Love Me Now Episodes 8-11

It’s the third week of Love Me Now, and the ratings have gone past 2. George and Harry have both promised to piggyback their co-stars if they break 2, which they have duly delivered, much to everyone’s delights.

I’m enjoying it so far, but only as fluff. I’ve been quite brain-dead from all the things I have to do lately, so this conveniently takes my mind off other things. Which explains why I have been holding off all those K-melodramas that sound so enticing but I just can’t bring myself to pick up.

Yeah…so remember all that sweet lovey-dovey moments in the first few episodes? Gone. Poof. Shattered. This week’s episodes were about the shit hitting the fan. Although not everything is known to everyone yet, of course. Shi De knows that Yi Ru’s illness is fake, but he doesn’t know that she herself was deceived until the end of their vacation. Which leads to the Big Misunderstanding, resulting in him treating her badly.

Yi Ru takes it all without putting up a fight, more out of guilt than anything at this point. Qi Ming (her boss) knows the whole truth and is trying to protect her from Shi De’s wrath, so he’s embroiled in it too. And of course Big Misunderstanding is further extended because he sees how close Yi Ru and Qi Ming are. I doubt she still has any romantic feelings for Qi Ming, who despite being such a player, is actually quite a decent human being.

Shi Yun is Shi De’s spoiled and annoying sister, who is still single and looking for love. There’s nothing wrong with being single and looking for a partner, except she’s such a brat about it. I feel a bit sick listening to her demanding that Shi De doesn’t get married before she does, and her throwing a fit when she discovers his not-so-legal wedding to Yi Ru, and that mighty chip on her shoulder. To add a bit of irony to that, she is an acclaimed author who writes about relationships.

She has a romantic interest in the form of Harry’s character, Yu Xiang. He comes across as a fervent admirer and stalker at first, but then we find out that he’s trying to get her interest because she (or rather her books) was the reason why he got dumped by his ex-girlfriend. He is plotting some major revenge against her to break her heart in return for having his broken. Childish, the pair of them. I’m not invested in these two at all, and I loathe seeing either of them on screen. It’s such a shame, because I like the actors.

I think that about sums up the progress up till now. The other side stories don’t interest me much, except perhaps the love line between Yi Ru’s Dad and Shi De’s aunt. I don’t know why, but those two just crack me up. Shi De’s aunt can be a bit OTT at times but she can also hold back when she needs to, which makes for good comic relief.

I am just keeping my eyes peeled for the main trio. Shi De has a strong, serious personality, which explains why he felt so betrayed by Yi Ru. Yi Ru is caring and hardworking, and she doesn’t give herself a break, which is why she blames herself for practically everything that’s gone wrong. I just wish she could try and fix things instead of gritting her teeth and telling herself it will all be over soon.

And so I leave you with a lovely photo of our OTP (from Annie’s weibo).

Credit: Other photos taken from SETTV.


2 thoughts on “Love Me Now Episodes 8-11

  1. i really do like this drama.annie and george are look very compatible of each other.this is the best couple ever.wishing you both for the best.this two are desrved for awards

  2. Yes I think they won an award for the Best Kiss at the SETTV awards recently for their steamy makeout session earlier in the series. They look yummy together!

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