The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 4 – Outside The Bubble

There were two things awesome about this episode.

#1: Diane. She’ll always be #1. This episode captured the essence of Diane’s awesomeness so perfectly. Diane is a strong woman, and she makes no apologies about it.

And all the staring. Oh, my. If she looked at me like that, I would crumble to the ground in fear. I loved that she could have given the huge ‘ol finger to Will and the partners by keeping quiet after finding about Alicia’s plans, but she didn’t. That all her hard work into building up the firm with Will did mean something. If I had to pick a side, I’d be on Diane’s.

Right, and #2 is having Elsbeth! It was amazing to have her back again. She brings such a loveable brand of funny to the show. Most people don’t believe me when I say how funny The Good Wife can be, despite being about law and politics.


[Credit: tumblr]

And true to her style, she returns with a (bang)le to keep her on the go, heh. However, she does earn some grudging respect even from David Lee, as she takes on a lawsuit against Lockhart/Gardner. She saves the day, of course.

She also voices out how I feel most days:


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