Some Love Around Goodies Featuring Goody-Two-Shoes Accountant And Bratty Rich Girl

The title should say it all, really. But what’s this? Zhe Xuan actually looking happy in a scene with Ying Ying? And she’s not even in pain or being tortured?!

And he’s actually looking a bit…smitten in this one. Wow. I hope they handle the transformation from heartbroken puppy to this in a sensible way. After all, I predict that he will be losing his first crush in the next episode. I just hope that they can remain friends.

Or maybe he wasn’t smitten, just wondering where his sanity has gone, since he’s having to spend time with someone he detests.

Let’s face it, I don’t really care about whether these two get together or not. I enjoy having Zhe Xuan as a voice of reason in the show and being the only other person apart from her brother to be able to put her in her place. As for Ying Ying, less is more.


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