Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 3

This episode maintains the light tone of the show so far, and we get glimpses into Byung Hun’s past.

Byung Hun

Plan C actually works to perfection, as it’s a plan that involves a mini-explosion in Master’s restaurant. Byung Hun does manage to save the day after all by revealing to Jae Hee over the phone that Jun Hyuk is the vet at Dr J. The mini explosion the Cyrano team planned for adds to Jun Hyuk’s credit as well.

Jae Hee and Jun Hyuk

Jae Hee decides that she likes him after all, and admits that if none of this had happened she would not have paid him any attention. Ookay. Jun Hyuk looks like he’s won the lottery. She is still a bit deluded and believes that Jun Hyuk is trying to bust illegal drug dealing. The drug being illegal animal tranquiliser. Well played there, team. The smile on Byung Hun’s face is wiped off when Master presents him with the bill for lending them his restaurant for this mission.

On a bit of a side note, the amount of things you can accomplish by being deceitful is a bit disgusting. But thankfully the show deals with it quite breezily, and gives us Min Young to voice out some of the morally grey things that are done.

Min Young

She’s still fired, though that quickly gets reversed after a bit of hand-on-heart aegyo. She promises not to act on her own accord again. Although I must say, Byung Hun should include her more in the actual planning stage as well. It seems that everyone but her knew about Plan C.  I knew he was still testing her out and had his doubts in her, but still.

Min Young is then forced to be his chauffeur the next day (in that hilariously tiny yellow car). Byung Hun offers Arang a ride when he cycles past, but Arang turns them down, preferring to cycle. Min Young is shocked that Arang is only in high school. We get a bit of back story for Arang as well. He’s not from Seoul, but lives in the agency because it’s his dream to be in the Cyrano theatre production. Which explains why he’s chilling out in the school theatre reading the play.

Ray and Arang

While he’s chilling with his book, he overhears idol star/classmate Ray (Shinee’s Taemin) confessing his love for the class monitor, Se Kyung. Se Kyung turns him down and leaves. Arang offers Cyrano’s name card to Ray and off they go. Min Young is obviously star-struck, and asks them tons of questions, like are they best friends etc. Byung Hun has only one question – who controls Ray’s money? (I.e., who’s gonna pay for this?)

Their first plan falls flat, as the cool suave approach (coupled with wind blowing through his hair) has practically no effect on Se Kyung at all. Byung Hun decides on another approach. Which has a bit of cause and effect to it.

Cause: Get Min Young to go undercover to befriend Se Kyung.

Min Young and Byung Hun

Effect: See below.

Ouch, Byung Hun

She at least looks a bit apologetic about it. My first thought was that they were going to pretend to be father-daughter, but their cover is that they are brother-sister. Works out well, since the school is Byung Hun’s alma mater. He gets stopped by a teacher for a chat, and says that Min Young is his sister who’s lived away for health reasons.

Coincidentally, Master is also on a photography trip around the school. He spots them and curiously takes photos of Byung Hun dragging Min Young away. He comments to himself that a criminal will return to the crime scene and wonders if that’s why Byung Hun is back here. He also remarks that he’s been looking happy lately. So Byung Hun might have wronged him then, and he aims to have Byung Hun as miserable as possible.


That makes a lot more sense. Byung Hun reminisces about his high school days and returns to the theatre to do more reminiscing about his first love while looking at the mural she painted years ago. Coupled with the tidbit earlier on about how he doesn’t drive because he won’t, it might have been a nasty car accident that he lost her.

While in the theatre he sees Arang walking in as well, but Arang misses him. Arang lies down on his usual spot and starts reading the play. Se Kyung comes to the theatre again, this time she says what she came to say the first time – she likes Arang.


I knew that was going to be the problem here. This storyline kicks off a bit slower but we get more backstory about our main characters, Arang and Byung Hun. Intriguing but not losing the rom-com tone of the show in general. I’m not too sure about the Master, whether he’s evil or just a hurt little puppy.


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