Bones Season 8 Episode 24

With this being the season finale, I expected them to bring back the Big Bad of the season, Pelant. And sure enough, he’s in the opening scenes, spying on Brennan’s supermarket trip.


Wait, didn’t Booth blow up half his face?

PelantDoes seem a bit like Two-Face now doesn’t he?

So Pelant makes a reappearance in the season finale to get revenge on Brennan and Booth and the Squints for…whatever, does a psychopath need any reason? Or at least that’s what the show is trying to shove down my throat anyway.

I don’t like Pelant at all, not just because he’s evil, but because his storyline is so overwrought. We had this last season with him disrupting the christening and separating Booth and Brennan, and this season again. I’ve had enough of him. They should throw him into jail and let some other monster in there tear him into shreds.

You know the show is running low on ideas and juice when it decides to let Pelant try and kill Sweets. In the most obvious way possible. I knew right from the start when Sweets said that Pelant had read up about his writing. It was another reason I wasn’t all the invested. I love Sweets and he seems really cuddly, but at the end of the day the show could lose him for the sake of plot and it would be okay with me.

On to the lovely bits now – the Jerky Proposal!



I loved that it was so simple and straightforward. For these two, I find that even now in Season 8 that they are together, they are still growing on me. Which is why I find it baffling how Booth has to play along to Pelant’s threat at the end of the episode. Surely it is smarter to try and catch him than to have him looming over them like a dark cloud? If there’s one thing I want to see next season, it’s to have them be rid of Pelant in the very first episode. It’s time to get other Big Bads.

So this episode wasn’t particularly inspiring or thrilling as a finale for me, but having stuck with Bones for so long I am confident that they’ll come back better next season.




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