The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 12

I loved this episode of The Good Wife. Guess why?!


Yes! Elsbeth makes a comeback when she gets arrested while on a case defending an athlete. She rings Alicia for help and Alicia ropes in Will (who later ropes in Diane) to take over the case while Alicia tries to get Elsbeth out of jail. I love Elsbeth and her quirkiness. It’s amazing how everyone (even Diane) jumped in as soon as they knew it was her. She’s a brilliant lawyer and they all know it.

There’s very little Kalinda and a bit more about Peter and Eli and the campaign. The impending investigation on Eli is having an effect on him working on Peter’s campaign and he’s being edged out by Jordan, who is played by TR Knight, my George from Grey’s Anatomy, poor George. Jordan is a new sensation and has a whole different way of approaching things. Which obviously grates on Eli.


Eli then hires Elsbeth as his lawyer (he can’t hire Will and Diane because they are being investigated too), so that means more Elsbeth in the season! I’m so happy about this, because as much as I love Michael J Fox, his character just makes my blood boil when he makes his appearance.

I don’t really care much about Peter and his stupid campaign but I quite love Eli and his WTF expressions. And I’m quite glad we took a breather on the firm bankruptcy arc this episode, it was all getting too intense. This episode is a much-needed breath of fresh air. It will at least make me look forward to the next one now.


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