Love Around Episode 3

The pacing of Love Around feels really relaxed for a weekly drama. Not that I mind, because what we had this episode was good.

Last week we had Zhou Zhen take a few hard punches from Xiao Shu’s ex, Jason. It’s now time for payback, as we saw him speak to his assistant Phillip on the phone. So we start off with Phillip gleefully bringing his boss to meet Jason, who is in a huge crater. Lol. The visual gag is hilarious. And it’s such a gangster thing to do. Zhou Zhen is not too impressed with the method, reminding Phillip that he only asked to meet him. Once he sees the boss frown upon the gangster way, Phillip quickly defends himself by saying that Jason dug the hole himself. Lol, so they made Jason dig himself a grave? So wrong, but so funny.

Zhou Zhen tells off Jason in a very menacing mobster way, warning him to never see Xiao Shu again and that this conversation never happened. Jason does go to apologise to Xiao Shu the following day, much to her surprise. But that’s about it for that asshole. We should never ever have to see him again too, hopefully.

Xiao Shu tries to replace Zhou Zhen’s damaged watch and invites him along. He tells her for the millionth time that he doesn’t want a new watch, but she drags him into the shop anyway. He gets recognised by the shop assistant, who mistakes Xiao Shu for his girlfriend. Xiao Shu plays along, but Zhou Zhen doesn’t, and tells the assistant that he broke up with his girlfriend. Awkward.

To her credit, Xiao Shu is really cool about it. She offers to repay him in time instead of a new watch, suggesting they have a singles day out. She takes him to a posh restaurant for afternoon tea first, but when Xiao Shu sends him ahead first to answer her mum’s phone call, Zhou Zhen ends up running into his ex.

His ex introduces Zhou Zhen to her new boyfriend, and she makes sure to mention that he’s a doctor from a squeaky clean background. Seriously? Zhou Zhen is gracious about it. When she leaves the restaurant she engages in a bit of a door battle with Xiao Shu, which I take to be a symbolic meaning for their future tousle over Zhou Zhen. And sure enough, we see her and her possibly-impromptu boyfriend looking in on Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu.

Xiao Shu advises him to move forward from his previous relationship, since his ex has moved on, and rather quickly at that. He agrees, but says that he wanted to move forward slowly. She suggests they do stuff that only single people can do, which includes getting single rings on their pinky to proclaim their availability. And next, they go to a dating agency. Haha.

He finds it awkward, but she reasons that he needs to make more friends. He looks at her details on the registration form and realises that she’s the DJ at the station he calls in regularly. He tells her about it and they excitedly chat about their newfound connection. He thanks her for her words of encouragement on air.

When the staff comes round to collect their registration form, the conversation between Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu flows even more naturally when the topic of baseball comes up. They quite naturally make plans to watch a baseball match together, and the lady says that they should be quite set for their date then. They protest at that but end up going together anyway.

The baseball match is cute as Xiao Shu gets Zhou Zhen out of his shell a bit. She trips when she tries to catch the home run ball, but he catches her. She hugs him in joy when she realises that he’s caught the ball for her after all. Awww. He then pulls her out before the match is over so that she doesn’t miss her curfew. He offers to send her home but she refuses. Her reason is that they’re both single now, so they need to get used to not getting sent home or not sending someone home.

I love how he looked at her when she said her parting words of encouragement. I’d like to think that he’s falling for her already.

The next morning, Xiao Shu goes for breakfast and runs into Zhe Xuan, the guy who had a run-in with Ying Ying, Zhou Zhen’s bratty sister. He notices her ordering the same thing as her, and curiously looks over to see her squeeze a smiley face with ketchup on her crepe. He then secretly rings the shop lady to ask for Xiao Shu, which confirms to him that it’s her. She takes it the wrong way though, thinking that he’s the creepy perv who rings her up at the station.

She tries to avoid him, but finds him waiting at the entrance to her home. Oops. He turns out to be her childhood friend, and they were best buds back then. He was a lonely boy and Liang Mama would let him come over and feed him while both his parents were at work. Then, he moved away and they lost contact.

Liang Baba and Liang Mama are also thrilled to see him again. When they find out that he’s an accountant now, they offer him a job as the accountant at the station. Turns out Xiao Shu and her family owns the radio station after all. Liang Baba used his retirement funds and the house to fund the radio station to help Xiao Shu with her passion for broadcasting.

When Zhe Xuan leaves with Xiao Shu, he asks after Xiao Shu’s brother. Her smile falters as she tells him that he’s passed away, but she promises to tell him about it another day. Zhe Xuan laments that some things have changed after all.

The next bit is about Ying Ying’s petty comeback at Zhe Xuan for their previous run-in. It’s so petty and childish that it’s not funny, not even when her prank backfires on her. She ends up with her skirt on the ground and all she does is scream while covering her face (so that no one recognises her). Seriously. Wailing about it in public is only going to make people remember you for disrupting their lives. My expression is not much different from Zhe Xuan’s, plus a massive eyeroll please. I pity him if he were to fall for such an airhead.

At the office, there is a slight panic amongst the staff when all their advertisements were pulled off air. Something smells fishy, as a guy comes around to speak with Xiao Shu, offering to buy the radio station. Could this possibly be Zhou Zhen’s dad, buying out the station because they’ve pissed him off? He’s definitely behind the advertisers pulling their ads, because he scoffs about it as he listens to Xiao Shu’s broadcast.

Xiao Shu confides in Zhou Zhen about her problems, and he advises her to deploy some delay tactics for as long as possible. He finds something fishy in the whole situation as well, but it seems like he’s not aware of his father’s involvement just yet. According to Zhe Xuan’s calculations, the station would survive for a maximum of 3 months unless Xiao Shu gets more advertisers.


I like the developments between our OTP so far, plenty of cute yet a lot of things connecting them together in an unforced manner. From his reaction to her broadcast, he’s going to try and help Xiao Shu secure more advertisements for her station. I like how their relationship is developing slowly, and they are both recovering from their previous one on their own terms. I’m quite glad that Zhou Zhen lightened up a bit this episode, although I think that’s more to do with him being around Xiao Shu in most of his scenes. Can’t wait for the next episode now.


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