The Queen of SOP Episode 29

So this episode has taken a leaf out of the kdrama makjang book, which is really annoying. Especially when you are watching it back from a hiatus.

Tang Min meets with the rich douchebag who has been sending her flowers all this time. He remarks that she is the first woman who has taken so many tries to ask out. Tang Min jumps straight to her point – if he is willing to help Huang Hai with their crisis, she will marry him. WHOA. Is that really necessary?

He lets out a lecherous laugh, then gives her a blank cheque as their engagement gift. Tang Min reaches for the cheque, and Mr Douche grabs her hand. She recoils but he holds on, saying that they should get to know each other better. Eurrgh. Tang Min forces a smile.

Later on, she tells her mother sadly that she is going to get married to Douchebag Director Tsai. It doesn’t matter who she marries, as long as he can help Huang Hai, because her love has gone along with the man she loved. The only things left for her are her family and Huang Hai. She asks Mummy to get well soon, because she can’t hold on any longer on her own.

Back home, Tang Jun’s eyes brim with tears as he asks if Tang Min is really going to marry Director Tsai. She says yes, he is the only one who can help them now. He should stop feeling sorry for her, because he did nothing wrong by choosing to be with the person he loves. She wants to see him happy and without regrets, unlike her. She hates her life now, but her only choice is to bury herself in work to forget about her regrets.

She says the only way out of this crisis now is if she marries Director Tsai. Well, I’m sure you need to be more creative. Tang Jun grabs her and asks her to give him some time to figure out another solution. They can sell off their family home to cough up the funds. Tang Min shoots that down immediately; they cannot sell off their home.  They argue about this, and Tang Jun apologises for being selfish, getting down on his knees in tears. Sis joins him on his knees and wipes away his tears before giving him a hug. I dunno why, but I would have felt more for this scene if not for the annoying background music.

Director Tsai turns up at Tang Min’s meeting with XIao Jie’s team, and acts all douchey in front of her staff. She tries to get him to wait outside while she finishes off the meeting, but he refuses to wait for her. She has no choice but to cancel the meeting. He then demands that she announces their engagement at a press conference, along with the news that he is investing Huang Hai.

Yep, that’s exactly how I feel too

Tang Jun cannot take it anymore, telling Director Tsai that they don’t need his money. Tang Min apologises on Tang Jun’s behalf, but she asks if she can only speak about Huang Hai at the press conference. Director Tsai asks if she’s regretting her choice given her reluctance, so Tang Min gives in to his demands.

As Tang Jun storms out of the meeting room, Xiao Jie asks if he has any ideas at all to save Huang Hai. Even if they have to sell off the family home, he will do it.

In further blood-boiling scenes, Tang Min accompanies Director Tsai to play golf. She reluctantly places the golf ball on his request, and who should turn up at this moment but Director Zeng. Director Zeng says that Tang Min has a lot of attitude, but Director Tsai laughs it off, saying once she marries him, she will have to think of him first. Director Zeng gives Tang Min some advice on married life, and throughout all this banter she keeps quiet. And I have to hold in my vomit.

Director Tsai orders her to place the ball again, and despite the defiance in her eyes, Tang Min does it. I hate how they have to play up the male dominance, while I am sure it still exists in China, disgusts me to no end. While Director Tsai answers his phone, Director Zeng sidles up to Tang Min. She can overcome this crisis now, but in the next 10 years, where is she going to hide? If she hands over the position of acting CEO, he will step up and provide the missing funds. She turns to him and says, ‘Impossible.’ Director Zeng remarks that he won’t give up.

Tang Jun has been meeting dead ends after trying to get money from various banks. Xiao Jie wonders if they are reluctant to lend them money due to Director Zeng’s influence. No one wants to cross Director Zeng, so they are all refusing to bail out the Tangs. She asks Tang Jun to calm down, but he shouts that if he doesn’t figure it out, his sister would have to marry that bastard.

Tang Jun apologises for his outburst, and Xiao Jie asks him not to let his emotions get the better of him. She is confident that there is another way out of this. She even drops the famous line from The Prince Who Turned into a Frog, “紧要关头不放弃,绝望就会变成希望”. I don’t really know how to translate that properly, but it definitely is a nod to Qiao En’s previous work.

Just before the press conference, Tang Jun rings his sister to ask her to believe in him, to just give him some more time. Tang Min tells him to give it up. Tang Jun frantically calls every contact possible to try and borrow money. Xiao Jie tries to ring him to check in with him, but she doesn’t get through and the conference begins.

The reporters at the press conference are all abuzz with the rumours of Tang Min and Director Tsai’s engagement in order to save Huang Hai. They seem only too eager to pounce on Tang Min. Tang Min goes through her speech about Huang Hai’s financial situation, and Director Tsai nudges her to go on and announce their engagement already. She looks conflicted, but goes on with it.

In a moment of spontaneity, just before Tang Min can say the word engagement, Xiao Jie turns off her microphone. Tang Jun watches the public screening of the conference from his car. Xiao Jie interrupts then, telling the press that Huang Hai is doing fine. Director Tsai stands up furiously, but Su Li rushes towards him and knocks over his cup of tea. The three musketeers then quickly steer him out of the room. Xiao Jie goes on about how she is confident that Tang Min will be able to lead Huang Hai out of the crisis. When the reporters ask about Tang Min and the director’s engagement, Xiao Jie tells them that the press conference is now officially over.

Well, you go girl. Tang Min tears into Xiao Jie about ruining the press conference and destroying Huang Hai’s only chance of revival by pissing of Director Tsai. Xiao Jie cannot bear to see Tang Min suffer for the sake of them. Even Mummy would be heartbroken to see her marrying that douche. She is sure that they will find another way to save Huang Hai. Tang Min softens a little.

Xiao Jie meets Tang Jun outside of Huang Hai, and without saying a word, he pulls her in for a hug. I love it. He thanks her for holding back his sister at the press conference. He gets all down in the dumps, feeling useless for not being able to protect the people he loves. Xiao Jie stops him and reminds him of how special he is. She wipes away his tears, asking him not to be so easily defeated, because that’s not like the Mr Tom that she knows. She hugs him and tells him that she believes in him. He then receives a phone call from Uncle Zhou.

They rush and meet up with Tang Min at the hospital. Mummy has regained consciousness. Uncle Zhou has filled her in on all the happenings while she was asleep (for a few days, but it definitely felt like bloody weeks really), and she reprimands them for not being good.

Tang Jun is first to admit that it’s all his fault, while Xiao Jie stands up for Tang Min, that she’s worked really hard to save Huang Hai. CEO Mummy says she doesn’t care about Huang Hai’s scandals and financial crisis, she is most unhappy that Tang Min agreed to marry Director Tsai. I’m glad she has her priorities right. CEO Mummy cannot bear to see her daughter sacrifice her happiness for the company. Tang Min turns into a puddle of goo when she hears CEO Mummy calling her ‘daughter’. Like she’s never acknowledged it before. Awww. Mummy vows to protect her, which just lets the floodgates open.

Tang Jun gets his mummy-loving too, when she praises him for his determination to return to Huang Hai after Big Sis kicked him out, and when he helped solve the stock shortage crisis. CEO Mummy also acknowledges Xiao Jie as Tang Jun’s driving force to return to Huang Hai. She thanks Xiao Jie for all her hard work. And looks like CEO Mummy has a plan to fight the sneaky directors. Which is to…give them what they want. Oooookay. Let’s see how that works out.

Director Zeng is invited to the Tang residence, where CEO Mummy makes her grand appearance. Ooh, I sense a good confrontation coming up.


This is one of the weaker episodes, in my opinion. Too much weeping and sobbing based on one very stupid decision to marry for money. I respect Tang Min as a independent woman in her own right, but I am so surprised that she would not consider other options, instead jumping to the first one available. It’s not an easy option, but possibly one of the more convenient ones. Douchebag director just makes my blood boil, so I really hope that he’s pissed off enough not to turn up in future episodes.

What I am really happy about it Mummy waking up. Although she did have an uncharacteristic 360-degree turn into loving doting Mum to both her children as opposed to just Tang Jun, it seems quite believable, given that she’s just had a close brush with death. And it didn’t seem as though she didn’t love Tang Min before, it’s just that she expressed it less. I’m hoping for more Mummy action now that she’s back in the game, and that should be interesting.


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