Master’s Sun Appreciation Post

It’s been a few weeks (or has it?) since Master’s Sun ended, and I’m left with such a huge void in my heart. Haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of any new kdrama of yet, because I catch myself going back and watching moments of it again. It might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, and I didn’t think I’d like it that much, being a show about ghosts.

Master’s Sun rekindled my love for So Ji Sub, whom I have not watched in any drama since Cain and Abel (granted, my viewing of kdramas are sporadic). It felt so easy to watch him in a rom-com rather than a heavy drama, because he’s such a gem. When he’s acting, that is. Not so much when he’s rapping.

He’s such a good actor, and together with Gong Hyo Jin they just manage to bring out the chemistry in the OTP. And elevated the drama to something a lot better. Because the Hong sisters are frankly a bit hit-and-miss for me. So they did good by casting these two, because I love Gong Hyo Jin. It’s impossible not to; there’s just something charming about her.

I will miss Taeyang’s shameless skinship with Joogun, Joogun’s self-loving comments, Secretary Kim, Kang Woo putting down Yi-Ryung (hmm, that sounds funnier than it seems), and any scene of Joogun sitting in that huge-ass blue chair in his office. That gets an automatic laugh out of me, no matter what the scene is about.

I loved the cutesy bits of the drama, being a sucker for rom-coms and fluff. The drama had heart where it needed it, and I understood Taeyang’s journey to self-acceptance in the end. But it pained me watching her get there and having to leave Joogun in the process, which hurt him. My poor little master.

The side characters were also awesome in their own ways. Kang Woo was sweet but there wasn’t any doubt that Taeyang only fell for Joogun. She wanted to fall for Kang Woo, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Yi Ryung was pretty annoying at first, but she was mostly harmless. I didn’t care much about her and Kang Woo, although I did enjoy most of their moments.

The most awesome father figure has to go to Secretary Kim. I loved that Joogun didn’t send him away in the end, but acknowledged their special bond over the years. In a lot of ways, Secretary Kim was a better father to him than his own. I could understand Joogun’s hate for his father, but I never really understood why he thought his father hated him, too.

Oh yes, and I haven’t even gotten to the ghostly bits yet! For the most part, the ghosts only looked scary at first. It’s almost as if they CGI-ed them only to scare us, then their story gets revealed eventually and they seem more normal. Like how you would scared of something you don’t know or understand at first. I appreciated some of the little twists in the ghosts’ stories that didn’t turn out as I expected, and the little ghostly arcs proved important to bring our OTP together. It also showed us Taeyang’s big heart, because her compassion for the ghosts always wins over her (initial) fear of them.

Do I think it could have been done better? Sure. The plot could have avoided dragging out Hee-Joo’s storyline as long as it did, and spent more time on Taeyang’s backstory. But I’m not complaining. I got on the ship, enjoyed the ride, and am now a bit drunk from the happiness of watching So Ji Sub again.


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