The Queen of SOP Episode 25

We go back to Zi Qi trying to get Ji Qing to sign as the jewellery brand spokesperson. His strategy is to…go on a date with another girl? It seemed ridiculous to me at the first thought but if you think about it, it’s genius. He really knows Ji Qing well enough to manipulate her into doing what he wants.

I just pity that pretty young thing who is out on a date with him. He plays the part of charming suitor so well that she doesn’t notice anything. She probably just thinks she’s lucked out, going on a date with a wealthy heir. Zi Qi is fully aware of the paparazzi sneaking in photos of them at dinner, and when they are in the car admiring the night view of Taipei, he eggs them on by giving them an almost-kiss photo.

The worst thing is that he actually thinks about Ji Qing while on a date with someone else. But then why not be together and continue their secret relationship if you are not completely over her? Or is the drama too lazy to move and would rather fill airtime with flashbacks?

Anyhow, his ploy works, and the papers and tabloids are all abuzz with rumours that Zi Qi is planning to replace Ji Qing with the pretty young thing as spokesperson. It’s playing to his plan, and he coolly tells Tian Tian to prepare the spokesperson contract for Ji Qing. Tian Tian doesn’t think it’ll happen, because she’s already said no and now the headlines are all anger-inducing.

But Zi Qi only knows her too well. It’s one thing to say no to being a spokesperson, ut another thing to be replaced by someone else. He knows that it’s a hard blow to her ego. Once Ji Qing sees the headlines, she blows her top and rings Tian Tian. She agrees to sign the contract and tells Zi Qi that her manager will be in touch. They are both so alike, it’s a bit scary how easy it is for him to manipulate her.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai, Xiao Jie is waiting around for Tang Jun to go out for lunch with her, but he’s nowhere to be found. Her colleagues ask her to eat with them, but she turns them down.

She rings Tang Jun, but he ignores her call. Because he’s in the middle of lunch with Chu Chu. Dammit. I hate it enough that he’s giving her the cold shoulder, but to have him spend all his time with Chu Chu instead is annoying.

Xiao Jie then gets called to Tang Min office, where Tang Min informs her that she’s picked her to work on their project with Hai Yue. Tang Min has no doubts in Xiao Jie’s abilities to take up the task, but she has some reservations, given her past history with Gao Zi Qi. Xiao Jie reassures her that she will keep things professional.

Xiao Jie is out at a supermarket buying beer, which reminds her of the time when she and Zi Qi knocked over the beer tower. I suppose it will be quite awkward for her to be working directly with Zi Qi again. She runs into Su Su at the supermarket. They end up chattering on the way home. Su Su shares her own experience about her past love with Xiao Jie. He’s already married with two children, but she sees him around all the time because he has a shop just near where she lives. That’s the most difficult bit for her, knowing that they cannot be together but still caring for him.

Xiao Jie agrees that it is tough to see someone you like be with another person, where he is happy or unhappy. Su Su urges Xiao Jie to fight for her happiness and not to let it slip, so that she wouldn’t be unhappy like her. Xiao Jie sees the phrase ‘tomorrow will be better’ on one of the buildings opposite, and she puts out her hand to cover part of the word ‘tomorrow’ so that it reads ‘tom’. Awwww.

She remembers how she saw the same phrase in that church in London before, and says to herself “Tom will be better”. Right you are. I think she’s made up her mind pretty much, so I have no worries about Chu Chu or Zi Qi now. Though I hope Chu Chu gets a glorious smackdown. I don’t think Xiao Jie gets to properly say goodbye to Tang Jun, with him ignoring her calls and not replying her texts.

The staff at Hai Yue are abuzz, expecting Tang Jun to come over to Taipei for the joint project. The ladies are all fawning over the chance to work with yet another heir and puts him to the same level as Zi Qi, fantasising about the possibility of marrying rich. Zi Qi is shocked when Xiao Jie turns up at the meeting instead. Daddy Boss greets her warmly. The team are not too disappointed, instead finding joy in gossiping about Zi Qi and Xiao Jie’s current relationship. They decide that they will try and help them rekindle the flame.


Tang Jun storms into Tang Min’s office, shouting at her for sending Xiao Jie to Taipei. See? That’s what happens when you ignore her phone calls! You don’t even know what’s going on. Tang Min says that Xiao Jie is the best person for the job, and sending her there will keep Director Zeng from messing with Xiao Jie while she is here. She reminds Tang Jun that she didn’t exactly agree to marry off Tang Jun to Chu Chu the last time, so Director Zeng will be looking for other ways to put Xiao Jie in trouble. By keeping her away from the firing line, Tang Min is trying to protect her. Tang Jun is her brother, so she will protect the person he wants to protect too.

Tang Jun apologises for misunderstanding her. He sees that she have plenty of other work issues troubling her, so he asks her to move home. They can work on things together and Uncle Zhou can make supper for both of them. Awww, another sweet brother sister moment!

Xiao Jie explains to Zi Qi that she’s working at Huang Hai partly because of Tang Jun, but also for herself. She also has that debt to pay off, and she gives him a bit of grief for trying to settle it for her. He’s surprised that Jia Yi hasn’t updated him about her latest news, but she honestly tells him that she’s asked Jia Yi not to. She still needs some time to face him and let things settle between them. He’s not too bothered about that, but he observes that Xiao Jie has come back looking a lot more mature and strong. Xiao Jie asks about him and Ji Qing, but he says they are only friends. She thinks they are made for each other, and he’s a bit taken aback by how open she is. They agree to go out for dinner, but to discuss work-related stuff.


Tang Min has finally moved back home, and Uncle Zhou cooks up a storm to celebrate her return. Pesky Chu Chu drops by with a bottle of top-notch red wine from her dad’s cellar and gets invited to stay for dinner too. Pfffttt.

Xiao Jie returns to her hotel room, wondering why Tang Jun hasn’t texted her at all. While she is complaining to Peter Rabbit, Jia Yi appears at her door, overnight bag ready for a sleepover.

Yay for girly time! Xiao Jie and Jia Yi catch up with each other properly. Jia Yi updates her on how their business has been, and she tells Xiao Jie about Zi Qi. He has been real nice to them, bringing people to their shop all the time and even helping her out that one time she had to go to the hospital. Their girly talk session brings them to tears, as Jia Yi realises that things have not been easy on Xiao Jie too. Xiao Jie lets on how lonely she really is, and how she would rather work overtime so that she doesn’t need to return to her lonely hotel room. Awww, that’s just heartbreaking, yet something that isn’t so uncommon, because I know people just like that.

Xiao Jie hasn’t replied or called Jia Yi too often, so that she doesn’t need to rely on Jia Yi too much. If she does, she might want to give up and return home. Then all her hard work will be all wasted. Awwww.


I felt like this was yet another filler episode, but the final scene with Jia Yi and Xiao Jie really warmed my heart. They are best friends, but they have so different lives that it’s hard to get together all the time. Their friendship feels genuine to me.










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