Love Around Episode 5

I think this episode should be named “The Awakening of Zhou Zhen”, because it really does feel like my boy’s finally woke up with some determination to help Xiao Shu out. Goodbye furrowed brows and constant tension, Zhou Zhen has lightened up! (Quite literally too.)


The episode opens with Xiao Shu going to look for her landlord to ask him not to terminate her lease. The landlord has had a quick change of heart, telling her that he’s changed his mind about the lease after all. Xiao Shu is overjoyed. As she leaves, Zhou Zhen steps out (from wherever he was hiding) and we see him give a knowing nod to the landlord. Awww. He must have stepped in to change the landlord’s mind. He’s spent too much money on scratchcards to see Xiao Shu falter over something as minor as the lease, haha.

Xiao Shu and her colleagues have a mini-celebration over their little triumph. They hilariously only allow her to have a soft drink while they have beers, knowing too well how poor her alcohol tolerance is. Zhou Zhen arrive to join them in their celebration. He then pulls Xiao Shu aside to ask her for a favour – he wants to work in broadcasting, and asks her to hire him. He even makes up an excuse about his current contract ending, so he’s unemployed. He as good as pouts at her. Aww.

She pulls him away from the eavesdropping colleagues, and asks if he really thinks that the station is in such dire need of his expertise. He says that her station really does help, which batters her pride a bit. It’s nothing personal, but he points out that all her staff are DJs, and there is no one to focus on running the administrative side of things. She thinks she cant’ afford him, but they agree on a salary and shake on it. Yay!

And cue makeover sequence!

Ok I was just kidding. Zhou Zhen delibrates on what to wear the following day, and picks a pink shirt. Granny walks in on him and is shocked to see him in something not black. She calls for Ying Ying to get an ambulance, because she must be colour blind, Zhou Zhen has turned pink. Lol. How could you not roll your eyes at her silliness. Both the ladies approve of his new look.

Zhou Zhen eventually ditches the pink shirt and settle for a white striped shirt and a white jacket instead, which is quite symbolic of him ditching his dad’s dark side and going over to the good guys. Haha. He tells Dad that he’s going to work at Xiao Shu’s station, which Dad disapproves. Zhou Zhen’s reason for doing it is to understand why Xiao Shu hates Dad so much. And once he knows, he will work to get rid of Xiao Shu’s prejudiced view of Dad his way. I’m so glad for this.

Zhou Zhen reports for work, and he perks up when the colleagues discuss about a Mr Zhou who has received several complaints from listeners, so they expect Xiao Shu to comment on him on air today. This rings alarm bells for him, as it will be a disaster if Xiao Shu attacks his father on air again on his first day at work. Definitely won’t work well for his plan anyway. He breathes a sigh of relief when he hears that it’s another Mr Zhou that Xiao Shu reports about.

Xiao Shu notices his new look immediately (aww) and asks everyone to take care of him (aww). He has a lead for a possible advertisement, so he needs someone more familiar with the broadcasting of commercials to come along. Xiao Shu offers to go with him, while everyone is impressed with his progress.

The lead is a furniture company who have never before used radio commercials. Zhou Zhen appeals to them by saying that most of their customers need to drive to reach them, so radio commercials would be an effective way of advertising. The manager asks for ideas for their commercial, and Xiao Shu comes up with an impromptu idea, which gives us our first skinship of the episode. Yay! The idea is quite good as well. They then fall into bed together, which is an accident, but that’s a bit too cheesy and typical of twdramas for me to enjoy.

They score the advertisement for a year, and Xiao Shu treats Zhou Zhen to lunch to reward his hard work. While eating, she spots him looking longingly at the sweet father and son at the nearby table. She guesses that his dilemma about choosing between his family or friend is still ongoing, and offers to dedicate a song to his family on air to break the tension. She thinks that family conflict can be quite easily overcome with a hug.Zhou Zhen asks if she has any brothers. She tells him that her brother has passed away. He compares a father-son relationship to two lions, both stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

Xiao Shu laughs it off – he can choose not to be a lion, but a kitty cat sometimes. He ends the conversation there, and she looks crestfallen.

We then get to the customary scene of Ying Ying acting like a spoilt brat in front of Zhe Xuan again, and he puts her in her place yet again. I wish I had more to say about them, but I really don’t.

Back at the station, Xiao Shu asks James for a favour, and he agrees to do it if she plays his songs on air for three days. He’s quite a good negotiator, ha. Zhou Zhen meets Phillip in the car, where Phillip hands over some documents for him to read. The first thing he does is to tune in to the station. So Zhou Zhen hasn’t actually left his job to work at the station, he’s working both jobs, but he asks Phillip not to tell anyone. He perks up when Xiao Shu talks about her friend and his father’s relationship on air. She advises him to let loose a bit sometimes and be a kitty cat, and things may get better.

 He actually smiles as she and James sings an unplugged and off-pitch version of 哥哥爸爸真偉大 on air. Oh my. Phillip teases his boss about being close to Xiao Shu, which promptly earns him a glare. Even then, he relaxes back into a smile right after. Awww.

James and the other colleagues talk to Xiao Shu about her and Zhou Zhen. They obviously sense something going on, especially with Zhou Zhen helping her out and sticking about lately. James tells her about the 3 steps to confession – the first is flowers, second is holding hands, and the third is skinship, preferably kissing. Jessica asks her to see Zhou Zhen as a man, and she might actually find him to be quite compatible with her. She’s such a great girlfriend.

After Zhou Zhen is done, he runs into Xiao Shu. He gives her the flowers he got from a charity donation, which she misunderstands as Step 1 to a confession. They get into the lift together, and the lift malfunctions. (I really hate this as a plot device.) She’s already nervous from overthinking the flowers, but it gets worse when he brushes past her to get to the lift alarm. He teases her for pressing the wrong button to ask for help while she shrinks into one corner of the lift, all flustered.

Meanwhile, Zhe Xuan is outside the lift, and notices it stuck on the 14th floor. He notifies the security guard to get it fixed. Poor Xiao Shu is so consumed in James’s confession theory that she starts plucking the petals from her flower doing the ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ routine. Zhou Zhen sits next to her and notices her unusual behaviour.

Her last petal ends in ‘he loves me’. He thinks that she’s panicking because of the broken lift, so he grabs her hand to reassure her. He’s worried, but she panics even more because he’s done Step 2 now.

She asks him to back off a bit because the lift is small. The lift gives them a jolt, which of course sends her into his arms. In her moment of madness, she blurts out Step 3. She shrinks back into her corner of the lift, and he does too, but not without feeling weirded out.

When Zhe Xuan reaches the office, he tells the others about the broken lift. James puts two and two together and laughs that it would be such a coincidence if the lift is broken and both Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen are stuck in it. They all realise that it’s a real possibility as Zhe Xuan says that the lift is stuck on their floor, so they rush over.

Zhe Xuan calms Xiao Shu down from outside the lift, and Zhou Zhen clocks their closeness as Zhe Xuan suggests playing a word game with idioms. After Zhe Xuan’s first idiom, Zhou Zhen quietly suggests one that means ‘one and only love’, which sends Xiao Shu into a further panic, thinking that he’s saying that to her as a confession. She reels in her own silliness when she realises that it’s part of the game. Thankfully she is saved when the lift door is finally opened. Quite literally.

They both get out safely, and Zhou Zhen is formally introduced to Zhe Xuan. Xiao Shu buys everyone ice lollies for losing the word game, and because Zhou Zhen got them the furniture advert. (Don’t they have ever run out of things to celebrate? It’s only been a day…) Xiao Shu passes Zhe Xuan his favourite flavour. She then brings another one to Zhou Zhen, and his hand brushes against hers as he takes it. Xiao Shu pulls her hand away too quickly, which puzzles him. Zhe Xuan notices the whole exchange with a dark expression.

When Zhou Zhen returns home, he apologises to Dad with a bottle of kaoliang. Dad recognises an opening when he sees one, thankfully. He takes out his 28-year-old kaoliang, which he meant to open on Zhou Zhen’s birthday had he not come home late. Dad was mad at him on his birthday because for the first time, Zhou Zhen stuck up for someone who was not family. Zhou Zhen insists that he just wants to prove that his father is a good person with his own way. He understands that Dad wants to protect him and Ying Ying by showing that he’s not a mobster anymore. But Zhou Zhen wants to use his own method to protect Dad. Aww. Meow.

Dad softens a bit, saying that Xiao Shu’s radio show today was alright. He gives Zhou Zhen three months to change her mind about him, and promises not to buy out her radio station if he succeeds.

On the bus ride home, Zhe Xuan asks Xiao Shu about the ring on her little finger. She explains about the ring, and he seems a bit relieved that it’s not a couple ring. Haha. She then asks him if a guy listens to a girl’s problems, and is there for her when she need help, does this mean that he likes her? He says it could be, and the look of hope on Xiao Shu’s face is telling.


He backtracks by adding that it might not be. He wonders if she’s describing Zhou Zhen, but she counters that he’s not allowed to ask another question before answering hers. He thinks that it’s more important to know if the girl likes the guy in the first place, if not everything that the guy does will be meaningless. He does have a point. So, does she like Zhou Zhen?


I really loved this episode. So much goodness in it, I don’t even know where to start. I love how quickly everyone around Xiao Shu has figured out that there may be something between her and Zhou Zhen, because the girl is really slow when it comes to this sort of thing. I love her even more for stepping up and saying that she will take charge of her own romantic life in her own pace, thank you very much. My heart broke a bit for Zhe Xuan when he figured out that Xiao Shu likes Zhou Zhen. Their scene in the bus was really strong as well, how he got her to think about her feelings for Zhou Zhen, even when she’s not aware/not ready to admit to them yet.

And Zhou Zhen totally outshines everyone else in this episode. He not only lightened up, but it’s quite obvious the only reason that he’s all smiley and happy is because he’s around Xiao Shu all the time. Duh. I’m not sure if he realises that his feelings towards Xiao Shu is romantic at this point, but I’m glad that he’s going somewhere with it. His development with his dad is also a great highlight of the episode. He backed down first, and in the end they both compromised with a time limit. See? That’s what communication brings to relationships. And he gets to try his way of doing things while falling for Xiao Shu. Win-win-win situation! (The last win is for me, of course.) Although I hate using the broken lift as a plot device, I did enjoy their chemistry and interaction in the scene. He was so caring and nice to her, while she was acting all paranoid and worried in a hilarious manner. The reactions from both George and Annie were priceless.

Bring on the next episode then!


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