The Queen of SOP Episode 31

Zi Qi refreshes our memories and Xiao Jie’s of their happier times, and he expresses his regrets for not holding on to Xiao Jie when he had the chance to. Or, you could have not treated her like a spare in the first place? He vows to stay by her side now to protect her and just to be there when she needs him.

Xiao Jie doesn’t really need that, because she now has Tang Jun. Zi Qi has a mildly devastated expression on his face (and possible the best piece of acting he has shown in the entire series so far), and says, “I know that.” He tells her the only reason why he’s in Shanghai is to win her back. He hopes that one day, if Tang Jun hurts her like Zi Qi did before and she leaves Tang Jun, then he would be there for her, waiting for her return.

Xiao Jie doesn’t respond to that, but just turns towards the sunrise and sighs at how beautiful it is. Zi Qi agrees, but laments that it passes too quickly. He takes her hands, saying that he won’t let go of her so easily this time.

They both go back to work. When Zi Qi goes to check on her again, he finds her asleep at her desk, with his jacket still draped over her. He looks at her tenderly, and Tang Jun walks in on this. The boys take the fight outside.

The boys exchange petty garbles outside – ‘you are not supposed to be here, you no longer work here’, ‘I’m here to pick up my girlfriend’, ‘why do you need to rub your relationship in my face’ etc. Zi Qi picks at another sore point with Tang Jun, about how he couldn’t do anything when Xiao Jie was a subject of hot gossip among the colleagues. Tang Jun reaffirms his trust in Xiao Jie, and that she won’t let petty talk affect her.

Zi Qi asks him to shut it with the excuses. Xiao Jie’s position in the company is awkward enough, and Zi Qi is the only person who is able to protect her. Oh right, let’s not forget that you practically blackmailed her into this awkward position in the first place, yeah?

Xiao Jie wakes up finally and interrupts their fight. Tang Jun is still a little tense, but he keeps it in, reminding her of their lunch date. Zi Qi tells her to go home since she worked all night.

Tang Jun storms back to the car, while the tension builds up even more between the two. And for a moment there I’m worried that he’ll let the tension affect him and Xiao Jie. He curses Zi Qi for interfering, then nags at Xiao Jie for wearing someone else’s clothes. He is even more determined to win the company back as soon as he can so she won’t be alone in the company. Xiao Jie just smiles cheekily at his childish jealousy. She teases him for being petty and trying to rush it, while he just nags at her to put on her safety belt so they can go. Awww I’m loving the cute bickering.

The Tangs have lunch with Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie updates them about happenings in the company. There have been cuts in staffing, and morale is pretty low at the moment. Mummy and Sis smile at that, commenting that Director Zeng must be finding it hard to manage Huang Hai. The messy internal affairs within Huang Hai will only make it easier for their planned takeover later. They go through their plan with Tang Jun, which consists of using the money from the sale of the house and money from a British investor to acquire Huang Hai shares.

Mummy sighs at the thought of having to move out of this house soon. And speaking of the devil, Director Zeng and Chu Chu barge their way into the dining room despite Uncle Zhou’s best attempts to stop them. Mummy tells him furiously that they are not welcome. They are here to rub in the fact that they have now bought the Tang residence. Chu Chu tells them coldly that this is now their asset, so if there’s anyone who needs to leave, it’s them.

Director Zeng announces that they need to move out of this house within a week, or they will go to court to get them evicted. Mummy does some more pointy shouting until she collapses back into her chair out of the stress. Director Zeng tells her to cut out the acting, but Tang Jun steps up and asks them to leave. Chu Chu responds calmly and pulls her dad away. Now that’s the scary cool villain mode she should have been in, instead of annoying whiny brat mode that she’s exhibited so far.

A doctor is called out to check on Mummy, but she is doing fine. Tang Min is worried that if Director Zeng knows that they have sold their house, he might have figured out what they are up to. Xiao Jie thinks they need to bring forward their takeover plan a little to get ahead. Then she has this noble-idiot look on her face which means that she’s about to do something stupid.

Sure enough, Xiao Jie goes to Director Zeng in the midst of his evil-scheme session with the other directors. He gleefully asks her why she’s here – is it for company matters, or is it something more personal? Xiao Jie cuts to the chase and says that CEO Mummy has fainted again (I’m disgusted that the other directors are shown laughing when she says this) and everyone is worried. Chu Chu’s grudge is against her, can they leave the Tang family out of this? Director Zeng sends her to Chu Chu.

Director Zeng, who was worried about the Tangs making their comeback earlier, is now laughing along with the other directors at CEO Mummy’s collapse, back to gloating mode. Why, that was easy.

Chu Chu doesn’t bat an eyelid at Xiao Jie’s entrance. Xiao Jie asks her if she really needs to drag the Tangs down as revenge, could she possibly forgive Tang Jun. Well, NO. (Duh.) This winds Chu Chu up, and she is outraged that Xiao Jie could even ask this of her. She says that they are just losing a little company, whereas she almost lost her life for Tang Jun. (Technically, trying to kill herself is her own fault, so pardon me for the lack of compassion.) She picks on Xiao Jie for shamelessly staying with Tang Jun, even when she knows that she is the cause of all his problems.

Xiao Jie is willing to do anything for Chu Chu, as long as it doesn’t involve leaving Tang Jun. She begs her to forgive the Tangs. Chu Chu splashes the water from her vase straight at Xiao Jie. She tells Xiao Jie to cut out her act; she can lose her life for Tang Jun, what is Xiao Jie willing to do? She tells her to leave, and tries to shove her out when Xiao Jie doesn’t move.

The commotion brings Zi Qi into her room. He shouts at Chu Chu, but Chu Chu is surprised that he is protecting her after Xiao Jie left him. Zi Qi tells her that is between himself and Xiao Jie, and warns her not to lay another finger on Xiao Jie.

He takes Xiao Jie to his room and hands her a towel. He asks her to change out of her wet clothes and dries her hair for her in the meantime. She awkwardly tries to grab the towel to do it herself, but he doesn’t let her.

Zi Qi tells Xiao Jie to get used to him doing things for her. He reminds her that if Tang Jun doesn’t protect her, he will. Xiao Jie sticks up for her man, saying that he didn’t know she came here to see Director Zeng and Chu Chu. Zi Qi says she could have come to him for help, unless she doesn’t trust him. She does, only she doesn’t want to drag him into this mess as well. She is indebted to the Tang family, because Mummy and Tang Min have been really good to her, even before she came to Shanghai. She knows that meeting with Chu Chu will not change things, but she needs to do something for them all the same.

She gets emotional thinking about it, because she has been bottling up her worries and emotions and putting on a strong front. She doesn’t want to add on to their troubles. Zi Qi pulls her in for a hug. I love that we see how difficult this is on Xiao Jie, but I hate that she has to be so vulnerable in front of Zi Qi. She probably does still think of him as a friend, but without his help, Director Zeng wouldn’t have even staged a successful takeover in the first place. Chu Chu spies on them and snaps a photo on her phone. I can only imagine what comes out of this.

So Tang Jun receives the photos from Chu Chu, which were taken from an angle that was impossible for her to not be seen, but well. Tang Jun goes over to Xiao Jie’s place, where he is greeted happily. He shows her the photo he was sent, and Xiao Jie struggles to explain herself. When we think he is going to explode in rage, he pulls her in an embrace. He trusts her, and she apologises for going to confront Chu Chu without telling him first.

The next morning, Tang Min and Uncle Zhou say goodbye to Tang Jun, who is going to London to secure the investor for the takeover. Xiao Jie pulls up in a taxi at the very last minute, and Tang Jun beams at her arrival. He nags at her for sleeping in, which she admits to. She hands him some travel supplies, and he hands her a taser, for her to keep that perv (Zi Qi) away. Hah. This cracks up both Tang Min and Uncle Zhou too, but they are quickly silenced by Tang Jun.

Cuteness aside, he asks Uncle and Sis to take care of Xiao Jie while he is away. Xiao Jie tells him not to come back if he doesn’t seal the deal in London. Tang Min wishes him luck and does a cute high-five with him before he gets into the car.

And how can we not have a goodbye kiss?

We then cut to Chu Chu brooding over her photos with Tang Jun, which she had taped back together after tearing them up. Zi Qi comes in and asks if she still misses him. She should have known that once she chose to tear them up, they cannot go back to the way they were, just like her relationship with Tang Jun. Even if she mends them, there will still be marks left.

Chu Chu says with determination that she doesn’t regret her actions. She is sick of the stupid old her. (Me too.) She wants to use her own way to make Tang Jun remember her forever. Like how you tried to kill yourself? That definitely failed, didn’t it?

Will she really make herself feel better with revenge? Zi Qi warns her that she may end up hurting the people closest to her while seeking revenge. She might even end up hurting herself. (She definitely tried, buddy.) She might even feel relieved if she lets go, and she can even go back to being friends with Tang Jun again.


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