Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 4

The plot is slowly chugging along, and the small revelations about our main characters are keeping me interested.

Min Kyung

Min Kyung makes her confession to Arang. He unknowingly won her heart when he stepped in to shield her from a possible injury. He gets cut instead but is cool about it. Awww. Since then she’s been paying a lot of attention to him. We see that her first visit to the theatre (when Ray first confessed to her) was when she wanted to tell Arang she liked him. She asks him to consider it, but he rejects her quickly. She puts on a brave front, saying that it’s okay. She thanks him and they shake hands before she leaves.

Byung Hun and Min Young

The eavesdropping duo have a quick moment where they realise that they are too close for comfort. They quickly scramble towards the stairs when Min Kyung heads for their direction. Which leads to another close moment. Min Young hilariously pushes him away with her index finger, and that illicits a ‘what the’ look from Byung Hun. I love these funny little moments that happen with Min Young and the boys, especially Byung Hun.

Min Young and Byung Hun

Byung Hun also defends Arang when Min Young wonders at how he could be so cruel as to turn down Se Kyung. Oh yeah, all in the name of professionalism.

Min Young turns up at Master’s restaurant after school to get fed, and the new waitress makes small talk with her. She also share a brief moment with awkward Moo Jin, so she could be his potential love interest.

Hye Ri

Min Young gets dragged off by Byung Hun in their next step for Ray. He turns up to the convenience store where Se Kyung is, where he tries to convince her that he comes here all the time. They are promptly surrounded by screaming fangirls. He grabs her hand and runs away with her. Looking on from the van, Min Young observes that Byung Hun has a thing for holding hands while running. She guesses that it’s from personal experience and teases him about it. From his flashback, we see that it is true after all, as a girl grabs his hand and they run.

Se Kyung and Ray

Se Kyung and Ray dodge the hungry fangirls in a side alley. They come into close contact and things gets a bit hot and sweaty (from the running, of course) as he offers her a handkerchief. She leaves for her tuition class and he looks drained. But Moo Jin is there to offer him a lollipop to recharge. Awww, stony-faced with the heart of a marshmallow.

Arang is missing out on the action while working at a part time job at a petrol station. He seems to be genuinely bothered by Se Kyung’s confession, because he either didn’t see that coming at all, or he might like Se Kyung.

Not Happy Arang

Back at the Cyrano agency, Min Young spots Byung Hun brooding when she goes back to the agency to get her handphone. He is in fact reminiscing about when he met his first love, Yi Seul. His friend Do Il had told her about Byung Hun’s production and she offers her help. That’s also when she takes his hand to go join the other students. Present-day Byung Hun contemplates ringing Yi Seul, but he doesn’t. (Alright, so there goes my theory that she’s dead. Might be Do Il then.)

Min young is in a bit of disbelief that Byung Hun is so unlike his usual self. As she walks past Seung Pyo’s restaurant, she notices that it’s closed, wondering where he could be. He is practising boxing while also brooding over seeing Byung Hun looking at the faded mural.

Seung Pyo

Min Young picks Byung Hun up again the next day, and he throws her a library card with the same dorky ID photo as her national ID card. Lol. She is horrified, naturally.

At school, Ray and Arang hang out together. Ray asks why Arang wasn’t around yesterday, which he explains. Arang asks Ray what he likes about Se Kyung, to which he says, because she’s pretty. Aww, that reminds me of Answer Me 1997. Two seconds later, Ray is all, ‘why?’ and ‘you better not have any feelings for my girl or you’re dead’. Lol. Se Kyung looks on and holds Ray’s handkerchief while she thinks of their close encounter the previous night.

Ray with his unthreatening dainty fist

Meanwhile, Min Young does some snooping around at school to try and find out more about Byung Hun’s high school time. She sees a photograph of him, Yi Seul and Do Il in the yearbook and relates it to the video she saw him watching before. Se Kyung joins her in the library, and they both discuss whether it seems that Byung Hun liked Yi Seul.

Se Kyung asks Min Young if it’s possible to like someone you had no feelings for after they’ve confessed to you. Min Young says yes, because you will start to see the person in a different light. I know she means to gently nudge Se Kyung towards Ray, but little does she know the same is probably happening to Arang.

Arang runs into Byung Hun at school. Byung Hun tells him that the next stage should be in motion, but also asks if he’s okay. He sort of gives Arang a chance to act on his feelings for Se Kyung before it’s too late, but Arang insists that he’s fine. These boys love to speak around the bush.

The next stage consist of an on-air confession as Ray tells an interviewer on air that he likes someone at school, but she doesn’t like him back. That causes a huge uproar in his fangirls, who take to protesting outside the school against the ungrateful girl. Sigh, I just cannot understand the levels of crazy that Kpop fangirls can stoop to. Min Young gushes about the on-air confession to Se Kyung in class, but she also notices Arang’s lovelorn glance toward Se Kyung.

Min Young and Byung Hun

In another orchestrated run-in with Se Kyung on the street, this time Se Kyung speaks to Ray first. He tells her it’s okay, and apologises for causing her any trouble. He walks away, leaving Se Kyung hanging. While watching, Min Young asks Byung Hun what would happen if Arang liked Se Kyung back. He tells her off for even thinking about it.

Walking past the Master’s restaurant again, Min Young notices this time that the two minions are in. She asks him with concern if he owes them money, too.

Seung Pyo

He assures her that he doesn’t owe them a lot, and she promises him that she will come and boost his business. Their interaction is adorable, but I don’t see much point of it at all. When she leaves Arang calls out to her, having just returned from his part-time job. She asks him if he likes Se Kyung at all, even after her confession. She outs herself completely (dimwit!) but Arang just says that he feels nothing at all; he gets confessions like these all the time so he’s immune to it already.

Moo Jin has listened in to their entire conversation from the top of the van, and he looks over to the restaurant to see Hye Ri closing up. I can read nothing of his expression. When he goes back to the agency, he notices the missing marionette that Min Young messed with. He goes over to Arang and tousles his hair affectionately. Awww. I like these little moments of team bonding.

Moo Jin

We then see Byung Hun placing the missing marionette into a box. And we then go to Seung Pyo looking through his stalker photos of Byung Hun again. Sigh. Could we have skipped the boxing and just had this instead? He looks specifically at the photo of Do Il from the faded mural.

The next stage of the plan is in motion: Min Young tells Se Kyung that Ray is transferring schools. Two paparazzi also turn up at school to try and photograph Ray’s love interest. The team keep their eye on Se Kyung as she runs out to look for Ray. In the teacher’s room, the transfer is of course a red herring, as Arang signals to Ray to leave. Se Kyung follows Ray to the theatre, as Byung Hun coaches him through the earpiece.

But a lady in a black coat has caught his attention on the CCTV, and Byung Hun leaves the van to go after her. He follows her to where the faded mural is. Min Young is there too, and realises that they know each other. He calls out to her, ‘Yoon Yi Seul.’ She looks happy to see him, at the very least.

Yi Seul

Meanwhile, Arang spots the paparazzi and rushes to warn Ray. Ray runs out through the back door, leaving Arang alone with Se Kyung. She turns to leave, but he grabs her wrist, asking her to forgive him, because this is his last chance. He tells her that he’s fallen for her, and then kisses her.

Arang kisses Se Kyung


I really can’t wait for the next episode now. Arang has really made things a bit awkward for Cyrano, hasn’t he? And I wasn’t expecting Byung Hun’s past to materialise this quickly, so that was a pleasant surprise. He seems a lot more broody about the past than Yi Seul is (from the 10 seconds we’ve seen of present-day her anyway).

I don’t really understand the bits with Seung Pyo in this episode. If he wasn’t going to do anything evil yet this episode, just one scene reminding us of his malicious feelings towards Byung Hun would have sufficed. I hoped that there would be more for him to do apart from staring at photos and punching sandbags. Seriously. Could have had more of the Cyrano team bonding. I like the unique bond that they have with each other. Despite not being outwardly caring, Byung Hun does seem to keep the boys’ best interests at heart and vice versa. It’s also great that Min Young is starting to ease herself into her noona role, looking out for Arang in this episode (and probably dishing out advice on how to talk to girl to Moo Jin next).


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