Testing The Waters: Love Me Now

When was the last time I watched a Taiwanese drama? My last attempt was to watch Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang’s idol drama fare, but sadly 2 episodes in and I dropped it. Am I mad, or do I just have an unexplainable taste when it comes to Tw-dramas? I can’t tell you myself. I’ve stuck to predictable fluff like SOP Queen and finished snore-fests like Queen Seondeok in the past, so why I cannot finish watching dramas that many people have loved and raved about is really beyond my own knowledge. I think it very much depends on what I am facing in life, which can inexplicably delay and affect my mood and what I feel like watching.

I hope I have better luck with Love Me Now (真愛趁現在) though, because it certainly shows promise. It’s good fluff so far, and despite its crazy plotline I find myself falling for the charm of the OTP. Mostly George Hu, but Annie Chen is winning me over. It is an 80-episode drama, so I definitely need the persistence and stamina to finish it, but I’m optimistic.

From the synopsis, we know that Annie Chen’s character Yi Ru is a workaholic, so her family and her boss and ex-boyfriend (Bobby Dou) cook up a scheme to get her out of the office. Her boss shuts the office to force her to go on holiday, while her family tell her that she has terminal cancer. She gets sent off to the Philippines for a holiday, where a friend working in the resort she’s booked into was supposed to tell her that it was all a hoax. Obviously that does not happen. Instead, Yi Ru runs into Shi De (George Hu), who seems to already know her, and he proposes to her after finding out about her illness.

After I got over the initial WTF that was Yi Ru’s diagnosis (because seriously, if you are a true workaholic you wouldn’t even go for a health check, would you?), I managed to lock away my logic for the rest of the first three episodes and appreciate the OTP moments. The drama has yet to let on how George’s character first come to know and pine for Yi Ru, so that should be interesting.

I do have to remind myself that it’s a Taiwanese idol drama multiple times before it happened, and it took some adjusting to get used to the more slapstick moments in the drama. Given that it is going to run of 80 episodes, the pacing of the show is a bit slower, despite the hour-long airtime.

I must admit that the initial pull for me was Bobby Dou. (Yes, I am old-school!) I remember watching him in 追風少年, which was an idol drama about baseball. I can’t even remember most of the plot now but I thought he was good looking back then. Still good-looking now, but more mature. I look forward to his scenes as he seems to be there more for the comic relief than anything, so eye candy without much angst hopefully.

I’m less familiar with Annie Chen, but from a quick Google I realise that she was the leading lady in Inborn Pair with Yu Sheng. I knew that was a hit drama last year, based on Yu Sheng’s multiple appearances on Kangxi, but Annie didn’t really stick in my memory. George Hu is a new hottie who’s had a couple of drama appearances and he really seems to have moved to a leading man status now, deservedly so.

With scenes like this, it’s hard not to be the talk of the town. By Episode 3, our OTP are married and madly making out. So far, Yi Ru’s fake terminal illness has been a good vehicle for the quick progression to all the skinship and wedding and make-out session. It’s only a matter of time before the cat is let out of the bag so I anticipate some angst and shenanigans ahead.

What’s keeping me in the game so far is really George Hu’s electric eyes and Annie’s charm. His character is a typical rich boy ruthlessly running his own company, and he only has eyes for Annie’s character. Stock Tw-drama fluff, but delivered perfectly by George.

There’s 4 episodes airing each week, so it will be a few months of swooning and ranting and catching up for me to do, hopefully.

[Photos taken from Love Me Now’s Facebook page and from Wownews.]


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