Swoonworthy New Stills Of Love Around OTP

Found some sweet stills of our Love Around OTP on the SET official page. I’m rooting for this OTP so hard that it’s unbelievable.

I loved Episode 8 despite finding it a bit slow-paced, because it hit the right notes for me in terms of character development. We saw how Xiao Shu overcome her rigid idea of black and white/right and wrong and use her heart instead. She then was able to give a chance to resolve publicly her misunderstanding with Daddy Zhou.

And in the process, I think Zhou Zhen has also realised that Xiao Shu has inched her way into becoming one of the more important people in his life. He sees the goodness in her, and even though they come from different (and perhaps even conflicting) backgrounds, they share this connection that neither of them can deny.

The next photo can be a bit spoilery, but not in a major way. You have been warned.

This looks like a scene from Ying Ying’s store opening, which was also shown in the BTS for Episode 8. Zhou Zhen is sporting some glasses here and carries off the whole look really well. He’s probably helping his sister to sell her wares, which isn’t surprising. I’m digging his gradual wardrobe transformation from dark and gloomy to bright and happy since meeting Xiao Shu, which speaks bucketloads for his transition in character.


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