Love Around Episode 4

I wasn’t much inspired by Episode 4, it seemed like there was too much plodding along for me. This drama isn’t that rich in plot unlike a lot of k-dramas, but the charm is in the characters and their chemistry.

Xiao Shu was thrown into a crisis last week with her advertisers pulling their commercials off-air. She goes around to one of them to find out why, and to possibly win them back. The staff fob her off with the excuse that the manager is not in, but Xiao Shu can see his car parked outside. Zhou Zhen sees her in trouble and offers his own way of helping – by reversing his own car into the manager’s. That manages to draw him out, but the man tells Xiao Shu that they’ve decided to go with another radio station with a cheaper rate. Zhou Zhen perks up at the name of the new radio station.

Unsurprisingly, Daddy Zhou is behind this, as the new radio station competing with Xiao Shu is one that belongs to Daddy’s cronies. Daddy refuses to budge because of Xiao Shu’s constant jabs at him on air, and says that she’s just like Zhou Zhen’s ex. Zhou Zhen is torn between his friend and family. The less I can say about Zhou Zhen’s family, the better. I don’t like any one of them, not even the granny, who is only less annoying than his bratty sister. Don’t get me started on his sister and her silly attempt to get back at Zhe Xuan either. Thankfully Zhou Zhen has none of his sister’s idiocy. Is he adopted?

Xiao Shu’s side of the story is always a bit more heartwarming. She’s misled into thinking that her staff are all looking for greener pastures now that the station is in financial trouble. She’s proved wrong when Jessica turns up with one new advertiser, and the rest write sweet little notes to clear up her misunderstanding.

They also offer up their own savings to help out, and everyone is shocked at the amount (or the lack of) of savings James has. He sheepishly admits that he ‘invests in himself’. I love them and their silliness.

There’s not much OTP interaction to keep me happy this episode – they had about 4 scenes together, if you don’t include flashbacks (yes, they’ve resorted to flashbacks only in Episode 4, how desperate are they). My favourite part was when he called in to the station to request his usual song, only now they know they are talking to each other, and he dedicates the song to her (Miss L) to support her through tough times. She also asks after him on air, and indirectly nudges him to choose his family over his friend. If only she knew.

This takes a load off Zhou Zhen, although he does disagree with his father’s methods, it seems to break his heart watching Xiao Shu be unhappy. I would have liked it more if he came forth with the truth about his family to her, and it seemed as though he wanted to, but didn’t. He just offers to buy her breakfast, but ends up buying for everyone at the radio station. Their reaction to meeting him in person is hilarious.

He sees first hand the difficulty that Xiao Shu is going through, and decides to help her. She meets him at a lottery shop, where he persuades her to try her luck with a scratchcard. He distracts her, then swaps her card with a winning one. She hugs him in joy, and he congratulates her and quickly makes his exit. Hah. We then see that he and Phillip spent more than the amount that she won to get the winning scratchcard. Awww. I like Phillip too; he’s more brawn than brains sometimes and it makes for good entertainment.

I hope that Zhou Zhen would think outside the box a bit to be honest. Dramas like to give their characters ultimatums but it’s always a pleasant surprise if they can work it out some other way. Hopefully he will meet Zhe Xuan and two of them can put their heads together to figure something out. Zhe Xuan is a smart guy and I like that he has his own principles, like how he refused to apologise and would rather take a punch from Phillip. I hate for him to fall for the bratty sister though, the thought of it makes me cringe.

Next episode is tomorrow! Where has the week gone?!


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