The Queen of SOP Episode 33

We continue with Tang Jun reflecting on the person he was when he first met Xiao Jie and how he is a better person now, because of her. He’s never been so happy before. Awww. Is this going to end in a proposal?

Tears well up in Xiao Jie’s eyes as she recalls their first encounter in London. (Gotta give Qiao En credit for her crying.) She thanks him for showing her what it means to love someone. She hopes that they can spend their future together. Tang Jun wipes the tears away and signals for Uncle Zhou to bring something in. It’s a little scroll served up on a platter. Tang Jun tells her that he’s also been working on a secret little project while away in London.

He is planning to set up a Peter Rabbit museum in Huang Hai Phase 2, which is the surprise he’s been trying to keep from her. This is where I don’t really get if he’s officially proposing or if it’s just a grand gesture, but she embraces him with tears of joy. To be honest, I’m not really that bothered if they get married or not. All I care is that they know how much they mean to each other and that they can overcome everything together.

To the more dreary bits, we then see Chu Chu feeding Director Zeng. The old man looks frail, but he apologises to Chu Chu for not getting her what she wanted. At least she tries to redeem herself by telling him that she’s willing to let go of Tang Jun, for the sake of his health. Director Zeng is almost disappointed at what she says. He won’t let them get away with it, ever. He then makes a phone call, but doesn’t say what he wants them to do. Which kind of means that he has something dirty up his sleeve again.

Tang Jun and Xiao Jie go to Chu Chu’s to ask about getting the Tang residence back. She meets them at the door, and flatly refuses to sell the house back to Tang Jun. She asks him to kneel and beg for it (I hate this kneeling stuff, works for period dramas but not modern ones). Xiao Jie mutters to him not to do it. He makes a move to do it, but Chu Chu stops him. She tells them that Zi Qi is the real buyer of the Tang residence, so they need to deal with him.

What?! So they didn’t even buy the house and they were stomping all over it threatening to evict? Goodness. And the Tangs didn’t even bother to check with their real estate agent who actually bought the bloody house? You’d think they would be smarter than this, right? But anyway, this explains Zi Qi’s smugness when he said they would come to him again soon.

They ask Zi Qi out, and Zi Qi smugly tells them that he’ll sell the house for whatever the market price is plus 1 million RMB. Wow, shrewd. Tang Jun agrees to it and they seal the deal on the spot. Kids, don’t do this in real life. As they leave, Zi Qi reminds Tang Jun that he has not given up his hope on winning Xiao Jie over, so she should be prepared to receive his phone calls anytime.

Tang Jun asks Xiao Jie to wait while he gets the car. She stands by the road, where a black car suddenly speeds up towards her. Zi Qi, who is the nearest, shoves her out of the way, but gets hit instead. Are you really trying to pull off every drama cliche in the last episode?!

Zi Qi gets rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Xiao Jie is overcome by emotion but Tang Jun holds her. I bet you she is crying at the incredulity of the script, too.

Mummy and Tang Min come to tell them that the culprit has been caught and has ratted on Director Zeng. Didn’t need half a brain cell to piece that together. How ridiculous is it that Chu Chu didn’t stop him from doing it. She was there when he ordered that hit – unless he has done it before, I can’t see how the person on the other end knew it was a hit. Okay, let’s stop thinking about it now before I go mad.

The surgeon comes out to tell them that Zi Qi will make a full recovery. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, because the last thing we need is a dead person. Tang Jun offers to stay with Xiao Jie to wait for Zi Qi to come to, but Mummy and Sis remind him that there is a lot of work he needs to do in the company. Xiao Jie tells him she’ll be fine, so he leaves her with a peck on her forehead.

As they leave, CEO Mummy asks Tang Min to send the company lawyers to defend Director Zeng against his charges. She understands how he could be driven to hurt Xiao Jie after almost losing his own daughter. And this is after she was in his face not too long ago, rubbing in her victory. Let’s not forget that with or without Chu Chu’s boy troubles, Director Zeng is still a greedy bugger after the position of CEO.

To be honest, it’s all too convoluted for me to even make sense of it now.

Xiao Jie stays by Zi Qi till he wakes up. When he comes to, he’s pretty pleased that he’s managed to protect Xiao Jie, like what he promised her. Ookay, his head injury might need some more examining. He laughs at himself for it too, because he told Chu Chu off for putting herself in danger, but he has done the same here. Well, I’d argue that Chu Chu’s incident was all her own doing, while he didn’t exactly ask for the car to be speeding towards Xiao Jie, did he?

She tells him that he doesn’t owe her anything. She also says (again) that she doesn’t blame him anymore for hurting her in the past when he was with Ji Qing. She is real understanding, and even holds his hand, but the way she speaks to him is like you would to a good friend.

He asks her to go back to Taipei with him, but she gives a whole load of wishy washy excuses. He gets it, and just tells her to come whenever she is ready. He will wait for her. I wish she’d tell him not to wait, because he deserves to have his own happiness, and the only way that would happen is if he meets someone else.

Elsewhere, Chu Chu has packed up and is leaving to go to Hangzhou to live with her aunt. Turns out all the other servants in her house has quit after her father was arrested. Her lone remaining servant tells her that it was the Tangs who helped to contact the lawyer and her aunt in Hangzhou. Tang Min and CEO Mummy show up conveniently in the next minute, leaving Chu Chu shocked. She apologises for her father’s actions and ultimately is thankful that they stuck up for her and Daddy.

In a voiceover, Xiao Jie tells us that Zi Qi leaves Shanghai the following week, and Chu Chu went to Hangzhou. Everything is running smoothly at Huang Hai, and we are treated to mores cutesy moments between our OTP in a meeting and during lunch break. Awww.

Tang Min calls Xiao Jie to her office to let her know that her debt with the company from the VVIP event has been cancelled, thanks to her recent contributions and hard work for the company. She also offers Xiao Jie an opportunity to study in London, sponsored by the company. Tang Min tells her not to worry about Tang Jun, because she believes that their relationship can stand the distance after what they have been through.

Xiao Jie takes up the scholarship, and we see her in London, living it up. Although I’m not sure why she is in a park in London reading about Singapore’s botanical gardens. We are not told how long she is there to study, but we at least see her talking to Tang Jun on the phone. (I hope it’s him anyway.) Because dramas seem to forget sometimes that it is the 21st century and people communicate in other ways too, not just face to face.


Back in Shanghai, Tang Jun is fretting over every single thing and gets Uncle Zhou to double check his outfit. Poor boy is nervous to see Xiao Jie again, I expect. The doorbell rings, and he holds off his staff opening the door, taking a few moments to prepare himself mentally. Awww, that’s so cute.

The door is opened, and in comes the 3 musketeers (with Su Li sporting long hair now, may I add), and Su Su’s little boy and Zheng Fan’s husband. Then Xiao Jie arrives, chic as ever. Their eyes light up to see each other, and they finally have their reunion.

Except, their reunion is interrupted by Zi Qi’s arrival. Tang Jun says they haven’t met in 2 years,  and still calls him a lightbulb. Haha. So it’s been two years then that Xiao Jie was away. Zi Qi lets on that he went to London to celebrate New Year’s Day with Xiao Jie, which brings out jealous Tang Jun. They have a bit of jealous banter, until CEO Mummy and Tang Min joins them. They toast to Xiao Jie’s return, and Tang Jun pipes in that Tang Min will pass on her position as creative director to Xiao Jie. Zi Qi immediately jumps in to hire her with double the salary to work in Hai Yue (he’s the CEO…since when?). Tang Jun raises him, like it’s a game of poker, and it carries on ridiculously until everyone leaves them to it.

Final thoughts:

I’ll be honest – I didn’t like the ending. I didn’t mind they didn’t end up married or a proposal didn’t happen, but I liked where they were in their relationship, which befits their characters. And to have the final scene in a bicker about who gets to hire Xiao Jie? I don’t get it at all, because it seemed as though it was more about the boys’ egos than it was about Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie made her choice like what, 10 episodes ago?

I know there has been talks about Season 2 so that’s why it’s maybe been intentionally a bit open-ended to leave possibilities for the next show. But even then I think recycling that love triangle would seem a bit old? I love Xiao Jie, but I think I will love her more had she told him to find his own happiness instead of waiting around for her. When you know and have what you want in life, it only makes sense to let go of what you don’t want.

Okay, what I definitely do like about the drama is the fashion. The ladies’ extensive wardrobe hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even the supporting characters like Chu Chu and Tang Min have quite a variety of clothes that matches their persona. Xiao Jie is never really seen in the same outfit twice, unless it is a continuing scene/day. Even the men’s wardrobe is quite impressive (save the pink cardi and a poor suit/tie combination for Tang Jun), so they must have had good sponsors.

I also really liked Jia Yi and Xiao Jie’s friendship; it’s probably one of the most genuine friendships I’ve seen onscreen. I think it helps that Qiao En and Xia Yu Qiao are also friends offscreen. I think Qiao En always seems to bring out the chemistry with her co-stars anyway; she had good chemistry with both guys, and even managed to elicit some acting from Godfrey in some scenes.

The drama did well on the cute in the first few episodes, but towards the end the company drama was way too sloppily written and the editing could have been so much tighter. It could have lost 3 episodes and still told the story it wanted to tell with as much cuteness. I enjoyed the journey, but my hand was itching for the fast forward button in the last couple of episodes. A good watch if you don’t mind the fluff.



3 thoughts on “The Queen of SOP Episode 33

  1. Really enjoy your summary…thank you so much for summarising this series. I always fond of Chen Qiao En. This drama is so enjoyable to watch, beautiful scenery, beautiful actress combined together with the handsome actors made it so good..i like it

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