Love Around Episode 11

After the high that was the previous episode, Love Around follows the typical tw-drama descend into stupidity. It tried really hard to create some conflict and angst for the OTP but without actually tearing them apart (yet). It felt like a really long, drawn-out episode which went nowhere. Think of it as getting a jab, but the nurse is just poking around random spots on your arm instead of just administering the injection. So there you are, anticipating a short, intense pain, but getting annoying little pointless pricks. Ha.

The gist of it is having Daddy and Mummy Liang find out about Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen’s relationship via their kiss on live television. Well, Mummy Liang is already in the know, but Daddy doesn’t, and his expression hardens as he watches.

Zhou Zhen is a man about being found it, but Daddy isn’t. He’s all passive aggressive about his disapproval of Zhou Zhen, all in the name of not wanting to hurt Xiao Shu. Zhou Zhen tries really hard to win him over (with the help of Xiao Shu and Mummy), but once Daddy gets him away from the women, he tells him to break things off with Xiao Shu before they get serious. He does not like Zhou Zhen’s background, so it’s best that they end things before they get serious. The way I see it Daddy, Xiao Shu is going to get hurt either way, by your stupidity or by Zhou Zhen’s noble idiocy.

What annoys me is that they went all the way to film a scene at the hot springs, yet didn’t let us even have one look at topless Zhou Zhen? What a waste.

Right, back to the silliness. What makes even less sense is Daddy Liang telling Mummy that the reason he’s putting pressure on Zhou Zhen is that if he cracks and breaks up with Xiao Shu, he’s not good enough for her anyway. If he doesn’t and perseveres, then he deserves to be with her. Except that they won’t be happy that way would they, with your dark cloudy face looming over them. Sorry, I couldn’t figure it out either.

Okay then, on other less important notes, Zhe Xuan is heartbroken to see Xiao Shu with Zhou Zhen. But he does open up to Ying Ying a bit more about himself. She is close to figuring out that he used to have a crush on Xiao Shu.

Also, there is also a little hint of love blooming between my two favourite side characters, Jessica and Phillip. More for him than her, but I expect some light hearted cute with these two. I mean, if the plot device that got them together was some Yue Lao candy, it can only mean tears of laughter, right?

Pouty Phillip is so cute.

Okay, have some more cute. Don’t let the episode get you down.

If you need to, go rewatch Episode 10 a few times to remind you of better times. Worked for me. I also have Master’s Sun to look forward to during the week, and that’s been a real lifesaver for me.


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