Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 2

Byung Hun

I am loving the tone of the show. Still need to get used to the colour tones, which reminds me a bit of Flower Boy Next Door.

The first big revelation is that the loan sharks work for the Master, which is something that he’s kept under wraps. Also, the Master is clued on to everything that goes on in Cyrano, and he doesn’t seem to like seeing Byung Hun happy. Hmm.

Back at Cyrano, Arang explains to Min Young that Byung Hun’s strategy will leave Jae Hee curious to find out if Jun Hyuk is safe. Byung Hun has Moo Jin hook up a call diversion, so if Jae Hee tries to ring the number on Jun Hyuk’s membership card, it gets diverted to Cyrano. He tells Moo Jin to keep it from Min Young because she will disapprove.

Jae Hee

She tries ringing the number, but the boys leave it unanswered. Min Young suggests letting the client meet up with Jae Hee, and subsequently finds out that despite being in the business of matchmaking, none of the boys believe in romance. She’s disheartened, but Master gives her a ride home and cheers her up a bit.

Min Young and Seung Pyo

He invites her to work in his restaurant if she’s sick of Cyrano. When they drive past the library, Min Young spots Jae Hee carrying a sick cat. She realises that Jae Hee is headed for the nearest vet, which is Jun Hyuk’s hospital. Time to call on the team!

Near the vet hospital, Min Young runs off after Jae Hee when Seung Pyo cuts across from the taxi to stop it from going further. The little accident brings out Seung Pyo’s cold side again when he threatens to really hurt the taxi driver. And he notably turns mean when his glasses are off. Is this going to be a bit of a Clark Kent kind of thing?

Byung Hun and Moo Jin manage to reach the hospital in time to avert the crisis, but it leaves Byung Hun with his nasty cat allergy. Hahaha I knew it! Min Young has a good laugh at him, which I suppose also cheers her up. Despite being covered in rash, he still manages to worry about how Jae Hee might fall for him instead after laying her eyes on him. Lol.

Byung Hun

And this is his reaction at seeing the cat again at the vet’s. As if the pink mask isn’t enough, he speaks to Jun Hyuk from behind the glass separator. Jun Hyuk has some doubts about deceiving Jae Hee, but Byung Hun reassures him that they are only creating an image for him to get Jae Hee’s attention.

On their way back to the agency, Moo Jin and Byung Hun pass by the bus stop where Min Young is waiting. Byung Hun grumbles at having to squeeze in the tiny car, but he knew she was going to be at the library and made Moo Jin detour there. And the size of the car is hilarious.


Min Young changes the subject by suggesting that they throw her a welcome party. Byung Hun refuses to, but once Min Young says she’ll foot the bill, he’s like, ‘where?’

Cut to: drunk Min Young in Seung Pyo’s restaurant. She shouts at Byung Hun, saying that because of him, she realises how good she is.

Arang and Drunk Min Young

She moves on to the Master (in Clark Kent mode), emptying her purse to give him a pocket knife to peel potatoes. She then tousles his hair while Byung Hun looks on unhappily. He motions for Arang and Moo Jin to take her back to Cyrano. Byung Hun then goes over to Seung Pyo, and when he hears how much the bill is, asks Seung Pyo to get Min Young to pay up herself. Lol. They then exchange some remarks about the knife she gave Seung Pyo, which might harbour some deeper meaning for the two.

Master and Minions

After Byung Hun leaves, Seung Pyo takes off his glasses and his hiding minions show up. He tells them not to hide anymore, but to carry on helping the Cyrano team. Hmm, I don’t know what this means.

When Min Young comes to, she sees Byung Hun watching a recording of some high school students. He has a little smile on his face – is that his first love? Hmmm one of the boys could be him, or he could have been the one holding the camera.

Byung Hun

He notices her watching, and annoyingly gestures her to come in. They snipe at each other for a bit, and Min Young is feisty, saying that everything she said in her drunken tirade was true. This bugs him a bit, because he thinks back to what she said about her being a better person than he is. He cutely motions her towards him, and when she looks dumbly at him, he’s all “C’mere, now!” with his pointing. Lee Jong Hyuk is so spot-on with his expressions here.

Pointy Byung Hun

He asks her why, and she says it’s because he doesn’t have a heart. He argues that he does  his job better without letting emotions get in the way. If she doesn’t want to get hurt in this business, she should put her sincerity aside. He then reminds her to pay the bill on her way home.

In the next stage of the matchmaking plan, the team utilises the metro again, when Jae Hee is on the way to her monthly mystery club meeting. Jun Hyuk appears and leads her away to witness him interrupting what seems like a drug deal involving Moo Jin and some random guy. Moo Jin flees, and as his bike zooms towards her Jun Hyuk rushes in to save the day.

MIn Young and Byung Hun

Jae Hee recognises him and quickly asks him to dinner. Jun Hyuk gets a phone call and excuses himself temporarily midway. This part of the plan is to play to Jae Hee’s fantasy of what might have happened in his absence, which involves him kicking Moo Jin’s ass. Truth is, he’s in the spy van having fake blood applied on his face by Arang. It works, and Jae Hee falls for Jun Hyuk just a bit more.

This doesn’t go down well with Min Young, because all the false scenarios don’t hold true to her need for romance. She voices her concern to Master, who is now without glasses. If she acts on her own accord, will she be fired? He again invites her to work at his restaurant if she loses her job. Twice in one episode? Man, are you falling quick for her.

Min Young

She goes to see Jun Hyuk on her own, to ask him if he wants to let Jae Hee see the real him? Meanwhile, the Cyrano team carry out the last stage. The minions are placed at the address on Jun Hyuk’s membership card, and the plan is to let Jae Hee look for him there. Moo Jin checks on Min Young’s status, but she doesn’t answer her phone. She convinces Jun Hyuk to proceed on his own without going with the Cyrano team’s final stage. As Byung Hun tries to reach Min Young and Jun Hyuk (and fails), he laughs to himself, knowing what she is to.

He calls the team to switch to Plan C (wow, they have a plan C!). Moo Jin drops off a book at Jae Hee’s desk. She doesn’t even look at him, but snaps to attention when she sees Jun Hyuk’s name flash on screen. She makes eye contact with Moo Jin and remembers him from the drug deal. She calls Jun Hyuk, and the call gets forwarded to Byung Hun’s phone.

Jun Hyuk and Min Young reach the library, and she goes in first to see if she’s there. Byung Hun grabs her by the arm as she enters. He’s disappointed in her, and tells her she’s fired.

Min Young and Byung Hun

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