If Ever A Song Made You Want A Drama

It would be this song.


I have no intention of watching Bu Bu Jing Qing at all, yet when I see that Mayday’s Ashin has wrote and sung the opening theme, I feel oddly attracted to this pile of hot mess. Never mind that I don’t know any of the actors in it apart from the ones from Bu Bu Jing Xin (and that’s just Princes 4 and 10, Ruoxi, Ruolan and the emperor). The lyrics are so beautiful, it just sums up everything what to expect from the sequel – the continuation of the epic love story in the modern day. Oh yes, in that minute and a half of gorgeous music, even Bu Bu Jing Qing seems like it deserves a chance.

No, wait.

Common sense is shouting at me. If you like the song, replay that damn song a million times. Don’t subject yourself to hours of hair-pulling frustration just so that you can hear that short opening theme again and again. No, you can rise above this. Remember that epic snorefest you sat through just for the sake of the soundtrack? Never again.

Okay, but can they release the full song now?


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