Bii To Make An Appearance On Love Around

Bii is going to make a guest appearance on Love Around. Bii is the singer for the opening and closing themes, which are songs from his latest album, Come Back To Bii. The album is quite a good listen. It’s been a while since I properly followed the Taiwanese music scene (the last album I listened to was Fanfan’s Together, which feels like ages ago) so I’m not too acquainted with who’s who, especially newbies like Bii.

He’s a really good looking fella, and absolutely rocking the suit. He looks like an adorable lost puppy. I wonder how they’re going to turn that into extreme cycling. And why is George wearing that horrible bandanna?

Ahem, heels? Is that what they dress popstars in nowadays? The pop music scene has really changed from what I used to know then.


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