Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 6

Min Young waits in her car as Byung Hun goes off to look for Yi Seul. She doesn’t know why, but her chest feels a bit tight watching him. Awww. These people in a dating agency, not knowing they like someone when they do. Seems to be a common denominator between all of them.

Byung Hun shows Yi Seul the pendant she gave him when they were young and asks if she remembers what she said to him then. He deflates a bit when she doesn’t. She’d asked him then if he knew what the meaning was behind that gift. She laughs in wonder in her wide-eyed innocence back then. So did he come all the way just to ask her that? Haha, this didn’t go as he expected at all, did it? He quickly retracts and covers up by saying that he’s here to buy something to commemorate the reopening of her workshop.

When he gets back into the car, Min Young demands to know what he went in for. He gives her a necklace (probably the one he just bought, haha) in exchange for her silence. She guesses that he didn’t get to say what he went in to say. Nail, meet head. As they drive away, Yi Seul watches them from her door. Mumbling to herself, she calls him an idiot, and that he should have asked the question a long time ago.

Back in the car, Min Young wonders if Arang is okay. Byung Hun says he’ll be fine, and he’ll just treat this as an instance of betrayal. Min Young frowns upon that, but ends up getting picked on. She defends herself by saying that although she got dumped, she learnt a lot. Which doesn’t escape his razor sharp tongue as Byung Hun apologises for not knowing that getting dumped is something to be proud of. I love their banter.

Our boy Arang gets a ride home on the back of Moo Jin’s motorcycle as he flashes back to his encounter with Se Kyung. Before she ran off to look for Ray, she left him with a consolation line – she has good taste, because she used to like him. Poor Arang.

We then cut to our next case – two chefs in a cooking competition, Korea No 1. The next client is Choi Dal In (Lee Kwang Soo), who describes how he first thought his love interest was the scariest woman ever. She’s the rival chef in the competition, Dokko Mi Jin. She is confident in her skills, and when the judges show a preference for Dal In’s dish, she questions their taste and demands for them to state what was wrong with hers. Only your overbearing attitude, dearie.

When Dal In is declared the winner, she glares at him and walks off, dumping her dish into the bin. Dal In is determined not to even look at her again, but she opens her restaurant near his bakery. And so he’s smitten. Even the ever-positive Min Young sounds a bit defeated – she’s watched the programme and thinks Mi Jin hates him. Arang nods emphatically. Cute.

It seems like it’s going to be a no-go, until Dal In reveals how he found out about Cyrano. His uncle is one of the loan sharks, and he strides in at that very moment (and also asks for a discount for his nephew, lol). He threatens Byung Hun, who accepts the case immediately. Dal In hugs him in joy. The look on Byung Hun’s face is priceless.

Afterwards, Byung Hun takes it out on a punching bag. Is that Arang trying to catch him on video using his phone? Haha. He announces to the team that on this mission their goal is maximum efficiency at the lowest cost. Because their failure = him on the roof again. Byung Hun would drag them along too, but Min Young quite casually says that they can just quit then.

The minions laugh at their scheme with Seung Pyo in the cafe. It turns out that the minion sent his nephew there on purpose, knowing that the mission would be impossible to complete. The relaxed atmosphere is interrupted by Hye Ri’s arrival, as the minions quickly reverted to angry loan shark mode and Seung Pyo becomes all fearful. At least it is funny, and not another complete waste of Lee Chun Hee’s scenes.

The next day, they do some recon on the target. They generally decide that she’s cool, calm and collected. Min Young recounts that on the cooking programme, she was so calm when she was handling live octopus, while Dal In was a blubbering mess. What she doesn’t realise is that Dal In is standing right next to her. Lol. He tries to explain that it was just stage fright, while Min Young quickly covers up. Byung Hun can’t resist but to imply that she’s not far from a blubbering mess herself now.

Byung Hun gets Dal In to approach Mi Jin as he usually does, and he does a dorky mic test before he goes. I don’t know why, but that’s just hilarious. (I must admit the Kwang Soo grates on me sometimes on Running Man, but he can also be adorable.) Mi Jin is hostile towards him, as expected, and turns down his gift. She shouts at her PA who turns up late, and Byung Hun notes from Dal In’s reactions that he’s a masochist. Min Young snipes that Byung Hun is a sadist, and when he threatens to show her what a sadist is really like, she calls him a pervert. Lol.

Mi Jin’s disgruntled PA complains to Dal In, and Byung Hun has an evil glint in his eye as he tells Min Young she’s going to be kept busy. At the team meeting, Byung Hun assigns Arang to find out more information about the target, while he and Moo Jin help out Min Young.

Min Young’s task is to approach Mi Jin. While at the supermarket, Min Young purposely asks for the same item that Mi Jin is after, then she recognises Mi Jin from the cooking programme. Meanwhile, Moo Jin tinkers with Mi Jin’s car so that it won’t start. Mi Jin is stranded, with the insurance company only able to arrive after an hour, she takes up Min Young’s offer for a ride.

Min Young introduces herself to Mi Jin as an aspiring chef. And right as they planned, Mi Jin’s PA calls her to tell her she’s quitting. Thanks to the tip-off from Dal In. Byung Hun laments that they could have earned a fortune from this case if he were not the loan shark’s nephew. Moo Jin silently asks him if Min Young is any good at cooking. They have no choice but to deploy Min Young, because Mi Jin would not hire men in her kitchen. According to Min Young, she has average cooking skills, so Byung Hun thinks she would be alright with the basics. Moo Jin reminds him that she also said she was an average drinker. Haha.

While Mi Jin is in Dal In’s bakery with Min Young, Min Young asks her why she comes here at all, if she hates him so much. Mi Jin quite straightly says that she doesn’t hate his bread, only him. Haha. I don’t know whether to take that as a glimmer of hope for Dal In or not. She flatly refuses his help to carry the bread over to her restaurant. He tries to prolong their interaction by inviting her to be the first guest on his tv show. She says no even before he finishes his sentence. Dude, I know you’re trying to woo her, but that’s rubbing salt into her wound.

In Mi Jin’s kitchen, she doesn’t seem too bad after all. She thanks Min Young for her help and invites her to come by again. Min Young asks if she could be her new assistant, but Mi Jin needs some time to think it over. Mi Jin moves on to do food prep, and asks Min Young to crack a few eggs. Min Young tries poking an egg open with a chopstick. I think we are clear on her cooking skills, aren’t we?

In the van, the boys look on, and Moo Jin suggests dressing Arang up as a girl and sending him instead. It’s surprising that Mi Jin doesn’t kick her out immediately, but just gets her to move on to peeling potatoes instead. That’s compassion there. Min Young blabbers an excuse about never cooking eggs before. Right. Potato peeling is another disaster, so Byung Hun calls her and shouts at her to get out of there immediately. Mi Jin is cool with it, and Min Young’s done the rest of the potatoes a favour there too.

Mi Jin discovers that her former assistant has forgotten to soak the mushrooms overnight. Min Young asks if she can’t soak them in hot water, but it would affect the taste. Min Young then suggests soaking in warm milk instead. It’s a lucky guess, as it goes with the sauce Mi Jin has in mind. And against her better judgement (and possibly out of gratitude), she asks Min Young to start work tomorrow. I feel sorry for the potatoes already.

Back at Cyrano, Arang shows Byung Hun some articles about Mi Jin and another male chef. He thinks it’s mostly gossip, but Byung Hun gets him to look further into it. Hmm. Byung Hun watches the footage from the cooking programme, and observes that she not only hates Dal In. Maybe she has a thing against men in general. He asks Moo Jin if he has the heart rate monitor. Min Young comes back and gloats about her success. Byung Hun dismisses it, comparing it to a blind man shooting down a crow. Arang thanks her for saving him from cross dressing, haha. Byung Hun gets her to practice her knife skills. She ends up trying to murder a variety of vegetables on the table. As she and Arang look sadly down upon the crime scene, she gets an idea.

Who better to teach her than the chef next door? She asks Seung Pyo for help, and he’s more than happy to do so. There is an odd glint in his eye though, like he’s cooking up a plan.

Meanwhile, Moo Jin manages to find the heart rate monitor and tests it out by doing a few jumps. It doesn’t really register any increase in his heart rate at all. We then see him out buying stuff for the mission in a cooking supplies shop, where Hye Ri runs into him. They walk back together, and Hye Ri tries to ask Moo Jin what his ideal type is. He’s never heard about it before, haha. He asks her what style she is (cute), and she asks him to think about which type he likes. He still has a lot to learn, as he is completely oblivious to Hye Ri falling down. She has to shout at him before he turns back to see that she’s fallen. When he helps her up, the proximity has him feeling all weird. He checks the heart rate monitor, which shows a massive increasing pulse rate. Looks like little robot is realising his attraction to Hye Ri.

Byung Hun finds out that Min Young has gone over to the cafe to learn from Seung Pyo, and he goes over to peek at them. Min Young tells Seung Pyo about the client and how Byung Hun thinks he’s a masochist. Seung Pyo disagrees, saying that it’s more of an imbalance of power between the person who likes and the one who is liked. It’s all a bit complex for Min Young, who rather see everyone love each other equally.

Seung Pyo asks Min Young if there is anyone she wants to cook for, but she doesn’t. She asks him the same question, and he says that there was someone he wanted to cook for, but he never managed to. That person has disappeared from this world. Ohhh.

Byung Hun is still spying on them at this point, and he spots two sneaky people with masks on lurking outside the cafe. They look suspiciously like the two minions, to be honest. He calls after them, and they scurry away. I’m not too sure if Seung Pyo has seen Byung Hun walk past, but he goes towards to door. He opens it up, then turns to Min Young and asks, “Do you want to date me?” Then we see Byung Hun standing round the corner, having heard the question.


One thing I really like about the show is that despite having 2-3 episodes on each client, we are still peppered with good development on the main characters. And I’m so glad to see the Master put to some good use that’s not just him smirking to himself or punching a sandbag. His character lost some relevance to me in the last few episodes but things seem to be really heating up now. Yay progress! And we had Arang discover his heart fluttering for a girl in the previous case, now it seems to be Moo Jin’s turn to find out that he doesn’t have a stone for a heart after all.

I am looking forward to seeing how Byung Hun will get the man-hating Mi Jin to fall for Dal In. I hope there is a justified reason for her hating men, and not just because her ex was a jerk who cheated on her. Also, I hope Min Young plays a more intelligent role in the cases, because she’s been made out to be a bit of a joke with everything. While I do laugh at her goofiness I’d like to think that she can contribute more to the team consciously, not just by sheer luck or by being female.

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