The Queen of SOP Episode 26

We open to Chu Chu and Tang Jun after dinner, finishing off their glasses of wine in Tang Jun’s study. Tang Jun is a bit tipsy and does a bit of the tipsy-not-drunk laugh.

Chu Chu is distraught after seeing that an ornament she gave him is now broken. Tang Jun says he wouldn’t have kept it if it wasn’t a gift from her. See?! This is what alcohol makes you do. It makes you say things that you wouldn’t say while sober because they can be misconstrued. He’s obviously teasing her, but she wished that when he saw the ornament he’d think of her.

They gaze at each other for a moment, and his mind flashes to the moment before he kissed Xiao Jie at the Bund (what!). Chu Chu moves in to kiss him, but he turns his head away. All the conflicts surrounding Director Zeng and Chu Chu swirl around his head, and it’s all too much for his tipsy brain to process now. He pats Chu Chu’s head and tells her he’ll take care of the ornament for her.

Yep, that’s a face of regret if I ever saw one.

In Taipei, Xiao Jie is arranging tasks for the joint project. The theme of the launch is secret lovers. She assigns Zi Qi to be in charge of the photoshoot with Ji Qing. He looks horrified at that, but she just smiles cheekily, as if intentionally trying to throw the two together. Yeah, and the event theme suits the two perfectly.

We go back to Shanghai, where Director Zeng pays CEO Mummy a visit. He basically stands there to gloat at CEO Mummy’s comatose body. He’s waited over 20 years for her to collapse (and he’s only gloating now? Seems an awfully long while). He intends to let Tang Jun and Chu Chu marry, then he will make Tang Jun step aside to let him run the company. And then Huang Hai will be all his. He even tells her not to worry, he will take good care of her two children.

We are shown Mummy’s vital signs, but I hope she wakes up soon.

At Ji Qing’s photoshoot, Zi Qi looks at the shots taken and is satisfied. He tells everyone to pack up. Ji Qing goes over to him and starts to ask him to dinner, but is interrupted by a call. Zi Qi answers it, and it’s the colleagues asking him to have a meal together. Awww. Poor Ji Qing backtracks and doesn’t ask him out in the end, just telling him to send the finalised photos to her manager to vet before they are published.

Zi Qi turns up to the restaurant to find only Xiao Jie there waiting. The other colleagues have other things to do so they were running late. When the waiter comes in with their couple set, they realise that they were set up by the colleagues. So this is how they were trying to get them together again. So old-school.

Xiao Jie is a good sport about it though, and she has a laugh about the size of the table. Zi Qi realises that this is not too awkward after all, so they decide to have a feast and stick the bill to their colleagues.

And to remind us that Xiao Jie and Tang Jun still love each other, we see them each unable to sleep, holding on to their Peter Rabbits and thinking of the other person.

Daddy Boss congratulates Xiao Jie and the team on the success of the jewellery brand launch. Zi Hao makes a snipe about Zi Qi riding on his rumours with Ji Qing to bring success to the event. Zi Qi warns his brother not to make a scene. Daddy Boss heaps praise on Xiao Jie’s performance, and he also credits Zi Qi for improving business at Hai Yue since his return. He can now considering handing Hai Yue over to Zi Qi. Now where did that come from? Did he just say that to fuel sibling rivalry?

Daddy Boss takes Xiao Jie out for a walk to the same place where he offered her a promotion. He says that his first impression of her was right; she did turn out to be a brilliant worker. Xiao Jie apologises for leaving abruptly before, but Daddy Boss is understanding. He apologises for the grief that Zi Qi brought her, and tells her that she is welcome to return to work for Hai Yue anytime.

We have yet another dinner with the Tang and Zeng family. Chu Chu runs off to the cellar to pick a bottle of wine that Tang Jun likes. While she is away, Director Zeng piles on the pressure for Tang Jun to marry Chu Chu. Director Zeng makes me sick, how he’s peddling his daughter to take over Huang Hai. Tang Jun tries to use their newest project as an excuse to delay his thought, but the old man is having none of it. There’s always going to be work, and if there are no objections, then that’s that. What? Is that how you determine your daughter’s hand in marriage?

Tang Min fends off his advances for now, saying that with Mummy still unconscious in the hospital, it’s not so suitable to be thinking about marriage. Tang Jun goes along with this, and when Chu Chu is back, they change the topic so she’s not clued in.

On the way home, Tang Min tells Tang Jun that she will fight for his happiness, that she won’t give in to the old man anymore. She can see that he only has Xiao Jie in his heart and cannot fit Chu Chu in. There’s already one member of the family who has sacrificed their own happiness for Huang Hai, she doesn’t want him to be like that too. Awwww. She reminds him that he makes his own decisions regarding his life, not anyone else. If those old fogies try to mess around again, she’ll take care of them. They both vow to protect Huang Hai from those meddling old directors.

Huang Hai’s next project is for Christmas promotions. Tang Jun is assigned to arrange romantic dinner sets. Zheng Fan asks him for recommendations on a restaurant, which leads him to think of the BBQ place that not-so-drunk Xiao Jie kissed him. Chu Chu then pops out of nowhere to drag him out for lunch.

Chu Chu tells Tang Jun that the restaurant is perfect for proposals, because the chef and staff will go out of their way to accommodate special requests, like hiding a ring in dessert. Tang Jun dismissively says that there’re too many people in the restaurant for a proposal, but Chu Chu disagrees. A girl loves having the world know about things like this. She asks him to try it out, now.

He’s like, what? Propose to you now? But Chu Chu coolly says that it’s just a matter of time before they get married, no? Tang Jun affirms that a proposal needs to happen at the right place, the right time, and with the right person. Chu Chu doesn’t get the hint, so she reminds him that he proposed to her yeaaars ago when they were still children and she’d said yes. And she’s so lucky that she’s found the right person on the first try. Yeah, and the right person has to think so too, or it’ll just be stalking.

Tang Jun stops her, and tells her that he’s only ever thought of her as a sister. He likes Xiao Jie. Her first response is that she’s not good enough, and what can she do to change his mind. Tang Jun says sorry. She tells him to to say he’s sorry, or that he’s not good enough; this is not the ending she wanted. She storms off.

Back in Taipei, Zi Qi is confronted by a drunk Zi Hao. Big Brother is not too happy about Zi Qi taking away everything he has. He sneers at Zi Qi, saying that he’s the son of a second wife. Well, that explains the height difference.

They both throw some punches at each other after that, but I checked out of their conversation pretty much as soon as it started. Zi Hao leaves, and then Xiao Jie finds Zi Qi with a bruise on his pretty face. She cleans it up for him, but he tells her the injury is from Tian Tian knocking him over. And about two seconds later, he asks why she’s not curious about what happened. But you just told her it’s because of Tian Tian!

Anyway, Xiao Jie says she doesn’t want to pry. If he wanted to tell her, he would have. He muses that she’s tending to his wounds now, but he’s the one who wounded her the most. If she could turn back time, would she still choose to be with him? She says yes.


Boy, am I glad that Tang Jun has finally spelled it out for Chu Chu. That girl is bordering on delusional with her feelings for Tang Jun. I don’t blame her completely, because she is a brat and those flames are fanned further by her father egging her on. She knows that Tang Jun has feelings for Xiao Jie – he’s only ever said that he’s trying to stop liking her, not that he’s stopped liking Xiao Jie.

On the down side, he has never really rejected her advances. It seems that he’s always out with her and accepts everything she throws at him. But for her to say it’s just a matter of time before we got married is downright poor writing. You haven’t even kissed properly yet, isn’t it a bit premature to be thinking about wedding photos?

Zi Qi’s side story about his rivalry with Big Brother is also a bit of a silly plot. I’m not emotionally invested into Zi Qi’s character at all, so anything to do with his character development comes off as poorly acted and written. So who cares if he’s from another mother? He acts as though he’s the rightful heir anyway, with his devil-may-care attitude. He still tries to vie for Daddy’s approval, but that’s just the way it is with his competitive nature.


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