New Stills From Love Around With Sneak Preview Of Episode 8

Seems like Zhou Zhen will get into a spot of trouble himself trying to save Xiao Shu. I think this means that there will be more OTP moments, but right now I’m a bit too annoyed at Xiao Shu and the drama in general to be all excited and squeeing.

Plus, another still of gorgeous George Hu, just to make me feel better.

Preview for Episode 8:

Looks like Daddy Zhou has a bit of a dilemma to deal with. And I spot Phillip as well! I missed having him around the past two episodes. He always seemed to play off Zhou Zhen’s seriousness very well, but I guess with Zhou Zhen becoming less serious he naturally didn’t have to be around. But the bromance could do with some developing, and we need more lighter moments in the drama to cancel out the crazy.


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