Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 5

I’m absolutely shattered from the past few days, which leaves me slightly late with drama watching. Episode 5 was quite memorable, but I’m probably going to breeze past it and focus on my favourite bits.

Our idol case is wrapped up neatly with a bow, although it does leave our Arang with a broken heart. Arang’s kiss with Se Kyung came as a bit of a surprise to the team, except for Byung Hun, who plays it cool and to his advantage. Of course, this does mean a lot of cute moments between Arang and Min Young as he tries to get her to keep the kiss a secret from Byung Hun (that didn’t last), and she tries to dig around for information about Yi Seul from Arang.

With a few deft manipulations by Byung Hun, Arang brushes asides his feelings for Se Kyung. He tells her that if her feelings for Ray can change, what’s to say that Ray’s feelings for her won’t? Se Kyung decides to pick Ray instead. Another great touch of manipulation by Byung Hun has him misleading Ray by telling him that Se Kyung isn’t going to turn up, sending him to the convenience store instead. She finds him there in the end after some effort, and there we have it. I was expecting a bit more depth in Taemin’s expressions in these scenes but I was a bit let down, frankly.

I did really enjoy the little threads in the drama, with Moo Jin’s little love story with the waitress chugging along smoothly for future development (I hope). And I really enjoyed the team moments in this episode as well, like Min Young getting all excited when she hears Byung Hun asking Arang to tell Se Kyung how he truly feels. Even if it didn’t work out for him in the end. We got a nice little scene of Moo Jin comforting Arang out of it.

Thankfully, the Master has less scenes in this episode, except for when he was poking his nose into Yi Seul’s appearance. Which was also all that Min Young was interested in. Yi Seul has apparently no idea that Byung Hun has turned the theatre troupe into a dating agency, and Byung Hun tries to carry on that lie. We also find out that Do Il used to be the leader of the troupe back when Arang first joined. (I am guessing this is where the accident came in.)

What I’m impressed with is how Byung Hun is portrayed as a puppet master in the cases. He knows which strings to pull to get the desired effect. Sometimes he even seems to go behind his team’s back to make sure that the client wins over the target, which, in what we’ve seen so far, can be morally questionable. But that’s what Min Young is there for – to keep him in check.


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