Love Around Cast Celebrates George Hu’s Birthday

It’s George Hu’s birthday today! Jack Lee, Elleya Tao and most importantly, Annie Chen, were around to celebrate his birthday on set. Do I need any more reasons to post about them lovelies? Have a look at some pretty pictures, then.

I love how Jack Lee is so unlike his uptight character in real life, haha. He seems quite wu-li-tou at times from the BTS footage I’ve seen, and as different from Zhe Xuan as you can imagine.

Annie revealed George’s age when she wished him happy birthday on weibo, to which he replied “there’s nothing secret about being 13!”. How cheeky! It’s quite clear that they have a good relationship off-screen, but they’ll keep us guessing as to whether they are really an item. I love them both and would be so happy for them if they were.


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