Love Around Episode 2

Episode 2 further introduces to the characters surrounding Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu. I was hoping for more cute between the two mains this episode, but turns out there are oodles of it in the other characters as well.

From the first episode, I thought George was a bit too stiff and too much of a cool cucumber. Not much different from his character in Love Me Now who was so uptight that he sometimes seemed constipated. So I’m dreading him carrying that on, as that might be a bit of a turn-off for me. Annie works her charm most of the time, except during her crying scenes.

Episode 2 introduces us to Xiao Shu’s family. There’s Dad and Mum, who are really strict with her, curfew and all. We also find that Xiao Shu had a younger brother, Kai, who’s died, for some reason not yet known to us. Someone is responsible his death though, and he/she leaves flowers at his grave every year. Dad is particularly affected by the loss of his son, as he quite emotionally disposes of the other bouquet of flowers left there. Although he seems strict, I quite like Daddy Liang. And Mummy Liang.

The whole family harbours a lot of resentment towards the person who I am guessing could be Zhou Zhen’s father, Zhou Kuan. Several hints are dropped, like how Xiao Shu makes rather thinly veiled criticisms of him on air. He ends up calling in to have a debate with her, without admitting who he is, of course. Xiao Shu also quite openly admits that she hates gangsters.

Speaking of gangsters, we also get introduced to Zhou Zhen’s family. In addition to bratty little sister, there’s Gangster Dad and Childish Grandma. I know sometimes older people can be a bit childlike, but Grandma Zhou is a child. I’m really more used to Grandmas being more matronly, but childish grandma characters are really quite common in Taiwan dramas. Sigh. I’m not even going to talk about the whole gangster family, because apart from Dad and Zhen’s assistant, I don’t like any of them.

I’m sure his assistant is called Phillip, and he seems like the only person on the gangster side with a more humanly personality. Not afraid to get a bit cheeky with Zhen as well, which should be good for brewing a bromance. Heh.

Our second main couple is actually Ying Ying and a straight-laced boy, Zhe Xuan. They have their meet cute in this episode, and although I really don’t like Ying Ying, he’s quite interesting. He’s a bit quirky and takes things literally, which frustrates Ying Ying.

Right then, on to Xiao Shu’s colleagues, who are the the typical bunch of tw-drama supporting characters. But all very lovable for their good intentions. Jessica, who’s Xiao Shu’s supervisor, is always looking out for her. Feifei and James have a bit of a bickering relationship, which could blossom into something interesting. (And these two actors seem to have more spark with each other compared to the actual second couple.)

Going back to Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu, I feel that they built up on their connection even more in this episode. So far I doubt that they have any romantic feelings for the other person yet. It’s more of helping each other move on from their past relationship. I don’t mind the relationship blossoming slowly. What I do have a problem with is how they created conflict for them. How ridiculous is it that Xiao Shu’s ex is not only a cheating jerk, but is also suddenly connected to gangsters? And the fact that he was threatening his ex with a brick, expecting some random guy like Zhen to care? Zhou Zhen could have walked away at any time, except he’s too much of a good man to do that. I know this is the point they were selling, but it just didn’t come across as convincing at all. I’d like more cute between the OTP please, and less mopey moments. Enough with the watches and the baseball bat. The only place I’d like the baseball bat to be is in Xiao Shu’s ex’s face.

I’m really counting on the amazing chemistry between George and Annie to carry me through the rest of the series, and I hope they don’t let me down next week.


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