The Queen of SOP Episode 30

The episode begins where the last left off, where Director Zeng turns up to the Tang residence. When he sees Tang Lan conscious and in a wheelchair, he asks if she’s doing okay, and she’s not going to collapse again tomorrow, is she? CEO Mummy snaps back, saying that while he’s alive and breathing, she won’t bear to leave, you old fox. She knows what he’s been up to all this while, so if he wants the CEO position, all he needs to do is sign a contract to bring in funds to Huang Hai. That’s smart though, binding him on paper, as opposed to just a verbal agreement.

The sly old fox practically snatches the contract over and signs it. I hope there’s something in there to trick him, way to get the greedy old fogey at his own game. He just looks at it for about 2 seconds, and signs and hands it back. Tang Min checks the papers, and tells him that running a company is not that easy. Well, please don’t give him any pointers, then. She does though, telling him that getting the CEO position using dirty tactics usually means a speedy downfall.

Director Zeng laughs it off, assuring them that he’ll take good care of Huang Hai. And by the way, none of them are allowed to set foot into Huang Hai from today. Unless, of course, they are there to spend money as VIP shoppers, then in that case, they are more than welcome. Pffftttt.

Once he leaves, it’s apparent that there’s no sneaky clause in that contract, because none of them are jumping for joy. Tang Jun glowers and vows to take Huang Hai back from Director Zeng. Mummy wonders if she could get one of her contacts to help, but Tang Jun has already spoken to them, and they have turned over to the Director’s side.

Mummy sighs, saying that the most valued possession they have now is this house. Tang Min objects to selling the house. Mummy says that it doesn’t matter that they lost Huang Hai or if they will also lose their house, as long as they are all healthy and can have a meal together as a family, their home can be anywhere. Tang Jun agrees wholeheartedly, and is determined to use the money from selling the house to get Huang Hai back. Umm, you’ll probably need to get someone to buy the house first?

I love that they are wearing matching couple blazers.

Mummy hands over the task of getting back Huang Hai to Tang Jun, and Uncle Zhou wheels her back to her room. She tells Uncle Zhou that she’s really unhappy that Huang Hai has been taken away by Director Zeng, and asks Uncle Zhou not to tell the children, because she doesn’t want to make them even more stressed out. I really hope she doesn’t have other bad news that she’s keeping from them. I will tear my hair out. Poor Mummy only lets out her tears after Uncle leaves. Awww, she’s been holding it together in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Director Zeng is holding a party to celebrate his success with Zi Qi and the other directors. He announces his plans to release news of Huang Hai’s stable financial status to the media, and also for the launch of the Huang Hai’s extension plans. That should send Huang Hai’s share prices up again.

He asks Zi Qi to give him a hand in planning the Huang Hai extension project, which Zi Qi agrees to. The next day, Director Zeng makes his grand entrance into Huang Hai, along with Chu Chu and Zi Qi. His first plan of action is to meet with Xiao Jie’s old team, and he announces that Zi Qi is now their new creative director (Tang Min’s old position) and Chu Chu is now the project manager. The team look uncertain, despite having worked with Chu Chu before (and Zi Qi, briefly), they are obviously clued in to some of the drama that involved all this management reshuffle.

And I have noticed that Chu Chu is wearing the same outfit she was wearing when she was rejected by Tang Jun, which was also the same dress she had on while she had her drunken suicidal breakdown. That can only mean bad things to come. Zi Qi skips the introductions, and goes straight to say that he hopes they will get used to his working style soon enough.

Director Zeng walks into CEO Mummy’s office and dumps her name plate into the bin immediately. He plonks himself on his seat and comments on how comfortable it is to finally be in this seat (I think he means it more metaphorically than literally). Chu Chu indulges his ego by addressing him as CEO Zeng.

As his evil cackles die down, he sets Zi Qi on his task to rebuild Huang Hai under the Zeng family. If the personnel are not up to the mark then he is free to fire them. Zi Qi asks for the rights to manage the human resources in his own department so that he can build his own team. This means he can fire whoever he wants, but also hire whoever he wants.

Director Zeng agrees, since it is for the best of the company. It will be even better if he can hire his old mates from Taiwan. I’m sure that’s not what Zi Qi means to do.

Sure enough, he goes to Xiao Jie and offers her a job as his PA. She flatly refuses. It becomes painfully obvious to us that his only reason for being in Shanghai is to win Xiao Jie back. He was expecting her to refuse, so he pulls out his backup – Su Li, Zheng Fan, and Su Su’s personnel files. He plans to fire them and the whole team if she doesn’t come back.

He lays it out for her in plain terms (or corporate BS) that he’s not used to working with them at all. With Director Zeng’s huge expectations of him to meet targets in a short team, he’s not confident that he’ll achieve it with them. He plans to get rid of them so that he can bring over his team from Taiwan. That is, unless she can step in. She is outraged that he’d use them to blackmail her. Why does he want her to go back to Huang Hai? He tells her that his only reason for being in Shanghai is her. She begrudgingly agrees to be his PA.

Are you even surprised at Chu Chu’s disapproval?

Chu Chu voices out her disapproval and demands for Daddy to do something. Oh well, what’s new? Director Zeng asks why Zi Qi wants Xiao Jie back in Huang Hai. Zi Qi pretty much tells the truth, that he wants to win Xiao Jie back from Tang Jun. Director Zeng mulls it over for two seconds, then says that Xiao Jie is a good worker, so it will be great to have her on their side. We see that Chu Chu hasn’t really changed at all, because she grabs Daddy’s arm and whines that she really cannot work with Xiao Jie.

Director Zeng reminds her that her position now is higher than Xiao Jie’s, so she shouldn’t feel threatened by her at all. That’s probably his way of telling her to grow up. He gives Zi Qi a free rein, while Chu Chu fumes.

Commence Phase 2 of disapprovals, as Tang Jun objects to Xiao Jie’s return to Huang Hai. To his credit, his disapproval is more out of worry for her now that Huang Hai is filled with Director Zeng’s minions, as opposed to the I-don’t-want-you-working-with-your-ex immaturity. Xiao Jie reasons that if she doesn’t go back, their team gets fired, and then Huang Hai will truly be made up of just Director Zeng’s minions.

Tang Min approves, so does Mummy. Mummy agrees that they need to protect their own staff, and praises Xiao Jie for being able to keep a level head. She comments that Tang Jun should learn from Xiao Jie. Tang Min says that it’s helpful to have an insider within Huang Hai to help with their plans to take over the company. It sounds like they have a plan. I love it.

The directors gloat with Director Zeng that everything with Huang Hai is going so smoothly, the share prices have gone up again. Everything looks promising (as it would do before a Big Fall), and Director Zeng remarks that Zi Qi is working well with Xiao Jie to produce results. They all cackle happily, saying that the Tang family must be fuming that they are doing so well without them. Or they may be scheming to take you down, like you did with them.

Back in Huang Hai, Chu Chu overhears Xiao Jie on the phone with Tang Jun, making happy plans for dinner. She marches over and orders Xiao Jie to produce a report on the potential retailers for the extension project. Xiao Jie said that Zi Qi has asked for the report to be done for next week, but Chu Chu smugly says that she wants to see it earlier, and with Xiao Jie’s capability she should be able to finish it by tomorrow, right? Xiao Jie doesn’t argue, and sets off to get it done.

Chu Chu still seethes with rage and stomps over to Daddy’s office. She slams the file he was reading shut. She says that all he’s done is of no use – Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are still happy together (and she’s still a miserable bitch), even Tang Min is so nice to Xiao Jie (and she’s still a miserable bitch). How can Daddy be so useless? You mean, why are you still miserable? Girl, you and your Daddy have some messed up priorities, that’s why you are miserable even when you seem like you have everything, geddit?

Daddy reassures her that even though it seems like the Tangs are happy and good now, the worst is yet to come. He has further plans to destroy them when they are down so that they can never make a comeback. I love how she buys into it every time he fobs her off with his evil plans, then she comes back yet again to whine after that. It’s obviously because her father’s desires are not the same as hers: he wants to own Huang Hai, while she wants Tang Jun. Hardly the same thing, but she doesn’t see it. People’s hearts aren’t as easy to win over as money, and I don’t know why she has no clue at all. That’s why she is just a miserable bitch and will remain so to the end.

The three musketeers ask Xiao Jie about Tang Jun and Tang Min and if they are alright with Xiao Jie working for Director Zeng now. It’s office gossip that’s too close to home to Xiao Jie, and she fidgets uncomfortably. Zi Qi interrupts them and tells the trio that the only reason why Xiao Jie is working in Huang Hai is to keep them here, or else he was going to get rid of the entire team. The trio are shocked and a bit embarrassed.

Xiao Jie goes to Zi Qi’s office and hands him the files he requested for. She asks him why he spoke up for her earlier. He just wanted to quell the gossip to prevent it from affecting her mood. Yunno, so it wouldn’t affect her work performance. She thanks him, but he says that it’s for himself. If she’s happy, it makes him happy too. She is a bit dumbstruck by his answer.

They both work through the night. Zi Qi appears at her desk with a can of coffee, and she realises that it’s 5 am already. He teases her, saying that she’s improved from the previous times they had to work through the night, because she always used to fall asleep. She doesn’t remember when they did, until he stacks his can of coffee over hers. Which takes her (and us) in a flashback to the time they had to rebuild the tower of beer cans. And the time they did the window deco. She reminds him fondly that he fell asleep on the night they did the window deco too, not just her.

She remarks that everything has changed now, even him. He become more cold and distant now. She asks him again why he’s in Shanghai helping Director Zeng, despite knowing her relationship with the Tang family. He tells her that he’s not here to help Director Zeng, but he’s here for her – would she believe him? She looks away.

He pulls her out to watch the sunrise, and we flash back to the time when they planned to watch the sunrise at the villa (and she ended up watching it with Tang Jun while he was asleep). Back when he was still not over Ji Qing yet, might I add? It might have meant something to Xiao Jie, but definitely not to him or us as viewers.


I would hate it if Zi Qi uses his stock in Huang Hai as the wager for Xiao Jie to return to him. Because that’s the most plausible way (to us) that the Tangs can get Huang Hai back. They just need Zi Qi on their side. And the only way for Zi Qi to be on their side is if Xiao Jie to be with him. He’s trying to win Xiao Jie’s heart back, not just her allegiance. He did sort of blackmail her with the threat of firing the team to get her back into Huang Hai, but that didn’t feel as horrible. Probably because he means business on one hand, and on the other Xiao Jie needs to protect her people as well.


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