Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love Episode 9


I love this episode so much. Not just because they started it with the kiss from the end of the previous episode, but the fact that the editing is different, adding on layers to the passion-fuelled kiss. It just made everything so good.

The backhug was also amazing. The fact that he finished off the poem for her, and asked if he could be the person that she is waiting for. The promise he made to her, and her silent determination to never let go of his hand. God, I’m melting into a puddle of goo watching this! (Never mind that he’s never once fulfilled his promise to her in all their encounters, we’ll come to that later.)

Sneaky hand holding

And all the sneaky hand holding! I really love how he went to all the trouble just to do that, like that lovelorn little puppy he is. And for once, she actually looks happy at his affection. I like that there was a clear moment for us to see her determination to be with him, after his promise to her. Now less angst from her about her helplessness at being a slave daughter, and more steely determination to fight for her place next to him.

Ok Jung

I like it even more that they are both happy puppies.

Happy Puppy

Now that In Hyun is officially the Queen, the real show is on. Bring on the fight, bitches. Can’t wait for Episode 10.


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