Love Around Episode 10

Let’s just call this the episode of rainbows and unicorns. The drama let the OTP communicate with each other and brought out the happy. Like I predicted, they set us in a happy mood in time with Chinese Valentine’s Day this week. This of course sets the scene for angst in the next episode in whatever form of nonsensical obstacles that they can throw in their way, but they’ll weather the storm, these two.


Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu ring the bell of happiness. He tells her that unless she lets go, he won’t leave her side. That’s so sweet. They take a little walk after, and Xiao Shu admits that it feels surreal to her. It’s the first time for her to confess her feelings first, and she still doesn’t know what he thinks about her. Zhou Zhen laughs, then grabs her single ring and throws it into the ocean.

He tells her she doesn’t need it anymore, neither does he. He announces that they are both not single now. Which is a bit of a turnaround way of expressing his feelings for her. What I loved is how he jokingly asked her to fire James in faux jealousy, and she quickly stands up for James, only to realise he was teasing.

When they return to the hotel, they meet with the others, who are of course curious where they both were. Jessica puts a stop to things by diverting attention to setting up the barbecue for later. Granny appears at the hotel because she’s all alone at home, and she tags along to the barbecue. She’s so cutely excited to meet the DJs, raving over them and asking them for autographs.

The barbecue session has more cute in it than anything else. Zhou Zhen also finds out that Xiao Shu’s dream is to be able to pitch in a baseball game. The colleagues notice them getting handsy with each other, and eggs them on loudly.

Zhou Zhen tells them that they are already together, which prompts them to tease both of them even more. But they give the OTP their alone time, even throwing in some fireworks to add on to the atmosphere. Well, I’d accept any excuse for cuteness at this point.

When Zhou Zhen goes to get his car to take Granny home, Xiao Shu sits with her to wait. Granny thanks Xiao Shu for introducing Zhou Zhen to this group of friends. Granny tells her about little Zhou Zhen, who was a very serious child. When Daddy Zhou went to prison, he had to man up and protect his sister, so he always kept a strong and fierce facade. He didn’t have a lot of friends because of this.

He also never really had a chance to go out with friends and join in school trips, as there were always worries about his and Ying Ying’s safety. Awww. Poor lonely boy. Granny has never seen him so happy before, so she’s really thankful. She hopes that with Xiao Shu around, he won’t ever be lonely again.

Meanwhile, Zhou Zhen gets cornered by Jessica and James, who question his sincerity towards Xiao Shu. Aww, they’re so amazing. Jessica encourages him to be more proactive in the relationship, and not to hurt Xiao Shu. Zhou Zhen stresses that he will take care of Xiao Shu and won’t leave her unless Xiao Shu wants him to. James tries to intimidate Zhou Zhen, which fails spectacularly, because who’s his daddy?

Zhou Zhen finds Xiao Shu and Granny chatting happily, and Granny decides to go home on her own to allow the couple to have some alone time. She even tries to get Phillip to put them in the presidential suite, and when told it’s not available, asks them to go home together. Haha. Zhou Zhen expertly persuades her into the car eventually.

Ying Ying is feeling the brunt of running a retail business, as she complains about having to stand all day. Zhe Xuan tells her she’s still running at a loss, but she’s surprisingly positive (or blissfully ignorant?) about it. Zhe Xuan reminds them to be more mindful about their expenses. Ying Ying nonchalantly replies that they just need to make more money then, and gets an idea. She asks Zhe Xuan to go on a working trip with her.

Ying Ying’s idea is a photoshoot to take her business online as well. He’s impressed by her idea (which is quite a no-brainer in this day and age really). Until she slips up, that is. He asks who he needs to pay for the shoot, and she reminds him to pay for the yacht as well. My first thought was, did she buy a freaking yacht?! But no, she was going to rent one to party, because they’re already at the beach, so why not? He refuses to let her use money from the business for her lavish needs. He storms off, and Ying Ying tries to go after him, but with one mis-step she falls into the sea.

Zhe Xuan jumps in to save her, and Pei Li screams for help. Then we cut to: Ying Ying pulling him out of the water. Hahaha, we knew that Ying Ying could swim from the first episode, but Zhe Xuan obviously has no clue. Ying Ying gets worked up at him for putting himself in danger when he obviously doesn’t know how to swim himself. She is in tears because he’s usually so logical, while he just dumbly says that he didn’t have time to think.

Later on, she worries about the after effects of his near-drowning experience, but he tells her that he’ll be fine and thanks her. And it’s not just Ying Ying. Pei Li has found a new hero in Zhe Xuan, and she quite cutely says that if it doesn’t work out between her and Zhou Zhen, she can be with Zhe Xuan. Lol.

Breakfast at the hotel is another cutesy affair, as Zhou Zhen meets her as promised. He gets her favourite things from the buffet, thanks to the tips by the colleagues. She’s pleasantly surprised by his knowledge, which he credits to the little genies around her. They tease the couple a bit more, and there’s too much cute going around. When they leave, Zhou Zhen sends them off happily, asking them to come again. It’s so cute, because he just beams at them. There is of course more teasing when he tells Xiao Shu he’ll call her.

We get a bit of a montage of Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s little moments together, like him picking her up from home, shopping together and him calling into her radio show to request for a song for her. This leads up to the day when he first holds her hand. We have to keep in mind that Xiao Shu is rather conservative, and he’s obviously quite respectful of that, seeing how he dealt with Granny’s incessant pushing.

They make plans for Chinese Valentine’s Day with each other, with Xiao Shu planning the day and him the night. We see him buying tickets to a baseball match, while she prepares a few bags and a backpack full of stuff. Xiao Shu tells her mum about her plans with Zhou Zhen, and mum gives her blessing for her to be with him. She even offers to extend her curfew, but Xiao Shu says there’s no need to.

Xiao Shu takes him to relive her childhood, which is so sweet. She even brought a watermelon! Who does that? They roast sweet potatoes and cutely reach for each other’s ears when they touch a hot rock, because that’s what Xiao Shu said she used to do. They go cycling while Xiao Shu flies a kite, which is one of Xiao Shu’s childhood dreams. Awww. And more skinship for us.

Their last stop is for graduation photos. Little Zhou Zhen had to take his graduation photo alone because he had no friends. Xiao Shu says that she would have been his best friend had she met him when they were kids. Zhou Zhen is moved, and he hugs her with this huge smile on his face. They take loads of goofy photos in their schoolboy/girl outfits.

When they arrive at the baseball stadium for the match, Zhou Zhen takes her into the courtside entrance. The announcer calls out for Xiao Shu to throw the opening pitch. Xiao Shu is shocked, and Zhou Zhen tells her that he wanted to make her dream come true on their first Valentine’s Day together.

She pitches (badly, because he makes fun of her later), and she just looks at the ball she threw in wonder throughout the whole match, like she’s still in disbelief. She’s so cute.

She worries that he went to a lot of trouble to score her the opening pitch, but he assures her that it doesn’t matter, as long as she’s happy. They then see another couple on the kiss cam, and Xiao Shu is relieved that it wasn’t them. Of course, as soon as she says it, both of them appear on the big screens and the crowd urges them to kiss.

Zhou Zhen laughs awkwardly and clocks Xiao Shu’s reaction, then suggests that they leg it on the count of three. But when he grabs her hand to go on three, Xiao Shu just stands up and readies herself for a kiss. He’s genuinely surprised, but he steps in to kiss her amidst more unnecessary fireworks. They just smile happily at each other when they break away, and I’m smiling to myself like an idiot too.


I really honestly enjoyed all the mindless cute in this episode. And the show really banked on the chemistry between George and Annie to showcase the OTP. Because all the montages of the dating and the graduation photoshoot, all those interactions with little or no dialogue, that’s all George and Annie for you. They can turn it on just like that, and in those moments, I see more George and Annie than Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu. I’m not a RL-shipper and I’m not all that concerned if the two are dating in real life, but I can feel all that chemistry between them and it makes for a lot of the cute.

Our little Ying Ying-Zhe Xuan moment this episode was really good too, even if I don’t care much for them. When Ying Ying pulled Zhe Xuan out of the water, her concern for Zhe Xuan came across really well, and for once I didn’t think she was overacting. And then she went back to her old self in the next few scenes, which has me convinced that the less lines she has to say the better.

I’d maybe watch this another 3 or 4 times to keep the cute fresh in my mind, because I’m not looking forward to angst at all.


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