The Queen of SOP Episode 32

We continue the lead up to the final episode with Xiao Jie showing around some potential fashion designers she is trying to woo for Huang Hai 2.0. They are impressed with Xiao Jie’s plans for the Phase 2 project, and ask when they could sign the contract. Xiao Jie holds them off signing the contract for now, saying that she needs to refine some of the details in the contract to suit their personal needs better.

Back at her hotel, she has multiple photos of Tang Jun spread out on her bed, and she holds up a pepper spray, no doubt all sent by Tang Jun. Cheeky boy calls her, and they banter a bit about his silly gifts.

Tang Jun asks her to prepare for a whirlwind of action tomorrow, because their plan will take off. Xiao Jie has been intentionally holding off signing the contracts with the designers to buy Tang Jun some time for his takeover plan. Well played. They both bask in the joy of meeting each other again soon, and Tang Jun sings her a lullaby to get her to sleep over the phone. Awwww. We then get another Mr Tom moment as they show Tang Jun holding Xiao Jie as she falls asleep.

The next morning, Director Zeng gets a rude awakening when he is alerted by his fellow evil to watch the news. There are speculations about Huang Hai’s Phase 2 failing to sign on retailers and that it is set to flop big time. Huang Hai’s share prices are plummeting.

Director Zeng in his jammies. Don’t say I don’t give any treats!

The other directors sit down with Director Zeng and Zi Qi, criticising Director Zeng for letting this disaster happen. Director Zeng brushes away the news as speculations by reporters. He checks in with Zi Qi regarding the actual progress of Phase 2. Zi Qi pointedly says that they are still in talks with designers to sign on, so far only about 10% of them have confirmed and signed the contract.

The directors are aghast that the news reports are actually true. They shake their head at the thought of the operating losses when the practically-empty Phase 2 is launched. Director Zeng demands to know who is responsible for negotiations, and at Zi Qi’s expression he realises that Xiao Jie is responsible. Director Zeng doesn’t even flip a lid at Zi Qi (because technically he is Xiao Jie’s supervisor and he should be held responsible for her failing), but he just laments that he should have known that she was a spy for the Tang family. Well, duh. But you deserve it. Zi Qi smirks to himself. Ooh, this is just too easy to read, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, CEO Mummy and Tang Min are leisurely arranging flowers with Uncle Zhou. Obviously this was the whirlwind that Tang Jun has set up, and they joke that Director Zeng’s face must now be as green as the leaves.

They plan to let the share prices drop for a few days, then swoop in to buy them while they are at a low price using the money from the investor and from selling the house. Then when the share prices rise again they will make a profit. Uncle Zhou admits that he’s put all his savings into the shares too, anticipating the oncoming profit. Tang Min teases him, asking if he wants her to invest his salary for the remaining part of the year as well. I love cheeky Tang Min.

At the office, the staff are all abuzz about the speculation. Xiao Jie assures them that everything will be fine soon and to believe in the company. She then tells them in a whisper that what they can do is to buy shares. The girls take it as insider information and jump into action. Don’t do this in real life, kids.

Newspapers run wild with headlines saying that Tang Lan has made a fortune when she stepped down, and that Tang Jun is currently in London looking to migrate there. This has Director Zeng in a rage, although I don’t know why exactly, except that maybe it’s not him in the papers. He stumbles a bit and falls back into his seat, and Chu Chu runs to his aid.

Back at the Tang residence (Has a week passed? Why are they still there?), Tang Jun is back and they discuss the impending shareholder’s meeting. Tang Jun gets a pat on his back for doing a good job with the share prices. He high-fives his sister at thought of bringing down Director Zeng, but CEO Mummy reins them in, saying that nothing is certain until it happens. They have made a fortune from this speculation, and have recouped the losses from the scandal caused by Director Zeng before. Good to know.

Mummy then changes the topic, and awkwardly tries to prod about Tang Min’s love life. Tang Jun points out to Sis that this is Mummy being caring, geddit? They head for the shareholder’s meeting in high spirits.

Director Zeng tries to do some damage control with his minions before the meeting, but he has just discovered that they have sold off their shares. So then they don’t qualify to attend the shareholder’s meeting? The other directors defend their actions by criticising Director Zeng’s lack of foresight, but to be fair, they haven’t done anything themselves, so why blame him? Director Zeng promises that he will bring up the share prices again if he remains as CEO after this meeting.

Director Zeng has a face off with CEO Mummy before the results of the vote are announced, which by now, is starting to wear me out. All this company talk is tiring stuff. A man comes in and announces that 41% of the shareholders back Director Zeng to remain as CEO, while Mummy only has 37%. Director Zeng stays as CEO. Mummy still looks smug, because the results have yet to take into account Zi Qi’s vote. He holds the swing vote.

Zi Qi rushes into the meeting room, and he announces that he is backing Mummy. Everyone looks surprised, except for Mummy.

Zi Qi remarks that he is doing this for Xiao Jie, leaving Director Zeng stricken. I think he should be the only one surprised by Zi Qi’s decision, because it seems like the Tangs have caught on to Zi Qi’s allegiance pretty quickly, else they wouldn’t go into this meeting with the assumption that Zi Qi will back them. At least, Mummy knows. Su Su brings the good news of Mummy’s reinstatement as CEO to everyone in the office and they all cheer.

Xiao Jie runs after Zi Qi and asks why he chose to back Mummy, isn’t he with Director Zeng? Zi Qi never said he was siding with Director Zeng (that is true), his sole purpose of being in Huang Hai was to help her, to make things easier for her. He realised that the only way this would happen was if CEO Mummy was reinstated. Xiao Jie is surprised that he would help Tang Jun. Zi Qi says he’s surprised himself too, and right after he put his vote down he regretted that decision immediately. He should have brought the Tang family down, so that there’s a chance that Xiao Jie will go back to Taipei with him. Sigh. Benevolent Zi Qi is almost likable, unlike lovelorn Zi Qi.

He is interrupted by Tang Jun’s loud declaration that Xiao Jie will not be following him back to Taipei. Haha. Tang Jun thanks Zi Qi for backing Mummy, but he clarifies that it doesn’t change anything between the three of them. In his jealous shouty tone.

He declares that Xiao Jie is his girlfriend, and that he will use his entire life to protect her. Xiao Jie just has this amused, he-is-a-loon expression on her face, which is hilarious. Zi Qi smiles and says knowingly that they will come to him again for help soon.

We are then subjected to another tiring face-off between Director Zeng and CEO Mummy again. CEO Mummy just gloats at sick-looking Director Zeng, reminding him that he was the one who played dirty first. The only thing worth watching in this scene is Director Zeng in a pink cardi. Priceless.

After she leaves, he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. Or it could just be because of the fact that he’s wearing a pink cardi. Haha. CEO Mummy and Tang Min make their grand return to Huang Hai. Tang Min informs Mummy that more and more designers have signed contracts for Phase 2 as a gesture to welcome CEO Mummy’s return to Huang Hai. About 90% of Phase 2 is contracted now, which is a good thing.

Tang Jun is greeted by very happy colleagues at his return. They are glad to be rid of Zi Qi, and even happier at Huang Hai’s rising share prices. This means that Zheng Fan’s credit card debts can be repaid in full, and Su Su can afford surgery for her son. Su Li’s good news is in a form of a USB memory stick from Xue Shao, brought to her by Xiao Jie. So…he couldn’t have sent it via email or something?

Back at the Tang residence (Why are they still there?! Has it really not been a week?), the Tangs and Xiao Jie celebrate the success of their takeover plan. Tang Jun is relieved that it is all over, and that he’s also made enough money from it to repay the money that he borrowed from Mummy before. He announces that he is free now, which earns him glares all over.

CEO Mummy wants to hand over the CEO position to him so that he can run the company and Sis can supervise. And kick him out if he doesn’t do it right. After a lot of poking and prodding from the three ladies, Tang Jun agrees to step up. It’s a cute family scene, but it seems a little overwrought. Tang Jun’s first agenda is to get the house back from Director Zeng. Finally, someone remembers the house! CEO Mummy asks after a retailer planned for Phase 2, but Tang Jun shushes her so quickly that there must be something fishy there. He sends Mummy and Sis for a spa treatment and dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant to keep them from bringing it up again.

Turns out Tang Jun has a surprise dinner planned for Xiao Jie, which explains why he wanted Mummy and Sis out of the way.


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