Harlem Yu On Kang Xi Lai Le

Xiao S and Harlem Yu

Harlem Yu appeared on the show on 9th May, where he was promoting his new album. God, he hasn’t had an album out since Can’t Quit? That was ages ago. Kang Yong reminded him that he said before he wasn’t sure if he was going to write more albums after Can’t Quit. He invited Xiao S to sing a duet with him and they shot the MV together. It was hilarious to hear their anecdotes while filming the MV. Xiao S had 4 outfits in total and she had to shoot a scene with him where they were both old. She griped that she spent 3-4 hours in make-up to look old, and in the MV there was only about 5 seconds of the footage. Hah.

Harlem and friends

Harlem also brought two of the guys who produced his album with him, Ma Nian and Xiao Min (he looks like one of the guys from Wang Fu, an indie band). Ma Nian was a bit of a hoot really, he and Harlem even pulled a fast one on Xiao S when she tried to ask about Harlem’s private life. Such a tease. Harlem is ever the professional though, and I think he dealt with the heat on his private life really well (even when it’s kind of old news – he separated from his ex-wife Annie Yi 2 years ago). It helps that he’s a seasoned pro and also a variety show host himself. He probably does understand the pressure that Kang Xi are under to ask the tough questions and get some scoop.

A good way of how not to respond to such questioning/interviews would be in the previous day’s episode, which this singer (I don’t know who he is), rumoured to be engaged to Liu Zhen the pro ballroom dancer, was one of the guests. That was a really awkward episode. Coming off that episode to this one felt like a breath of fresh air. I wonder if the producers did that on purpose to show how different people and personalities respond to Kang Xi’s brand of persistent questioning.

I really like Harlem Yu, more for his variety persona than as a singer, despite knowing him as a singer first. Through the Meteor Garden theme song, I’m rather ashamed to admit. It’s hard not to like him when his personality shines through on every show I have seen him in. And it’s great when he can make fun of himself and let Xiao S make fun of his singing expression. Such  a great sport.

Pics credit: Sina and Baidu


3 thoughts on “Harlem Yu On Kang Xi Lai Le

  1. Yes he did! Love it. It’s not my favourite song of his but it’s the one that introduced me to him as a singer. I used to watch him on Super Sunday too, that was a long long time ago.

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