered at Director Zeng’s house, all satisfied with his latest trick to oust Xiao Jie and Tang Min. Director Zeng is brimming with joy at all the praises thrown at him. Then, Tang Min makes an appearance at his house. She asks for a private chat with Director Zeng.

She hints that she knows who is behind the black letter, but he points out that she has no evidence to prove who that person is. Tang Min is curious why Xiao Jie is targeted. She is fairly new to the company, practically an unknown. Director Zeng feels that the working atmosphere has become negative since Xiao Jie’s arrival, and as an example, Chu Chu has been feel oppressed under Xiao Jie.

Tang Min defends Xiao Jie, saying that there were some conflicts between her and the staff initially, but that has all been resolved now. Director Zeng changes the topic, worrying about Chu Chu. There’s nothing he wants more than to see Chu Chu married. She has refused to go on matchmaking dates, and she’s not getting younger. When Tang Jun returned to Shanghai with Xiao Jie in tow, his heart aches for his daughter.

Well, that just about spells it out for Tang Min. If they were all a family, then all the problems would be easily solved. Have we time-travelled to ancient China now? Director Zeng agrees to solve Xiao Jie’s problem this time, but if she gets into more trouble in future, he might not be able to help her. How convenient. That is effectively blackmailing Tang Min into firing Xiao Jie herself and making Tang Jun marry Chu Chu.

After their little chat, they return to the foyer to run into Chu Chu and Tang Jun, who has just sent her back. Chu Chu gets told to address Tang Min as a sister (which is how you address your own family), and Tang Min goes along with it. Tang Jun observes everything with a dark expression on his face, with Uncle Zhou’s revelation still fresh in his mind.

Tang Min tells Tang Jun that Director Zeng has agreed to help out with the black letter issue, then she excuses herself and asks Tang Jun to send her home. Director Zeng points out that Tang Min is now on Chu Chu’s side, which makes Chu Chu really happy.

On their way home, Tang Min explains the reason behind Director Zeng’s sudden change of heart. He wants Tang Jun to be with Chu Chu, hence all his ploys to kick Xiao Jie out of Huang Hai. Tang Min had no choice but to go along with it, or else Xiao Jie would be fired at the board meeting tomorrow. If Xiao Jie is forced to leave Huang Hai, she would have nowhere else to go, as said earlier by Tang Jun. Tang Min doesn’t want Xiao Jie to leave Huang Hai either.

She lays out the two possible options for Tang Jun – to not be with Xiao Jie for now, or for both of them to leave Huang Hai together. To protect someone, sometimes you need to let them go. Tang Jun asks if Tang Min has ever loved before. She has, but she left him because of Huang Hai. She regrets that decision every day of her life. Even so, if she could turn back time, she would still make the same decision.

Tang Jun doesn’t want to live in regret, but he thanks his sister for her sacrifices for their family. Awww, finally a sweet brother-sister moment.

Tang Jun then calls Xiao Jie out to meet him. He tells her the good news, that her name will be cleared at the board meeting tomorrow. She thanks him and apologises for not doing anything herself. She feels really happy now that she has him and she has her job. Even though it took some time for the colleagues to warm up to her, she feels like they have a special bond now after going through so many problems. Before she came to Shanghai, she was at an all-time low, having lost her boyfriend, her job and all her money. Working in Huang Hai gave her back her self-esteem.

He comments that she must really like her job. Oh no, Tang Jun, take back your thoughts. Unthink them! I hate that she is the one who unknowingly talks him into taking the noble idiot path.

Xiao Jie then asks if he want to unhappily live with her (how he confessed to her in the previous episode). Arrrgh. He changes the topic, saying that she should go back now, it’s late. It’s not an outright no, yet not a yes. She’s confused, but she still gives him a peck on the cheek before she leaves. My heart breaks, for both of them.

The next day, Xiao Jie’s name is cleared at the board meeting. Director Zeng gets a minion to be the scapegoat. Tang Min then reminds Tang Jun (right in front of Director Zeng) to be mindful of his rightful place. That is, no office romance with Xiao Jie. Director Zeng also declares the shopping fair/SSP week a tremendous success, and all the board of directors applaud Xiao Jie and Tang Jun. Ooookay.

We then fly over to Taipei, where we see Daddy Boss Gao speaking on the phone with Tang Min. He asks after CEO Mummy, then discusses a joint venture in a jewellery brand launch. Tang Min is not able to fly over to organise the details of the project herself as she has CEO duties to carry out, but she promises to send someone who is familiar is Hai Yue over to do the job. Oh, will that be Xiao Jie then? That’ll be interesting.

We are then reminded of Zi Qi and his rivalry with his elder brother. Zi Qi is in charge of the jewellery brand launch and promotion. Ji Qing has been appointed as the face of the brand, which is some concern because of their rumours. Zi Qi insists that it’s okay, so Daddy Boss leaves him in charge.

The problem isn’t with Zi Qi though. Ji Qing’s side has refused to sign the contract as spokesperson because he is in charge, worried about how the press will perceive this. Zi Qi’s team members openly drool over him in their meeting but Zi Qi handles it like a pro. Zi Qi steps up to handle the issue with Ji Qing.


Frankly, I checked out of this episode after the scene with Tang Jun and Xiao Jie at night. I could care less about the story moving back to Taipei – frankly I liked all the Shanghai and London-based episodes more so far, probably due to the absence of Zi Qi. He just seems to bring down the quality of the production with his poor acting and uninterested delivery of his lines.


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