More Highlights From Love Around Episode 10

Because just one post wasn’t enough.

#1: The way he looked at her when she told him about how she always wanted to pitch at a baseball game. (Seems like a convenient way for PPL, but George really does make the moment count.)

#2: Their childish behaviour at the barbecue. *poke* *grab* *bite*

#3: Bedtime phone calls. With none of the you-hang-up-first-no-you-first nonsense. Just Mummy Liang popping in to interrupt. Haha.

#4: The cycling and kite scene was lovely. Although it must have been tiring for George. No BTS for this one, but I wonder if they had a motorcycle drag them along? Lol.

#5: The final stop at the studio. Loved the embrace, because it conveyed his gratitude more than anything else. It was probably the first time that anyone tried to reach out to find his lost childhood (don’t think he got there with his ex).

#6: All the cute that came out of the photo shoot.

#7: (Phew almost lost count there) The kiss. It almost wasn’t a highlight for me, because it felt a little bit contrived after all the little sweet moments they had. I know Xiao Shu is a bit of a take-it-slow kind of girl, but Zhou Zhen might be even worse than her. So far she’s been more proactive than he is, except for the hand-holding. I mean, even Granny is more open than both of them, which is saying something.


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